How To Marry Asian Women? Tips To Know Before You Marry Asian Girl


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Beautiful Asian women are among the most desired for online dating among foreign men. Asian wives never fail to impress their husbands and are ready to build serious relationships. Although Asian culture is contrasting to American, it doesn’t mean men won’t find a common language with their pretty Oriental wives. What’s more, in real life, an Asian mail order wife and a Western guy make great couples and build harmonious relationships because, as you know, the opposites attract.

Best dating sites to meet Asian women

If you choose a reputable international dating site, you can be confident in having high chances to meet Asian women, one of which might become your future wife or girlfriend. So, these are some of the most popular platforms that ensure the top-rated dating experience with Asian girls:

  • – This international dating site provides its users with instant chats, calls, and mails. It boasts high-quality accounts and is full of ladies eager to establish serious relationships.
  • – Informative and well-thought profiles of Asian women are the platform’s key feature. You won’t have to waste time guessing whether a woman matches your taste because you can find all the details about her on her profile.
  • – You can meet Asian women from over 30 counties on this site. You can communicate with ladies 24/7 because there are online Chatrooms with several women who are ready to chat.
  • – Finding an Asian mail order bride will be an enjoyable experience with this platform. Effective search filters, high-quality profiles, multiple ways to discover women, and instant chats — these are just some of the features waiting for you.
  • – Asian brides on this site are ready for serious relationships, so they won’t be afraid to reach out to you, showing their interest. They also have well-thought accounts filled with photos and background information.
  • Findasianbeauty.comSince there are over 2K Oriental brides online on this site, you won’t have to put too much effort into finding an Asian wife. It’s mobile-friendly, has affordable prices for communication tools, and is easy-to-navigate.

Beautiful Asian women prefer dating online because it offers numerous opportunities and offers them to meet white men who will love them for who they are and avoid taking them for granted. We find the mentioned dating sites to be among the most popular platforms for dating Asian wives, so be sure to take advantage of them.

What is the best Asian country to find a wife?


Whatever Asian mail order bride you prefer, you can easily meet her online. Actually, Oriental brides from different countries of the region use online dating platforms, and you can find an Asian beauty from any desired country by selecting it in the filters. Choosing the country in which you’re going to look for the best Asian wife is a tricky task. But comparing the specificities of different Asian nations will help you decide. Women from, say, Korea, will be much different from Thai ladies, so your preferences will determine the final choice.

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Some of the most popular Asian countries to find a bride include the following:

What are South Korean women like?

Korean women are excellent partners for Western men because they combine modern approaches with ancient traditions, keeping the balance and offering men all they could ask for. Also, Korea is one of the rapidly developing countries, so you shouldn’t be afraid that it will be hard for you and your Korean wife to find a common language. This is a wonderful country to find a potential Asian wife who will always cherish you, lighten up your mood, and offer support in any situation.

Are Chinese girls the right fit for you?

Chinese ladies are considered the most tender, elegant, and affectionate women a man could ever meet. Their beauty is recognized worldwide, and it’s hard to resist their attractiveness. Beautiful Chinese women stand out among mail order brides from other countries thanks to their adaptability and openness to new experiences. Chinese girls aren’t afraid of saying “yes” to new opportunities and will always stay by their men’s sides to support them in all their endeavors. Also, Chinese women are social butterflies known for their talent to find an approach to any person.

Is the Philippines your go-to location?

Once you meet online Filipino women, you’ll never forget them because they charm men from the first sight. They come from a country similar to other Asian cultures, but there’s something unique about it that makes Filipino girls more charming and sophisticated yet laid-back. You don’t have to hesitate to approach Asian brides from the Philippines because they are always up for meeting new people and will never miss the chance to communicate with good guys and feel new emotions. Also, a Filipino woman stands out among ladies of other races because of her warm heart and kindness.

Are women from Thailand worth your attention?

Thai women are a true finding for many men who aren’t sure what kind of girls attract them the most because meeting these ladies is like winning a lottery. Thailand is probably the most traditional one out of Asian societies. If you’ve always wanted a caring Asian wife who will take care of kids and home while you’re at work, unlike most American women, a Thai girl will be a perfect fit. But if you want to have an Asian mail order bride who will be eager to devote her time to both career and children—you got it. International dating sites are filled with exotic Thai women, and local girls don’t think that if foreign guys are attracted to them, it’s considered yellow fever. They believe that the only reason a Western man is eager to find an Asian wife is that he doesn’t want to limit his search by county’s borders because his lover might be living thousands of kilometers away, and he is ready to do anything to meet her.

Spilling the tea about Asian women as wives: Expectations vs Reality


An Asian bride is a real treasure trove because she will combine all the personality traits you’ve always wanted your lover to obtain. She will be your loyal partner, caring lover, and supportive best friend—all the roles embodied by your pretty Asian wife. Let’s see what other qualities beautiful Asian women have to see what you can expect from them.

