Indian Billionaire Considering English Premier League Club Investment?


The two most famous English football clubs are up for sale, given the respective owners of Manchester United and Liverpool are looking to cash out. Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has been linked with interest in both, although attention could be focused on an alternative Premier League option, amidst speculation his family would prefer a move for Arsenal.

All three clubs boast massive support around the world, and that extends to the sub-continent, where the English teams have cultivated a huge following. Due to the consistently growing popularity of the Premier League, fans are often looking to find the best football betting sites in India, keen to make the most of competitive odds and appealing promotions. But experts at Asiabet also say that reputation and history matters, along with safety and security.

Interestingly, these are all factors that anyone bidding for Manchester United and Liverpool will consider, given that both have already established themselves as the most successful English clubs. However, amidst speculation surrounding their estimated worth, taking over at either of these clubs would require massive investment, giving anyone interested plenty of reasons to pause for thought.

Two historic football giants are up for sale

Earlier this year and aware they have probably taken the club as far as they can, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) signalled their intentions to welcome new investors at Liverpool, opening the door to potentially selling their majority holding. The American group has undoubtedly improved the fortunes of his historic side, which eventually won the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League, during their tenure as owners.

Liverpool Football Club has an estimated worth of around $4.45 billion USD, which is more than ten times what FSG paid to assume control in October 2010. But given there is already plenty of interest from potential investors, particularly from prospective bidders located in East Asia, and local reports have suggested that FSG could be willing to sell for less.

Meanwhile, just one day after the acrimonious departure of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, the Glazer family decided to release some headline news of their own. They announced that various options were being seriously considered, whereby their controlling stake at Manchester United could be sold entirely.

However, despite the inevitable interest this has generated, purchasing arguably the most famous club in the world will not come cheap. Some estimates have valued Manchester United as being worth around $8 billion USD or more, which mean that only the wealthiest individuals could consider entering the fray, alongside the alternative of consortiums backed by finance groups or state backed entities.

Mukesh Ambani linked with interest

Considering the cost of taking over at either Manchester United or Liverpool, many of the wealthiest institutions and individuals in the world have been linked, albeit fuelled by rumours in the media and widespread speculation. One such individual is Mukesh Ambani, currently ranked by Forbes as being one of the richest people in the world, boasting a personal wealth valued at more than $90 billion USD in December 2022.

Nevertheless, regardless of being able to afford the purchase of Manchester United or Liverpool, there is apparently little interest in doing so. 65-year-old Ambani has already outlined his legacy, which includes eventually handing control of the Reliance empire to his children. Younger son Anant is already involved with the new energy business, while daughter Isha oversees the retail arm, and oldest son Akash is already chairman of Reliance Jio.

Interestingly, were the family to show serious interest in adding a Premier League club to their portfolio, Anant Ambani would likely be the biggest guiding influence for his father, should they decide to step into the football business. He is actually believed to be an avid fan of Arsenal, making a potential move for the London club more likely, according to reports via The Economic Times of India.

But for the moment, Ambani and his family seem to be doing little more than watching on with curious interest, while Arsenal are not currently up for sale. American sports tycoon Stan Kroenke currently owns the Gunners, and may eventually decide to relinquish control, although there are no plans to do so. The Ambani family will have to remain patient, if indeed they are genuinely interest in buying an English club.

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