How FTX Could Relaunch in 2024


The failed cryptocurrency exchange FTX has recently raised a few eyebrows after it announced plans to revive and relaunch its service. According to the company’s CEO, John Ray, FTX has begun the process of soliciting interested parties to the reboot of the exchange. Just one year on from its huge bankruptcy, the move comes as a surprise to many in the crypto space.

While there are undoubtedly questions about how FTX can relaunch and whether it will ever regain the trust of traders and investors, the move could ultimately be a good thing for the crypto space. There is clearly a demand for reputable and trusted exchanges, and investors putting money into FTX could signal the start of the next bull run. Companies that foster the growth of the crypto industry will also see greater demand.

What Happened to FTX?

The collapse of FTX was probably the biggest to date in the crypto world and had a major impact on the price of cryptocurrency and the entire market. Not since the Mt GOX fiasco have there been such shockwaves that rippled through the crypto industry. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November 2022 after it emerged that it had lost around $2 billion in user funds.

When FTX filed for bankruptcy, many users were surprised, as the company had been one of the biggest and most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. FTX spent investing in companies in the crypto space. However, despite being the fourth largest exchange in terms of volume, much of its value was leveraged, using its own token, FTT, as collateral.

When users found out about the heavy leverage, they rushed to withdraw their funds, which resulted in the whole house of cards falling down. Since then, the ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has been indicted on charges of fraud and money laundering, along with several other former FTX executives.

How FTX Could Reopen

Despite being bankrupt, FTX does still have assets, and it’s currently undergoing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which aims for a restructuring in order to pay back creditors. The exchange has freed up around $7 billion in assets, and with the crypto market rising once again, those that are owed money could receive their money back before too long.

While the exchange is still missing a lot of money it owes to creditors, reopening the exchange would be the best way of potentially making them whole. The lawyers in charge of the bankruptcy are thought to be pursuing a reopening, but it’s unclear whether the new company will reopen under the FTX name or rebrand.

What This Means for the Crypto Industry

The collapse of FTX had massive repercussions for the crypto industry, leading to other firms such as Celsius and BlockFi also filing for bankruptcy and the value of the crypto market dropping dramatically. If FTX does reopen, it could help investors feel slightly safer about the risk of future collapses.

There is clearly still a lot of interest in crypto worldwide, as we’ve seen the market recover considerably since the collapse and subsequent crash last year. However, many investors are still put off by the lack of regulations and the potential consequences of bankruptcies like this. It could take a lot more time to see another major bull run if more isn’t done to address this.

If FTX remerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and clients get their funds back, it will help investors feel more comfortable about getting into cryptocurrency. This will have a knock-on effect of helping the entire industry grow, especially if it’s coupled with new regulations that prevent similar events from happening in the future.

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