Is It Worth It To Spend Money On Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal is the ultimate answer for the modern kitchen today; many homeowners opt for these kitchen appliances to reduce their kitchen waste. The appliance is a fantastic aid that helps dispose of food crumbs keeping the kitchen clean and free from bad odour. It comes in handy by shredding all the food waste in tiny pieces draining them through to the waste pipes easily. A garbage disposal unit is a small electric machine holding a robust grinding motor. The appliance fits perfectly on the underside of the drainage hole on the kitchen sink. This means all the food will drain directly in the best garbage disposal unit; it is equipped with sharp blades that shred the foods crumbs into small pieces. After which they are pushed down the drain by the impeller arm along with the water.

Besides fixing the garbage disposal to the sink, homeowners can also link the appliance to the dishwasher machine. The strong disposal unit will collect the food particles that drain inside and macerate them into tiny pieces directing them to the drainage system. A garbage disposal unit is an effective appliance that holds significance in today’s kitchen. There are different popular models of garbage disposal in the tech industry, each with different qualities and features. However, is it worth to spend money on garbage disposal? According to services and simplicity, many homeowners would highly invest in the garbage disposal. It has proven to be the best and cheapest way to expose your garbage without many expenses. 

Nonetheless, investing in garbage disposal means getting the best for future use. The tech market has a variety of both cheap and expensive garbage disposal units. It always a better choice to check on features, quality and reviews before getting one for your sink. The appliance also needs the care to serve longer and efficiently for your kitchen. Compare to the past way of disposing of waste food and material; the garbage disposal kitchen appliance plays an important role.


Why invest in a garbage disposal?

Though there are different models of garbage disposal units, the appliances aren’t equal in size, power and working nature. Some of the garbage disposals are created for high performance producing high power, which is enough for your need. Nonetheless, this doesn’t qualify them for all homes, especially small family setup.

Garbage disposal is best bought regarding the particular situation of your home. Note investing in a powerful and functional garbage disposal unit requires more funds. Homeowners can buy according to the number of members and the waste amount. Large families will tend to have more food waste and can consider garbage disposal with high power output. However, each garbage disposal has a catch to it; taking a high power output garbage disposal will grind faster, better and shred all the tough food waste, sending them down drain in the smallest pieces. However, they use more power and cost more while the smaller less power output will work the same grinding a bit longer but finer and use less power and cost less. Always consider all features and family needs to help you invest in your kitchen’s best garbage disposal. The appliance has many benefits attached, giving you a reason to spend more on the garbage disposal.


Benefits of a garbage disposal

  • Cost-saving

Garbage disposal units have, over the years, reducing the cost for many families. There is no more trash bags and hiring companies to take care of your trash.  It also helps maintain and improve drainage and protects the pipes. The food is threshed to small pieces that cannot clog in the pipes, and no plumbing is required. Once bought, the disposal unit will serve for long, and you don’t have to keep buying the appliance.

  • Long-lasting

Garbage disposals vary according to the type and features, some last for a few years while others take a decade.  It’s a worthwhile investment for families since it will last longer and save money that would otherwise go to trash bags and other waste management.

  • No pipe leakage

The appliance works by grinding the food particles to tiny pieces, which will easily flow in the drainage pipes. The whole process requires less plumbing or no plumbing to reduce the cost of hiring plumbing services frequently.

  • Reducing kitchen odour

The garbage disposal is exclusively designed to dispose of all food waste down the drainage pipe. No food particles are left in the can to rot; it flashes all dirt to keep the appliance clean. These eliminate bad odors in the kitchen. It’s a better solution compare to the trash can where the food will rot and smell the unit disposed of manually.

  • Saves time

Kitchen waste is now disposed of fast with no hassles, wash down the food at the sink and the garbage disposal unit is ready to shred and drain. Homeowners don’t have to think about food waste anymore or how to dispose of it. It’s always a daily routine with the help of garbage disposal kitchen appliances.

  • Less trash or no trash

The appliance consumers almost all food waste leaving less trash or no food waste to throw out. It’s an easy way to clear food waste after meals making washing fun. No trash bag or plastic bags required for the waste materials a better and convenient way for many families today.  Garbage disposal is a unique way to invest in and better ways to reduce trash and food waste. 


Good practices for the garbage disposal

Having all the benefits and better reasons for investing and spending on a garbage disposal unit. Homeowners also play a significant role in maintaining the garbage disposal unit.  Various practices will keep the appliance longer and making worth the amount you spent on it. Few mistakes and good practices will keep it working faultlessly.

  • Keep the garbage disposal clean all the time.

The appliance is designed to work for many years. However, it requires some cleaning to keep it working.  The food waste might clog on the blades, making it work slower or stop working. The types of food thrown in also determine the garbage disposal unit; taking food waste such as fats and greasy foods will eventually solidify on the blades.  To solve these, run the garbage disposal for a while to dislodge the remaining foodstuffs. Also, use liquid washing soap to help remove the stuck and stubborn stains.

  • Use ice cubes

Ice is best for cleaning a hardening the blades, pour ice cubes in with the water. It will help clean the chambers and the wall of the disposal, reaching every corner of the appliance.

  • Grind small bones

Small bone-like chicken and fishbone help the garbage disposal work better; they scrape off the food waste clogged on the walls taking them down the drain. They provide a scouring action on the wall and chambers, removing all remains after the drainage run more water into the disposal to clean the whole system without the waste.

  • Run the garbage disposal regularly

Don’t let the disposal stay idle from long periods as it will clog with old foods. They might solidify and harden clogging the blades, or causing rust. Regular usage of the appliance keeps the movable parts flexible and gives them a longer functional life.



Garbage disposal proves to be the best solution for food waste; it saves on cost, time and maintenance.  The appliance is worth investing in as it serves for longer and reduces the need for your home’s waste management program. The disposal is designed to take various food waste, but also it has limitations of certain foods. Ensure to throw the right types of foods or reduce them in small pieces for the appliance to handle.