How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Cannabis Seed

Seeds form the foundation of any cannabis grow. If they’re high quality, marijuana cultivators will be set up to grow healthy plants and pull down heavy crops of delicious, highly potent buds. Low-quality seeds, on the other hand, will never grow healthy plants.

This distinction is important for all growers. For those who purchase wholesale marijuana seeds, though, it’s even more important to pay attention to quality. Before buying cannabis seeds in bulk, read on to find out what to look for and how to buy high-quality seeds wholesale.

Why Buy in Bulk?

Some marijuana cultivators only need to buy a small handful of seeds a year and purchasing even a few dozen of them at once may sound like unreasonable excess. To serious commercial growers, though, purchasing hundreds, or even thousands, of seeds at once is a common practice. Buying wholesale cannabis or growers choice seeds allows them to ensure that there will be enough seed stock on hand to plant out a full crop, or sometimes several, while simultaneously taking advantage of bulk discounts from seed banks.

Wholesale Pricing: What to Expect

People who are purchasing seeds in bulk for the first time often focus primarily on the available discounts. While it’s true that seed banks do typically offer discounted prices to buyers who purchase large amounts of seeds, prices that are too low should be considered a red flag. Growers who purchase bulk seeds for less than $2.50 to $9 per seed run a serious risk of purchasing poor-quality seeds that will never grow into healthy plants.

Most seed banks offer staggered discounts depending on the size of a grower’s order. Most only offer wholesale pricing on orders of 100 seeds or more, but some online seed banks will begin offering discounts to growers who purchase as few as 40 seeds. To take full advantage of bulk pricing, try to purchase seeds in intervals of 100 and place an order for 1,000 seeds or more.

Avoiding Scams

One of the reasons it’s so important to buy wholesale seeds from a reputable seed bank is that there are scammers out there trying to steal growers’ money. The first scam involves sellers that purchase hemp seeds and then rebrand them as marijuana seeds. Because they both come from cannabis plants, marijuana and hemp seeds look the same and there’s no way for growers to know they’ve been duped until the crop starts to come in.

A second common scam involves purchasing low-quality cannabis seeds with poor or unstabilized genetics then re-labeling them and selling them as premium seeds. Buyers should always beware of any seed company or individual seller that doesn’t have at least a few years of history in the industry. These types of companies don’t have a reputation to maintain, so there’s no incentive to sell quality seeds.

Finding the Right Seed Bank

The good news for commercial growers is that there are plenty of reputable seed banks that offer bulk pricing. Look for these factors when choosing who to trust with fulfilling wholesale orders:

  •  Ability to fulfill large orders quickly

How many seeds must be purchased to get a discount

Whether the seed bank offers stealth shipping

What strains are available in bulk

The size of wholesale discounts

Place an Order

Ready to start growing more plants? Follow the advice above to make sure that every seed purchased has the chance to grow into a healthy, high-yielding marijuana plant.

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