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Asian wives have strong family values

An Asian mail order wife can’t imagine her life without spending a lot of time with her parents and siblings because family ties are strong in this part of the world. So, if you want to win the heart of your lover, make sure to charm her family members too. Be respectful, kind, and attentive, and your Asian mail order wife will see that you’re a reliable man whom she can trust. Also, these family-oriented girls are looking for guys ready for commitment, so if you’re such—don’t hesitate to discuss your plans with a soulmate; she will truly appreciate this.

Asian brides prefer traditional gender roles

Most likely, your Asian mail order bride will be rooting for having traditional responsibilities, implying that you work and provide for the family while she stays at home with kids and does house chores. This is how things work in the Asian region. That’s how many Asian families work, and many Asian women for marriage are used to such ways of things. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that Asian brides fully depend on their men—no, she won’t. They can build thriving careers if they want to—everything depends on both partners’ views on relationships and their preferences. So, if men and women in such relationships decide to split responsibilities in half—it’s fine, but it’s also great if they adopt a more traditional approach.

Mail order Asian brides are warm-hearted

An Asian girl you’ll stumble upon at one of the dating sites you use will definitely impress you with her kindness and open-mindedness. Local ladies never judge other people and are always smiling because they prefer focusing on positive things instead of wasting their time on useless activities. Your Oriental mail order bride will always check in on you, make sure you feel comfortable, and find ways to spend quality time together. You’ll get the chance to taste Asian cuisine, which is rightfully considered one of the best in the world, and your lover will make sure you’re never hungry. Her care is felt in every little moment, and that’s why so many local girls attract foreign guys.

Asian girls are hard-working

An Asian wife understands that if she wants to have a better life, she has to put some effort into creating new opportunities and getting the most out of them. If she’s dreaming about meeting a Western man—she’ll spend her free time learning English, and if she wants to establish strong relationships, she’ll read some psychology books. In case you prefer a modern approach to dividing responsibilities in the family—she won’t mind because she’ll pursue the career she’s passionate about and reach heights.

Asian ladies are enigmatic

An Asian woman seems to be an open book until you start communicating with her and noticing that she has much more to offer than it seems. There’s something about her that’ll attract you more and more each day, and you’d want to advance your connection to unsolve all the mysteries your woman has. Besides, such allure is in the blood of Asian brides, and you’ll understand this once you think about geisha—breathtaking and mysterious ladies who made men fall for them in the past.

How to find an Asian woman to marry?

Modern Asian brides understand that the best way to meet men from certain countries, such as the US or Canada, is to use dating platforms. Such websites are a convenient, affordable, and effective way to find Asian brides. They offer both girls and men high chances of finding their lovers, so why not leverage the opportunity?

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You won’t have to follow complicated instructions because everything is simple when you decide to meet Asian wife online. The steps are such:

Choose an international dating site

There are hundreds of international dating websites, but you need the one that has positive reviews, affordable prices, and high-quality services. You can choose a suitable site from the ones mentioned above, such as Eastern Honeys (get 20 free credits after registration). This site boasts a large number of female members and friendly and easy-to-reach customer support.

Extra tip from us: review a couple of articles from dating experts because they share some valuable insights about the sites.

Create your dating profile

If you want to find Asian brides and attract the right women, you need to put effort into creating an attractive profile. To do so, don’t forget about adding a photo, mentioning some details about yourself, and selecting your preferences. In this way, it will be easier for you to catch the attention of girls from Asia who meet your expectations and share the same interests.

Extra tip from us: you don’t have to have a photo session to upload nice photos. Good lighting, nice background, and a smile on your face are enough to have a great profile.

Select your preferences

Oriental brides find it hard to meet men with a passion for similar things, so they always point out in their profiles what exactly makes them most excited to meet partners who will match their energy. That’s why you need to do so as well. It will save your time, and you’ll communicate with Asian women for marriage you have something in common with right away without chatting with women who aren’t the right fit.

Extra tip from us: think about the preferred age, height, nationality, or habits of your perfect bride before registering on the site to order Asian bride. This will save your time in the long-run.

Communicate with an Asian women you’ve fancied

The key to advancing connection with Asian mail order wives is constant communication about various topics, from their hobbies to dreams. Ask deep questions, such as “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” and simple ones like “are you a fan of the sea or mountains?” It will make your communication flow, and you’ll get to know each other as if you’ve met a couple of years ago, not a couple of months.

Extra tip from us: communicate with several ladies at once to increase your chances of finding the best match.

Take your relationships to the next level once you’re ready

Asian brides who say “yes” to dating with Western men understand that relationships imply commitment, and they’re ready to move to the next stage once they’re confident in their men. So, discuss your intentions and make sure they coincide. Once you’ve agreed on everything—don’t hesitate to strengthen your connection.

