New Types of Dating Apps: Why are they Better than Tinder and Co?

tinder and co

Are you in any doubt that your wife is cheating on you? Do you think you are seeing signs that show she cheated on you last night? There are many reasons why millions of single people in the world choose Tinder, Badoo or Match. This is a large audience in almost all developed countries, and each has a lot of convenient features and active development. But at the same time, top dating platforms have many critical disadvantages:

  • A large audience is not always a plus. Experience shows that the more users on the site, the more difficult it is sometimes to find people suitable for you — new friends, let alone a soulmate.
  • Without premium access on many of the dating services, the user experience is severely limited. Up to the point that you can’t reply to incoming messages on some.
  • The larger and more popular the platform, the more fakes and bots on it. Although the administration is trying to fight them, the effectiveness of this is usually low.

Of course, despite all the disadvantages, Tinder and Co will definitely remain popular in the future and will not lose their audience. But if their disadvantages already seem too much to you, it’s time to find a more suitable alternative for yourself. And let’s just say that’s not as difficult as many people think.

5 examples of unusual dating apps to replace Tinder


At first glance, this is quite a classic dating app that works on the same principle as others. The same algorithms for selecting a pair are involved, you can use location data and other factors to search on. But there are a few important features.

Distinguishing features

  1. Thursday saves you time — the app only works one day a week — Thursday. Hence the name.
  2. The Thursday team helps users to get acquainted not only online, but also offline. The site regularly holds themed offline events, making dating even more interesting.
  3. Thursday has a stylish “cartoon” design. It’s a small thing, but it adds variety.

Otherwise, Thursday resembles many of the more famous and popular dating services.


From a technical point of view, Kindred is not much different from its rivals. The application itself is also quite typical. The main difference from other sites and applications is in the audience and its priorities.

Distinguishing features

Kindred is an app for single people who don’t want or can’t have a baby:

  1. Childfree people who just don’t want to have kids.
  2. Childless people who, due to physiological issues, can’t have children.
  3. Single people who already have children and do not want to have more.

If you fall into any of these categories, Kindred might be a real find for you.


When you first install the Fourplay app, it may seem to you that it is no different from the rest. The same profiles, the same likes and dislikes, the same chat. But as soon as you delve into the site, you will see the key difference between Fourplay and most others.

Distinguishing features

The main “schtick” of Fourplay is double dates. The point is: you find a potential partner and arrange an online video date. Fourplay finds another couple of the same type and allows you to have a double date.

This is a great option for those who are embarrassed to get acquainted face-to-face and feel more confident in a group than alone. Of course, you can chat face-to-face at any time, and not just with another couple.

Victoria the App

Visually and technically, Victoria the App resembles a mixture of a dating app and Instagram. Here you can upload and view photos, add ‘stories’, meet, chat and much more.

Distinguishing features

The main feature of Victoria the App is the audience. The application was built for creative individuals who want to express themselves, talk about their hobbies and interests, find like-minded people, learn something new every day and realize their own potential in many fields. If you are a creative person, you will definitely like Victoria the App.


Pickable is one of those apps where women get an order of magnitude more options than men. It could be compared to Bumble in some ways, but still these applications are quite different.

Distinguishing features

Among the key differences between Pickable and most sites are the following:

  1. Women do not need to register with the app to start using it.
  2. Men can’t text girls first. But they can add their accounts to the list of favorites, so that they can immediately see that someone from this list wrote to them first.

So far, there are very few applications like Pickable. But we are sure that in the future their number will only increase.

Chat roulette: a worthy alternative to dating apps

dating apps

Now let’s move away from the usual online dating format a bit and switch to something more unusual. We are talking about video chat roulettes — special platforms that connect random users via video communication and allow you to chat on any topic. Without spending time filling in profile data, uploading photos, swipes and other things. Simple, convenient and most importantly — very effective.

Here are just some examples of popular chat roulettes that we can recommend:

  • Camsurf — a classic chat roulette with a gender filter. The premium version allows you to hide your location, show a verification icon, add an introductory message, and more.
  • ChatRoulette — one of the first video chat roulettes in history. The site has been operating since 2009. It has a large audience, but has problems with the quality of moderation.
  • Emeraldchat — a chat roulette with a karma rating for each user. Plus, the site features a useful built-in messenger for ease of communication. 
  • Azar — a video chat with an added feature of video streams. Stream your own story or watch other users’ streams anytime.
  • CooMeet — a chat roulette with one of the best gender filters. The site connects men only with girls. At the same time, girls must verify identity during registration. No fakes and bots! We advise you to visit chatroulette website CooMeet.
  • — a video chat roulette with the ability to connect your friend to a dialogue and chat with a random person as a trio. Or even switch to a group video chat and talk in extended company.

Chat roulette is a great format for those who are tired of Tinder and its clones, are looking for something new and want to expand their social circle. So if you haven’t discovered random video chat yet, now is a great time to do so.

There’s more to life than Tinder

We hope that thanks to our tips you will be able to find the perfect dating service for you, whether it’s a classic dating site or video chat roulette. Each format has both advantages and disadvantages, that’s true. The main thing is to find the one that will be perfect for you.

Meet interesting people online, communicate in chat roulettes, make new friends on websites and dating apps, expand your social circle and don’t let feelings of loneliness get the better of you. Today, thanks to the Internet, we can not only maintain existing social ties but also create new ones, without even leaving our own homes. And that’s great!

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