How To Send BTC Tips Through Twitter?

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There have been evolving many methods through which you can send your cryptocurrencies to a person sitting in another corner of the world. However, Twitter has come up with a better solution nowadays. Tips are the new integrated tipping service launched by Twitter itself, and it is undoubtedly considered to be better than the other options available in the market. Even though you are using a third-party payment service, you can easily use the tip service by repeatedly sending any currency you want. It also includes bitcoin and other wallets, which include lightning network services on the profiles of the Twitter user. For example, suppose that you want to send a tip using a bitcoin wallet to someone who has Twitter. If the Twitter profile has a link to the service, you can easily accept any currency you want to send to that person.

It is a service launched in May 2021 for a few exclusive users, but later on, it was also launched for everyone on Twitter on September 23, 2021. Essential to be noted, the service is yet only available for iOS users, and the ones who are using Web or Android will have to wait for a little while to use this incredible feature. Anyone interested in using this service must check if the receiver of the tip is eligible for the same. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check why bitcoins are valued extremely high.

To check the eligibility, you have to go to the other person’s profile and check if there is a resemblance of CH Bill on the following button of the Twitter profile. When you click on the icon, you will get a list of the payment services accepted by the user, and then, you will automatically be directed to the third-party payment service page. This is an incredible service through which Twitter can execute transactions and the payment options supported by this feature or bitcoin wallet, Bandcamp, cash app, Patreon, Venmo and many more. The availability of this service can also depend on the user’s location because, in different countries, there are different rules and regulations. However, you can easily use the service if the payment options are available globally, like bitcoin and lighting options.

Even though a lot of payment options have been available that are supported by the tips, an important focus has to be paid on the bitcoin transactions only. To send a tip dominated by bitcoin, you can either use a bitcoin wallet or facilitate the transaction using strike or bitcoin lightning network.

How to get started?

First of all, if you want to receive bitcoin tips with the help of the tipping feature, you have to check the availability. There, if you see the tips option, you are eligible for the tipping feature, and the steps you are required to follow are given as follows.

  • First, click on the option that indicates – Tips feature. It is essential to note that you have to read down all the terms and conditions of the policy and click on the agreement on the button.
  • Then, after agreeing to the rules and regulations governing the services provided by Twitter, you will be directed to the services and setting pages of your Twitter handle. There, you will get a column which is the allowed tip button, and you have to choose okay. After that, you will choose a bitcoin enabled option at which you are going to get a list of third-party services that support this feature.
  • After this, you are all set to use the tip service, but you also have to add your wallet or the type of third-party service you will use. For example, suppose that you are using the site network and then, you have to use the strike username and go to the other process. If you are not familiar with the strike, you can also add your bitcoin wallet address, and then the tipping service will automatically appear on your profile.

By following these essential and easy steps, you will enable yourself to send tips using bitcoins on a social platform like Twitter.

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