Extra tip from us: don’t rush into relationships. Take things slower and enjoy your messaging before making up your mind.

Why are there so many Asian women wanting to marry American men?


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Even the best Asian countries can’t offer ladies what they want because local guys often fail to meet their expectations. And American men, in contrast, always attract Asian brides. Usually, ladies look for them on dating sites because specialized platforms give them the most opportunities. So, these are some reasons why these ladies prefer Western men over local guys:

Westerners are confident

Any Asian mail order bride would want to be with a man who knows what he wants and easily achieves his goals. She wants him to be able to take responsibility and don’t give empty promises. And she believes that an American man is the one she’s looking for because guys from this country proved to be mature and decisive, winning the hearts of Asian ladies.

American men are reliable

Asian women are capable of taking responsibility themselves, but they prefer having someone around who will support them and stay by their side no matter what happens. They’re looking for partners who aren’t afraid of taking the lead and making decisions in the family. If you’re a man who is loyal and determined—you’ll easily win the heart of your beautiful Asian mail order bride.

Foreign guys are caring

Asian men take local girls for granted, not appreciating their beauty, affection, and love. But ladies don’t want to be treated like that, so they’re looking for partners who can reciprocate and not be afraid of showing their feelings. American men are known as such because they always make sure to devote time to spend with their beloved women and never hesitate to give compliments.

Asian-American marriage statistics to keep in mind

According to the 2019 statistics, the number of Asian ladies who received K-1 visas to get to the US reached around 15,386. This is impressive because that’s how many new couples emerged and finally established offline relationships and built families. That’s why Asian-American marriages are more than real, and many people are proving that every year. Also, you shouldn’t be afraid about the legal aspects because an Asian wife is a woman who willingly uses a specialized website, dreaming about meeting a man of her dreams. She is the one who creates a profile, adds photos, and verifies her identity. So, if you’ve ever had a question, “are Asian brides legal,” the answer would be—yes, they are, and they can’t wait to find their soulmates.

As for collecting a set of documents required to marry your Asian girlfriend depends on the country. For example, apart from the usual visa and photos, you need to have an “affidavit of marriageability” proving that you are legally free to marry in China. When marrying in Korea, you’ll need to apply for marriage, bringing the required documents (including Proof Of United States Citizenship, Photographic Proof Of Identity, and A Completed Affidavit Of Eligibility For Marriage).

As for the Philippines, you’ll be required to provide a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from your embassy before filing for a marriage license. After that, you and your spouse will attend the Appointment for a Legal Capacity to Marry and wait for the license to be acquired. Your wife will then have to get the IR-1 / CR-1 Spousal Immigrant Visa, a legal document allowing her to move to the US.

An American marrying an Asian bride doesn’t surprise people anymore, so all the documents-related processes are much easier than they’ve been before. All you need to do is devote a certain amount of time and make sure you acquire all the documents.

How much does it cost to buy Asian bride online?

The cost of an Asian mail order bride is reasonable because you get a chance to meet the woman of your dreams and establish relationships with her, and it costs several times lower compared to offline dating. There are various factors affecting the Asian bride cost, including the following ones:


Dating website services

The price for an Asian bride dating depends on the number of services you use and what tools you prefer to buy Asian wife. For example, video chat is more expensive than emails. Usually, men purchase credit packages instead of paying for each service individually. For instance, on one of the most popular dating sites (in our opinion)—Eastern Honeys you get a special offer for newcomers — 20 free credits after registration. For the first payment—$2.99 for 20 credits (instead of $9.99). Once you try out the site and see that you like it.


Once you and your Asian girlfriend are ready to meet offline, it’s time for you to buy flight tickets and travel to her country. The price significantly depends on the country you’re flying to, flight class, and date. The average cost for a two-way ticket is $1,600–$2,500, but it can be higher or lower. A trip to Korea or China will be more costly, so take this into account.

When landing in the country, you’ll need to stay in a hotel, the average price for which varies between $20 and $150 per night. As a rule, men stay in the country for 14 days. Entertainment will cost you around $600–$1,000 for 2 people for 2 weeks, and food—$400–$800.


When applying for a K-1 visa, your Asian wife or you will need to pay $265.

The overall price for Asian mail order brides is around $3,450–$7,000.

Asian marriage tours—are they worth it?

Marriage tours are great because you can meet incredible Asian women when traveling abroad, visiting their countries. Such travels give an excellent opportunity to find your Asian mail order bride and enjoy her country, which is a win-win. If you want to leverage this option, you need to reach out to the specialists, and they’ll organize everything, from booking the accommodation to finding the best sightseeings and matching you with a perfect Asian mail order bride.

So, we wish you good luck in your findings and believe that you’ll meet your Asian woman soon enough!

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