How will Artificial Intelligence Impact the IT industry?

Artificial intelligence is the future of technology. It is implemented in many devices, and you can AI-infused equipment in more and more places, like for example Inside Tech. It is also expected to change the way most It companies work in a few years. But what are the predicted changes? That is the question we will try to answer.

There is a change in the power dynamics expected with the rise of AI, and you can see a shift happening already. Data-oriented companies will take the lead in the industry, as it is easier for them to develop Artificial Intelligence technology. An excellent example of a data-oriented company is one working on the concept of smart cities or homes. Once the AI is developed enough to implement it in the whole building, they will see an enormous rise in the company’s value.

AI itself should also be able to lower maintenance costs in the companies, increase the workers’ effectiveness, and speed up all IT processes. That should save companies a lot of money which is more than desirable, as the industry is hugely capital-consuming. 

AI will most probably create a lot of new positions in the IT industry, so there you can expect a significant increase in demand for IT workers. But it will also increase the need for people with IT experience in many other industries, so the IT companies will have to fight for the qualified people to want to work for them.  

Artificial Intelligence will possibly change every major industry out there in the years to come. The IT industry will be one of the most impacted. IT companies should prepare themselves for what will soon happen. You should invest in getting more technological knowledge so that you can expect more attractive career opportunities in the future. And there is money in IT already.

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