Multi-carrier Shipping: The Bedrock of E-commerce Success

Multi-carrier Shipping

When it comes to e-commerce success, online ventures have embraced multi-carrier shipping to deepen their market presence. And shipping tracking software has made it possible for e-commerce ventures to align their supply chain operations by partnering with numerous carriers. As a result, companies have been empowered to find proactive solutions to problems that have plagued the e-commerce industry. And with multi-carrier shipping software, automated tools, and AI-Powered engines act as the foundational pillars holding together extensive and versatile supply chain operations. Some of the features of multi-carrier shipping that have made it the bedrock of e-commerce success are:

Partnering with multiple carriers

One crucial aspect of partnering with numerous carriers is managing them effectively with our disruptions in the process. That is where shipping tracking software or multi carrier shipping software takes center stage in operations. Shipping tracking software enables you to access all the carriers partnering with your business on a single dashboard. And with the software, you can monitor shipment data under various metrics across all pages to analyze and improve your supply chain operations.

Finding the best shipping rates

Shipping tracking software is integrated with AI-powered engines, which can suggest the best carriers with suitable prices for your shipping. The suggestions are derived through algorithms that analyze various shipping partners’ past performance and order fulfillment history. Thereby reducing the cost and time for delivering your shipments.

Reaching remote locations and providing international shipment

Not all carriers have the means to reach remote locations and provide international shipping. In that case, it is crucial to find the right carrier partner for each shipment. And that is where multi-carrier shipping provides the necessary solutions. They will help you reach a broader range of customers wherever they may be located. And for international shipments, certain carriers.

Leverage unique resources of each carrier

Each carrier your business partners with brings specific resources to the supply chain table. For instance, some carriers may be adept at providing safe shipments with specialized packaging, whereas some will give hassle-free returns management. And this will be backed by each carrier’s performance and order fulfillment history, which will be selected according to the requirement by shipment tracking software.

Keep your business running, no matter what

Many companies might be dependent on a single carrier for all their operations. No matter how reliable one carrier might be, partnering with multiple carriers will make your business operations more versatile and expansive. And they will provide enough ammunition for pushing your business further in the market.

Never letting RTOs Bring Down your Company’s Reputation

RTOs are a Return to Origin process initiated to send the products back to their origin warehouse in case of failed deliveries. Failed deliveries can happen due to wrong addresses, incorrect contact details, stuck shipments. If not appropriately managed, RTOs can brown down the Reputation of your business; hence it is paramount that you have multiple carriers at your disposal to assign the right one to execute shipping operations.

Shipping Tracking and Notifications

Tracking order status is one of the versatile features of the e-commerce purchase experience. And this feature puts your customers’ minds at ease, encouraging them to return to your company for further purchases and a satisfying customer experience. Shipping tracking software is integrated with API to track orders and notify customers of their order status.

Efficient Returns Management is Paramount in Purchase Experience

Customers return more than 20% of products purchased in today’s e-commerce market. And customers are also looking for a return policy to proceed with their purchases. Therefore, providing returns management becomes vital to expand your customer base and satisfy their demands. Some carriers are more suited for picking up and delivering products for the return and exchange process, making them a must-have in the carrier partners list.

Managing NPRs for Reverse Logistics

NPR or Non pick up reports help manage the pick-up of products for the return or exchange process. With the help of multi-carrier shipping software, designate the suitable carrier and handle pick-up exceptions for fulfilling reverse logistics. Shipping software automates the initiation of reverse logistics with customizable pick-up exceptions.

Automated Customer Support

Customer queries can sometimes become a huge hassle, especially with WISMO calls. So, automation tools like Autobots will help customers initiate their queries, including reverse logistics. This will free up your business to concentrate on other aspects of logistics operations.


The amalgamation of the above-mentioned aspects makes for a successful e-commerce business. A major part of that success would be because of the roles played by automation tools and AI-Powered engines in setting up concrete and precise operations. Moreover, successful end-to-end supply chain operations should be replicated day in and day out, which is made possible by utilizing multi-carrier shipping software. Furthermore, we can also understand that this software is crucial in managing multiple carriers simultaneously while providing essential services like order tracking, RTO management, conversion of delivery exceptions, automated customer support, order tracking, and low-cost shipping. Therefore, multi-carrier shipping is the bedrock of e-commerce success.

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