Safest College Campuses in America in 2020

Getting a college education is still definitely one of the wisest moves to make if you want to improve your future career prospects, but going to college can be a very daunting prospect for a young person. Not only will you likely be away from home for the first time but there are also several safety concerns to keep in mind. And with college violence, sexual assaults and other crimes in the news more and more often, it’s natural that you will want to do your research into the safest options when choosing which college to apply to attend.


Lincoln Memorial University, Tennessee:

Lincoln Memorial University has been ranked the safest college in the country so it’s a top choice for anybody looking for a great college to attend where they will not have to worry about their personal safety while on campus. The college has a very low crime rate compared to its counterparts and there are several strong security measures in place to ensure that students are protected at all times. The security team and campus police department regularly patrol the campus and are quick to respond to calls. They have also set up an anonymous tip line that students can use to report any crimes or suspected crimes.


Arizona State University-West:

If you want to go to college in Arizona, the State University-West college is at the top of the list for being the safest in the state. There have been little to no crimes reported here including sexual offences, hate crimes and violence against others. Students are also provided with access to a large range of resources that they can make use of in order to improve their safety when on campus, along with being provided with clear guidelines to follow if a problem is encountered. The Arizona State University-Downtown is also a very safe option for students.


Elon University, North Carolina:

If you have your heart set on going to college in North Carolina, Elon University is the safest option to choose. Along with being a great university with a vibrant student culture and plenty of course options on offer, the security staff here live by a strict set of values that are focused on keeping students as safe as possible on-campus.


Texas: South Texas College

Not only is Texas a great state for students with stunning weather and plenty of things to do, it is also home to South Texas College, a public college with one of the lowest rates of crime in the country, located in the Rio Grande Valley. There are only 0.03 cases of crime per each 1,000 students reported here and students are well-protected with a wide range of resources and on-site security teams to turn to if needed.


National University, California:

California is a fantastic state to attend college in, and if you’re looking for a safe school option then National University is the most ideal. This relatively small, private college has a small student population of around 17,000 – and research shows that smaller colleges do tend to be safer options. Students at National University are provided with plenty of resources to improve their safety and there’s regular patrols and security staff on hand at all times. Nuwber data shows no serious crime reports at National University.