How to Write a Job-Scoring CV: 3 Easy & Effective Tips


While it would be lovely if getting a great and desirable job was easy, this is hardly ever the case. There is often a lot of competition for jobs, and beating out the competition can be challenging. While improving your interview skills can help, even getting an interview isn’t easy.

Arguably the most important part of getting a job is writing a great resume or CV. If your CV is poor, you may never even get the callback and/or be invited in for an interview. Unfortunately, many people struggle when it comes to writing a great CV that produces results.

Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a few tips to write a job-scoring CV to help you land the job of your dreams.

Talk About Results More Than Responsibilities

When many people create a resume, they tend to focus on listing their responsibilities. While this can be helpful and show potential employers what you did and are proficient at, you also want to include measurable results on your CV. Many businesses are results-oriented, have certain goals, and want to hire people who can help them reach those goals.

Instead of saying that you were responsible for training and hiring new staff, consider including how many you trained and hired, and what that staff went on to do for the company. Showing these results can show exactly the impact you had on your last company, prove your claims, and simply back up all that you say about yourself, your skills, and your responsibilities. Use numbers and other statistics when you can, as well, as quantifying your accomplishments can go a long way.

Use the Right Keywords


Today, many resumes are sent and read online. Also, many companies will use some sort of online system to sort through and filter the dozens of resumes they may get. These filters are supposed to deliver the best CVs with the highest potential and ignore the rest.

The way these systems often filter resumes is by looking at specific keywords in the content of each one. If you don’t use the right keywords, there is a good chance your resume won’t make it through the filters, even if you are the perfect candidate.

As a result, be smart with the words and phrases you include in your CV. This can vary from industry to industry, but looking at the job description itself can often give you a good look at the sorts of words you should look to include.

Avoid Common Mistakes and Take Your Time

When writing a resume, it is very important that you take your time. This single piece of paper or document is all you have to sell yourself to a potential company, so you need to make it count. Also, all it takes is one simple mistake or error to ruin your chances, so always take your time, ensure everything is correct, and read each word of the resume through before sending it anywhere.

There are many common CV mistakes that people make, and you need to do your best to avoid them. This includes using bad grammar or spelling, exaggerating the truth, having a confusing format, or even making your CV too long.

In conclusion, these tips will be able to help you write a CV that helps you land the job of your dreams.