How the Top 20 PPI Claim Companies Can Still Help You with Mis-Sold PPI


Did you ever pay for PPI? Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of people and often, it was offered in the wrong circumstances. For example, you may have been promised that PPI would help you if you lost your job or if you feel ill and could not repay debts you had. It seemed like the perfect security to get and make sure that you always had something to help you if you were in trouble.

However, this was not how PPI turned out. It was uncovered that a lot of people were wrongly convinced to purchase PPI. In fact, many people did not even realise they were paying for it. If this situation applies to you, what can you do?

The Deadline for Claims Has Passed

A deadline was set for PPI claims and this was back on 29th August 2019. So, if you believe that you were mis-sold PPI in the pay, you were supposed to have made a claim by this date. A lot of people assume that it is now too late to make a complaint. Indeed, it can appear this way since this was the general deadline given.

However, we are here to clear up some of the misinformation out there. We can confirm that you might not have lost your opportunity to reclaim the money that was taken from you. So, there was the original deadline but now there is something that is often referred to as making a claim for ‘PPI 2’.

Something that you have to realise is that if you do want to make a PPI claim, it now has to be made in court. So, this is where the top 20 PPI claim companies are going to come in. They are going to be able to take on your claim and represent you. For a comprehensive list of PPI claim companies, follow the link and read the post from Business Cobra. Here, you can find details on these companies and how they are able to help you when it comes to taking on mis-sold PPI.

How Do I Know If I Can Still Make a Claim?

It is important to note that only some people might still be able to make a PPI 2 claim. Namely, this is going to be two types of people. First, if you were someone that did make a claim before but was rejected, it will be possible for you to try again. Secondly, the Supreme Court outlines others that can make a claim for mis-sold PPI. This is going to be if over 50 per cent of the PPI cost was found to be a commission to the company that sold you PPI.

Are you confused about whether you can make a claim? The best way to check is to look at the documentation you have. Perhaps from all of the paperwork, you will be able to figure out whether you are eligible to make a claim. Alternatively, you can ask a PPI claim company to take a look. This way, they are going to be able to outline whether they are able to help you get your money back.

How Can a Top PPI Claim Company Help Me?

If you think that you might be able to reclaim some money you have lost through PPI, you will want to start the process straight away. But, it can be stressful and tedious if you have other tasks to deal with. The best thing you can do is contact a PPI claim company and they are going to take over this for you. They will examine your documentation and they can make a case on your behalf. This is going to save you a lot of time and hassle.

What’s more, when you choose a top PPI claim, they are going to have a lot of experience. This means that the success rate is going to be higher for your claim. You have more chance of getting your money back since the team will have dealt with similar claims before. So, they will understand how the process works and be able to advise you on what you can expect from the situation. What’s more, there are some top companies that are going to offer a no win no fee policy, which means that you will only pay for their services if you receive your money back. You do not have to worry about paying out if your claim is not successful.

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