How To Make Money from Your Own Blog


Many people, especially the young generation, take blogging as a hobby, but not all realize the potential of making a good sum of money from this activity. Even those with the desire to make money from blogging find it challenging to do it right. The basic starting point is identifying what you are good at blogging about while still unique. Another ingredient needed is your patience and commitment to ensuring you have more than enough traffic and a good following on your website. In this article, you will learn the tips you incorporate into your blogging to ensure you are starting a sizeable amount of money. 

Affiliate Marketing

You can utilize affiliate marketing by incorporating affiliate links in your blog text. When readers click the links in your blogs and purchase a product from the recommended website, you earn some commission. This is in line with west palm beach web design, where the tracked links will direct your readers to the websites of certain brands. The website owners will show appreciation by paying some commission, which varies with the bulk purchase. Examples of such websites are eCommerce websites, such as Amazon, Apple, and ASOS. You can register on Affiliate Window and start promoting thousands of brands worldwide. However, you need to be genuine and authentic by writing articles and reviews based on your sincere opinions. Also, you should only talk your readers into purchasing a brand or service you believe is good for them.

Use Banner Adverts

This is another way of making money by adding banner adverts to your blog website. Although you can place the banners anyway on your page, it is better when they appear in your blog page sidebar at the top. First, you will be paid based on cost per link, where you receive payment for any reader that clicks on the banner advert. Second, you will earn income based on cost per thousand, where you negotiate a standard payment when the ad receives 1000 impressions. These two methods of earning from banner adverts are low due to the increased use of AdBlocker plugins. However, the payment depends on the industry you specialize in, meaning the venture is worth trying. You can start making money using banner adverts by opening a Google AdSense account. 

Sponsored Content and Advertorials

You can also monetize your blogs by providing advertorials or sponsored content, comprising blog posts or paid-for article adverts. For instance, when Nike launches a new shoe and is writing on men’s sportswear, the company may decide to pay a certain amount to write a blog about their new shoe. Furthermore, you may decide to insert affiliate links in your blog and make extra cash. However, this method will work best for you to build a formidable niche audience. This will attract brands to your website to discuss many sponsored blogs. You can write sponsored content on almost any niche, including beauty, sports, travel, lifestyle, and fashion.

Charging for Sponsored Posts on Social Media

This is a good way of making extra money from your blog if your social media presence is strong, attracting many brands. This is their primary way of making money from their blogs for many people.  The money you can make from charging for sponsored posts on social media can be huge because you decide how you want to charge the fees, either for every post or re-post. The hard part of this venture is the initial stage, where you must build a wide network of followers. The number of followers on social media is open to brands, meaning that your readers will be interested in your posts. 

Writing Guest Blogs 

You can also make money by writing guest blogs for media outlets, where the press people or brands with their own blogs will approach you. This often happens when you have authority over a particular topic, and the press or the brands will request that you make a cameo appearance on their websites. For instance, a newspaper may ask you to make a budget for their magazines, such as cooking or travel. The trick to mastering this method of earning is learning not to be shy about contributing ideas, such as in magazines, newspapers, or any other publications. You can reach out to them via email, giving more information about your blogging speciality. 

Partnering with Agencies

The growth of the digital world has seen the popularity of blogging increase and attract agencies interested in promoting blog writers to well-established brands. As a result, many bloggers are making huge sums of money by working with some of these agencies, though you need to first build a wide network of followers on your website. Furthermore, you will only work with the biggest and financially able brands due to the high agency fees. This means that the brands you are likely to work with will depend on your blogging business, as some businesses will enable you to pay for the agency fees. 

Selling Digital Products

You can charge fees when people want to access video tutorials, eBooks, workshops, or courses if you are skilled in this field. However, you should showcase your ability to work perfectly or prove that your content is valuable. Moreover, convincing online communities to part with cash to pay for digital products could be really challenging. This is because many people think that online products are all for free. However, the venture is worth trying if you believe you know what you are doing, and the cash is huge. 


It is possible to make money from blogging, though the amount varies. It will take you time to monetize your blog by first building a strong audience to attract brands and advertisers to your website. However, after accomplishing this first step, you will now need to consider multiple sources of income from your blogging. As much as blogging is a hobby, it can become one of your main sources of income if you follow the tips shared in this article.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.