Over $13B Growth Expected in Online Casino/Slots

Online Casino/Slots

Whichever way you spin it, online gambling in the US is a rapidly expanding market. As the laws and regulations become less draconian around the subject. As a result, we’re finding that more and more Americans are choosing to play slots online for real money.

Yahoo Finance recently reported that between 2022 and 2027 that the US Casino Gaming Market is set to grow by $13.26 billion. That includes both online and land-based attractions. It’s a colossal load of money now being generated by the pastime. Given the newfound leniency for US online gambling in some states (after all, there seems to be a new breaking story every day), the market is becoming increasingly attractive for platforms and budding gamblers alike.

The exact numbers remain to be seen simply because there are so many variables in terms of states and legal red tape, but it appears to be a pretty safe bet that the online slot boom is only going to continue in the forseeable future as an increasing number of players become eligible to play slots online for real money.

Why Online Slots?

The pastime is entered mainstream attention meaning that gambling isn’t just for the experienced hardened poker players, there are people with no or little experience gambling now wanting to play. Enter, the slot machine.

Unlike poker, blackjack, or other classic casino and card games the slot machine is a humble creature with no rules other than ‘pull the lever and hope for the best’. It’s that simple. There’s no river, card values, or other players to get your head around. This simplicity and accessibility have made slot machines incredibly popular, given that anyone can play them with no prior knowledge of the game.

Come to the advent of technology, you don’t even need to head to a brick-and-mortar store to play on the slots. Gambling companies have ensured that their software also offers slot machine experiences, meaning you can play these at home, at your work desk, basically anywhere. This only adds to the appeal of this low-skilled game. In fact, the online usability of slot machines has prompted many slot-exclusive casinos in the UK to close down as their customers prefer to gamble online now. While the US has a richer casino culture, some smaller operators could shut down should they not compete with the online versions.

What do Online Slots have over the Real Machine?

In as many words, general appeal through added functionality. As online slot machines exist in the virtual world, they can have bursting graphics that come to life. When you land on a cherry, a small cherry could potentially dance. Or every time you spin, a small firework is set off. It might seem like a novelty, yet these additions make the normal slot machine a little boring.

Again, in the virtual world, you can play on billions of different machines with different decors, licensing agreements, and more. Even the biggest casino in the center of Las Vegas would struggle to fit a billion slot machines. Online you can jump from the Game of Thrones machine, then a classic fruit stye one, and then play the Indiana Jones themed slot.

You can keep playing as well. As you’re using your own device, there’s no pressure to vacate the machine if you’ve been on it for a few spins and somebody else wants a go. Also, you’ll never run out of coins as it’s all online. As such these added functionalities make online slots superior and subsequently are dramatically improving in popularity.

One of the only major drawbacks is that the online machine might not have the same winning metrics as the tangible slot. If you had lots of free time, in theory, you could watch out for when someone wins on the machine, then count the number of customers until the next winning emerges, and then count again and around the time it reaches X amount of plays, then jump in and claim the winnings. Of course, this is very long-winded but proves the point that tangible machines are likely to have a set payout rate. With the software, this could change every session or be much higher. While you might be able to obtain this information, it will most likely be difficult to decipher and listed in deep technical jargon.

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