Low Value Slot Symbols Explained

You have probably noticed that when you play slots, whether that’s online slots or physical ones, you see symbols. These are the pictures that are on the reels, and each time the reels stop spinning, a number of different symbols are going to line up. If you hit a winning combination, you will get a payout. If you don’t, you won’t and you’ll either need to play again, visit Storbonus or you’ll walk away depending on your time and money budgets.

Some symbols are of lower value than others, and although most of the time it is the high value symbols that are focused on, in this article we want to look at the low value slot symbols – they are just as interesting.


The History of Slot Symbols

In many cases, in order to understand the present, you need to understand the past, so it’s useful to delve a little deeper into the general history of slot symbols. An interesting fact is that many of the slot symbols used today have always been used. When the first slot machine became mass-produced in 1895, this Liberty Bell had symbols that included horseshoes, hearts, diamonds, playing cards, and bells. Many of today’s games have these symbols, or variations of them. 


Low Value Symbols

When it comes to slots, the low paying symbols can differ from game to game, and this may well have to do with the theme of the game being played. However, for the purposes of this article we will assume that most games have low value slots that include the 10, J, Q, K, and sometimes A. These come from the playing cards as mentioned above, and they are usually the cards that give players the smallest wins on a slot game. 

Some people suggest that these symbols are there so that people are comfortable playing even the newest of games – it is all very familiar. It certainly makes sense. As human beings, we are often confused by new things, so if there is something there that we recognise we might be more willing to try it out. That will make the game developers happy as well as the casinos; in the end, if it means people are going to spend money, that’s good. 

So although these symbols can certainly give you a win – three of a kind usually does this, assuming you have three reels (otherwise it may be different), so even if you get three 10s you are still going to win something – the money you will get will be a much smaller amount than if you got other, higher value symbols. That’s just the way the game works; some symbols are ‘better’ than others. 

But a win is still a win, and the excitement level is always going to be high even if the value of the symbols you land is not. That’s the reason so many people love to play slots; it is a thrill and is a good way to spend your time when you need to find both enjoyment and relaxation (there is something almost hypnotic about the spinning reels and the way the entire thing can be automated).

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