How to Design Graphics for Custom Boxes with Logo?

Design Graphics for Custom Boxes with Logo

Custom packaging tends to make a brand a separate and unique entity. You have a potential product but you need an elegant packaging design to present it effectively. Increasing brand awareness is one of the major attributes of custom packaging. To attain this goal, product manufacturers use custom boxes with logo. A high-end packaging bestows users with ultimate protection and customizations. You have manufactured competent packaging boxes that can protect products efficiently but to manifest your brand, you must add unique prints. To utilize custom packaging at its fullest, you must pay attention to its presentation style.

7 Tips to Follow

The following key points will help you to design powerful graphical packaging.

Consider the Nature of The Product

The nature of the product assists you to design the box expertly. Is your product insensitive to damage like glass items? Or is it sensitive to environmental factors (heat or humidity) such as food products? When you know your product properly, you will be able to design the packaging box accordingly. For items like glass jar candles, you may add graphical prints on the glass jars and packaging boxes as well. Whatever product you are offering to the audience, you must add minimal details with vibrant themes.

Know Your Target Audience

Who is going to buy your product is important to know so that you can get the idea of how to entice the right audience. Highlight the solution through your product packaging so that the customers will get convinced. Also, you can do market research to make segments of your target audiences. In this way, you will get an idea of how to attract different types of people through various packaging designs. It will also help you to add variety in graphical representation. For example, if your products possess diversity in shapes and sizes, you can also differentiate them based on different graphics and prints. Besides, you can also differentiate flavours through graphical prints if you are running a confectionary.

Consider Your Sales Platform

Knowing your store’s nature will help you to design good packaging solutions. If you are only running a physical store, you have to be more focused on the presentation style of product packaging so that it will make your shelf attractive. Nowadays, almost every brand (either small or large, famous or new) has its e-stores as well. In this case, you have to pay attention to both competency and graphical designing of the packaging. You may need different packaging having different numbers of layers to ensure the safety of the product.

  • Primary packaging is the first layer of packaging which is also known as product packaging. It is the most essential one especially when your customers do in-store purchases. It increases the worth of your products displayed on shelves.
  • Secondary or external packaging helps you to create a powerful impact through its presentation style. Also, it ensures the protection of the product. Such types of packaging are used by online retailers where they need to deliver products safely at customers’ doorstep. Customized paper bags or other shopping bags are also used in physical stores too which work as outer packaging.
  • Inserting is used to double-check the protective layer against damage. For instance, if your product is insensitive to extraneous effects, you need to add inserts like cushions and bubble sheets. Such inserts are used to ensure the safe shipment of the product.

Use Right Packaging Material

Choosing the right packaging plays a vital role in your business growth. Product manufacturers look for ways that will bring them cost-effective packaging solutions. This is because saving money on the packaging is essential. The competition among brands is high and a daily addition of a new entrant makes it even more fierce. Therefore, it is important to work on the strength of the packaging design.

Add Essential Information

Adding useful details is an important part of printing boxes. Whatever the product you are selling, make sure you provide enough details to inform the buyers. Considering this aspect will lead to customer satisfaction. The relevant details help the customers to match their requirements. Build a connection between the product’s specifications and target audience. This can be greatly achieved by adding product useful information. For instance, if you are selling food items, you must add information about ingredients, nutrients, usage, benefits, important dates (manufacturing as well as expiration dates). Adding such useful details will help customers to alleviate their concerns.

Build A Consistent Packaging Design

A consistent packaging design builds a strong connection between a consumer and the beholder. For this purpose, you must pay focus to print brand name as well as logo design to make packaging more relevant to your brand. When you do so, your brand awareness will be raised. With that, these details will help consumers to remember your brand as good shopping experiences always add up to the memory for a long period. In this way, your brand name will always pop up in their minds when they need to get that particular product with a great presentation. By adding these details, you will surely notice a considerable rise in your sales.

Get A Professional Builder

Getting a sincere builder will help you to get exceptional results from your investment. You can research while choosing a professional builder. Once you get it, you can get an exceptional packaging solution. You must tell your requirements such as theme designs, font style/size or free fonts, color coding, and finishes. A sincere builder will also give you advice on designing novel packaging designs. You can get a high-end packaging solution in custom boxes with logo by


Custom packaging boxes having a unique name and logo must be designed uniquely to increase the anticipated value of the product. Know your product nature, target audience, and sales platform so that you will be able to design appropriate packaging. Avoid making the packaging complicated and retain it simple and sturdy. Add relevant product information and elegant graphics to make the packaging eye-catching.