Rule the World: Becoming Your Own Boss


Working for someone else may help you to pay the bills, but it could also be limiting your potential. Branching out and working for yourself can allow you to become the boss, and create a business with the morals and values you desire. In addition to this, rather than making someone else a profit, you may be able to reap the successes for your own family. Knowing how to make this a reality, and putting in the time for planning, could help you to start working for yourself sooner.

Figure out your working style

Many businesses need to register to show the government they are trading, for insurance or tax purposes. You may want to figure out the key difference between a limited company and a sole trader to see which fits your business model best. You may want to think about whether you would like any people who work with you to be classed as self-employed, or full employees. This can affect which option you choose. A sole trader might have less to do in terms of paperwork, but could be held financially accountable for any losses. In contrast, there may be more documents to fill in for limited companies, but individuals may not be held accountable should there be financial issues. You could look into those differences, and the pros and cons of each before you submit any paperwork or begin trading.

The use of an office

Some types of businesses may require a designated location for clients to visit and discuss their needs, or even buy products. However, this may not be the case for all businesses. You may need to figure out whether you need to buy or rent office premises before you start working. If the only thing you plan on using an office for is administrative work, with no physical contact with clients, it could be a good idea to try and do this from home, saving you a lot of money. Should you have someone else undertake paperwork or accounting for you, you might also want to think about allowing them to work remotely. That can, in turn, widen the candidate pool available to you, as people will no longer need to worry about the commute.

Change your mindset

Having the freedom to work for yourself doesn’t mean that you can be lax with the ways you work. You may need to figure out how to create a new working routine that allows you to get things done and still make time for your personal life. This can involve using calendars, both written or apps, to ensure that work is properly booked in and to keep you punctual. Likewise, your routine can involve figuring out how much time is available to you. Working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep yourself available at all times, as it can be important to carve out breaks and, on occasion, say no to additional work. 

Becoming your own boss can allow you to work in a way that better suits your lifestyle. When doing so, there may be different aspects that require consideration before you can get started.

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