How To Get A Curacao Gambling License?

Curacao Gambling

Curacao Gaming License started its services in 1996. Business startups and entrepreneurs who aim to start an online gambling platform can find Curacao a viable and obvious option. The Curacao eGaming License is one of the oldest and very popular offshore licensing authorities with around 450 gambling operators licensed under it. Curacao is considered to be one of the most accessible jurisdictions for gambling licensing. The hype is due to the shortest processing time, quicker solutions, political stability, and the cost-efficient factor. 

Why Do People Choose Curacao Licenses? 

The acquisition of a Curacao license brings in many advantages and benefits related to the operation of the gambling company and looks into fiscal and corporate incentives as well. Hundreds of independent online casinos on NonGamStopBets have already chosen it because of the benefits it includes:: 

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Quick Functioning: The process of getting a Curacao license is the shortest among all such jurisdictions. The applicant has to submit all the necessary documents in a timely manner for smooth functioning. The compilation of the documents is done in a short span of time which is one of the main reasons why business startups are inclined towards it. The cost of the setup and maintenance is affordable and accessible to all budget options. 
  • Hassle-Free and Easy Going: The application for any gambling license can be lengthy and daunting. However, Curacao licensing is made easier due to the least amount of bureaucracy. It remains one of the easiest and quickest means of holding a gambling license. It also provides entrepreneurs great opportunities to lay out their concept before jumping into a tougher licensing jurisdiction. 
  • Great Option for Startups: For startups, Curacao is the best option since it allows both to test the concept and get a client base. It also helps in holistic growth and encourages diversifications into market segments, games, areas without financial drainage. This licensing authority provides flexibility in development, exploration, and experimentation without large capital investments. Once a business starts running well, there is always room to expand for them. 
  • One License Covers All Aspects: Some jurisdictions offer different kinds of licenses or permits depending on the games a casino wishes to offer to its punters. The Curacao eGaming license covers all aspects of iGaming activities such as gaming providers, software developers, games like sports betting, poker, scratch cards, online casino, eSports, etc. in one go. This makes it cost-effective and of great convenience. 
  • Zero Taxes: Unlike UKGC license fees, operators holding this license are free from any additional taxes on their revenue. All incomes must be generated outside the country for benefiting from fiscal incentives. 

There are hundreds of offshore casino sites that operate under the license of Curacao. This breed of curacao gambling operators is highly credible, has excellent gambling facilities, attractive welcome packages, and offers an amazing range of game types across Slots, Bacarract, Roulettes, Poker along with VIP Clubs and Live Dealers.

Requirements For Acquiring A Curacao License 

If a company decides to go with the Curacao Licensing, it has to undergo the requirements. 

A company must provide proper paperwork and documentation for the company’s funds, personal health tests, the residential address of the owner, and the aim behind the startup. 

Each and every officer, director, shareholder, the owner must provide certain documents: 

  • Certified copies of the Passport
  • Original or a certified copy of Utility Bill, Clearance Certificate from Police/No criminal record. 
  • CV or Resume 
  • Original Banking References 
  • Original Professional Reference Letter from a Lawyer or an Accountant. 
  • Details of Software providers, 3rd Party certificate of the RNG application. 
  • Proof of ownership of Domain
  • Copies of terms and conditions including underage gaming policies, responsible gambling policies, and KYC policies. 

After verification of all these documents, a company is considered to be eligible for the acquisition of a Curacao License. The verification process takes a couple of days and after completion, a company is provided with the license which remains valid for a specific time period. However, a breach of any policies or terms and conditions might lead to the loss of a license in the future. Each license is issued with the sole discretion of the Justice Minister. 

There are hundreds of popular offshore casino sites registered with Curacao gambling sites that have been functional for several years. While these sites are reputed and offer a wide range of options such as Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker, Live games, VIP rooms, etc from top-tier providers including Microgaming, Azumi, BetSoft, etc, it is still advised that players check the reviews and ratings associated with each of these sites before investing real cash. 

Concluding Thoughts

Curacao gambling sites have been gaining popularity day by day due to their quicker yet convenient solutions for startups and international law base. A company might switch over to another licensing authority after reaching a certain profit goal. In that case, Curacao authorities help them to successfully shift to another convenient Licensing commission. Thus, opting for such jurisdiction is always recommended for the lower-costing, as any business tends to be a risky process. 

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