Learning The Benefits Of Podcasts For Your Business Marketing


In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed so much that even Spotify, a music streaming company, has signed a deal with Joe Reagan to host his podcast on the platform exclusively. Podcasts were once thought to be an outdated trend but the outbreak of COVID-19, WFH (Work From Home) and lock-downs have changed that. Nowadays, even various internet influencers and 3Patti celebrities are starting their podcast sessions on multiple topics – be it technology, business, marketing or any other.

Since, more people are jumping on the podcast bandwagon, companies & businesses are considering the use of podcasts as one of their digital marketing strategies. Hence, it’s essential to learn more about podcasts and how you can use them for marketing your business – which is why we’re going to discuss the same in this comprehensive guide.

What Do You Mean By A Podcast?

A podcast can be defined by a series of different episodes, which are digitally formatted and programmed, focusing on a specific topic or theme such as start-ups, technology, Money Earning Games like poker, celebrity gossip, sports or any other. In other words, a podcast can be defined as radio, except in digital form.

Usually, podcasts are free to listen to and can be obtained on a variety of platforms. All you need is a compatible device along with an internet connection.

The origin of podcasting was in the year 2004 by a software developer known as Dave Winner and his buddy Adam Curry (who was an MTV VJ) and the term ‘podcast’ was first coined by Ben Hammersley. As of the year 2022, more than 900K podcasts are streaming and more than one million people are listening to them each month. Hence, the potential is huge.

The Rise In Popularity Of Podcasts

In the year 2009, it was reported that more than 9 per cent of adults aged between 18-49, were listening to podcasts. The percentage grew to 20 per cent in 2016. Then in the year 2014, BBC reported that their podcasts have been downloaded over 1.1 billion times in the UK itself.

Research says that more than 55 per cent of internet users know what podcasts are, which is indeed a massive benefit. Furthermore, the intimacy & convenience shown by pod casters is also one of the major reasons why podcasts have become so much popular.

Benefits Of Utilising Podcasts For Your Business Marketing

1. Podcasts Are Great For Audiences On The Go

If you’ve been in the marketing business for some time, then you probably have seen your clients utter the words – ‘didn’t have the time’ – multiple moments. To deal with such audiences, podcasts should be implemented because they can be consumed on the go. Since a podcast is an audio medium, your audience can listen whenever, wherever they want – whether they’re riding in a train or taking their pets out for a walk.

2. Podcasts Help In Company Promotion

Similar to other marketing assets, podcasts can also help you in building brand recognition & awareness. Since the podcast is from your company house, you can dictate the content as per your needs. For instance, if you have a product or service launch coming up, you can advertise the same with your audience.

3. Podcasts Help In Performing Deep Dive Into Various Topics

Even though marketing nowadays depends on short audio & video content, podcasts still provide the niche ability to create long-form content. It can be possible that you need more time to discuss something important with your audience and Youtube Shorts or TikTok will not be enough for the same. Times like these are when you need to utilise the benefits of podcasts because using podcasts you can create product reviews, interviews and even discuss important company affairs.

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