How to Make Money with Photography

Most people think that photography requires deep, well-learned skills, a good sense of creativity, and putting lots of hours into work to achieve the desired goals for that perfect cut. Well, it’s true! Nothing in life comes easy. You have just got to work even harder to achieve your dreams. One thing to note is that we are living in a technologically advanced society. Unlike in years past when cameras were left to a selected few, more than half of the world’s population owns a smartphone. These devices come loaded with a ready to use camera that has everything you need when it comes to editing, sharing, and saving. So, come to think about, and in one way or the other, everyone’s a photographer. Have you taken a closer look at the last selfies you took? That’s how photography works! If you want to get started in photography, you will need a tripod, a portable LED light and the appropriate software.

All it takes is for one to grow the love for photography and voila! It’s as simple as stealing candy from a baby. And the best part is that you can make a living out of great photography. With professionalism and delivery in your work, you might as well not need a second job. 


Let’s take a look at how you can make money with photography.

1. Sell Your Photos on Websites

This is one of the best ways in which you can invest your skills as a photographer. In essence, selling your photos will only require that you be creative and invest heavily in some great marketing strategies. Also, you’ll need to train yourself to deliver quality shots. This may include taking extensive photography classes, especially market-oriented ones. This way, you’ll have the hacks it takes to monetize your passion. Chris, a seasoned photographer at Parker Photographic says that among the things that will help take your skills a notch higher is to continue learning and improve on areas that need polishing. And the best way is to find the tools that other photographers are using. This is the only way your pictures will get accepted by the website owners. It’s also important that you also familiarize yourself with the industry and have a smooth flow when engaging with interested consumers.

2. Start a Photography Blog

With the spread of the internet, most bloggers today are earning a lot of money by monetizing their skills through their blog sites. Take time to learn and improve your writing skills and with good delivery and engaging articles, you can start blogging for your gallery. Active blogging requires rich content that people will enjoy. This, whilst exposing visitors to your gallery. While blogging about various topics, don’t forget to take a peek at how people perceive your creativity and how other photographers are faring within the industry.

3. Enter Creativity Contests

Creativity contests are not just about putting up a show, but they are platforms where photographers can share ideas, network, and sell their pieces. These are also platforms through which you can showcase your work and market yourself. In the process, you may gain interested clients whom you may have the opportunity to work on high-paying gigs. In addition to this, you’ll get to meet like-minded artists who will help to boost your outreach and in a way, help you to create a diverse audience for your creations.

4. Charge for Editing Pictures

Did you know that you can make quick cash by just editing pictures? If you have a hand in it and people love the edits you make, then start making a living out of it by charging the editing services. Start selling your skills for a worthy price. You can start by testing the waters with friends and family to see just how much they’re willing to pay. When you get the hang of it, spread on to broader markets.

5. Teach Photography

There is always someone, somewhere eager to learn a new skill and what better way than to make a back out of it by teaching someone else how to become a better photographer? The best part is that today, you can create your teaching tutorial, create a photography teaching channel on YouTube, or hold classes right at your place. These are the same people who’ll become instrumental in spreading a good word about you and this will help grow your audience base. 


As you can see, there are various ways you can monetize your skills as you work to become an accomplished photographer. The most important thing when it comes to making money through photography is marketing. You just have got to let people know your work, how they can reach you, and the charges. It doesn’t get any better than this!