How Can Canadians Buy Ethereum For Gambling


The introduction of the Ethereum gambling sites has made it difficult for regular betting platforms to keep their customers. Moreover, the benefits offered by the Ethereum gambling sites are just too much that gamblers can not ignore them. 

However, many Canadian gamblers who wish to use these platforms have encountered different Ethereum related challenges. Moreover, one of the major issues these gamblers face is not knowing how to purchase these assets. 

Therefore in this guide, we will discuss all there is to know about Ethereum and explain how Canadian gamblers can buy and use it for gambling.

What is Ethereum? 

Ethereum is a developed open-source blockchain network. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has a decentralized nature, which allows it to entertain intelligent transactions. A group made up of brilliant developers headed by Vitalik Buterin came up with ethereum. Vitalik is a Russian – Canadian who has had a solid dream about the coin since he was a teenager.

Since coming to light in July 2015, Ethereum has joined the ranks of the highest coins in the crypto world. It has created solid competition for its superior Bitcoin and has risen above other currencies. Additionally, Ethereum has many uses, ranging from payments to gaming to investments and many more.

The network is powered by a custom cryptocurrency known as Ether. Moreover, the Ether offers advantages that make it different from Bitcoin. For example, traders or gamblers using Ethereum do not need to create a blockchain network before using the asset.

The Ethereum network has a lot of hardworking developers. These developers work rigorously to ensure the efficiency of the network. Moreover, they do all they can to upgrade the Ethereum network. The upgrade is known as project Ethereum 2.0.

History of Ethereum In Canada

Canada is one of the many favourable countries for cryptocurrency gambling. 

This ease is because the rules and regulations of the country do not restrict gambling with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Furthermore, Canadian citizens recognize cryptocurrencies like Ether as commodities. Therefore it is possible to make transactions with them.

Recently the government has allowed people to make public sales of Ethereum on notable trading platforms. In addition, Canadian regions such as Vancouver now have crypto ATMs for legal transactions. 

However, no constitution states Ether and other cryptocurrencies as Canadian legal tender. Moreover, there are accounts of the finances recorded from Ethereum users in Canada. The high statistics of these data prove how thoroughly Ethereum has grown in the country.

Best Ethereum Platforms in Canada 

The life of an Ethereum user in Vancouver has been made easy. They can always purchase Ethereum using the crypto ATM. However, the more significant percentage of gamblers in Canada do not have access to this latest improvement. 

Additionally, choosing a suitable platform for Ethereum transactions is necessary before you start gambling. Therefore let’s take a look at the best Ethereum platforms available in Canada; 

1. VirgoCX

VirgoCX is one of the very top cryptocurrencies trading platforms in Canada. Since its creation in 2018, VirgoCX has provided its users with operations of the best quality accompanied by the latest technologies and high-level security.

As of 2021, Canadians spent over 300 million Canadian dollars purchasing crypto using this platform. One of the essential cryptocurrencies Canadians traded on the forum is Ethereum.

Therefore the VirgoCX company has done all that is in its power to retain its integrity and serve these Ethereum customers properly. Other efforts made by the company to attract more traders include lowering charges and listing digital assets for easy navigation.

2. Wealth Simple Trade

Another fascinating crypto exchange platform in Cana is the Wealth Simple trade. This platform allows gamblers to buy and sell their Ethereum assessments quickly.

Users of the platform can start trading with as low as 1 CAD. Moreover, the user interface is appealing and attractive. Therefore you can decide to make this your desired platform at first glance.

Unfortunately, this platform does not support the withdrawal of Ethereum. However, gamblers who use this platform are sure of their assets’ safety, as WST is known for integrity and truthfulness.

3 Coinbase

When it comes to global popularity, Coinbase is your pick. Their operations are quick and direct. Moreover, gamblers do not only buy and sell Ethereum on Coinbase; they also convert their Ethereum to any other cryptocurrency. Additionally, the design of the platform ensures the safety of Canadian gamblers. The forum requires some unique details about you and your picture ID for visual confirmation.

How to Buy Ethereum in Canada

Buying Ethereum on any of these platforms is easy. However, each forum has its unique steps of trading on them. Therefore, this article will give the easiest step by step information on buying Ethereum on the Coinbase crypto platform.

Check the steps below:

  1. Open the Coinbase application. Then, go to the settings options and choose payment methods 
  2. Select a new account. Follow the set of instructions on your screen to link the account.
  3. From the drop-down options, pick a debit card
  4. Input the required information on your debit card. These details may include the card date and others. Therefore, two temporary debits will be attached to your debit card. 
  5. Search for the attached temporal debits through your bank’s website.
  6. After linking your card successfully, input the right amount of funds you want to credit your account.
  7. Click the buy option in the upper part of the platform and select Ethereum.

Note: Gamblers can also follow the same procedure to purchase Ethereum on VirgoCX and Wealth simple trade.


In conclusion, this article has informed you of the very best Ethereum platforms available in Canada. Furthermore, these platforms have consistently provided Ethereum based services to people of diverse territories of Canada.

Additionally, the article explains how to buy Ethereum using crypto currency platforms. Moreover, Canadian gamblers can make the best decision about choosing an ethereum platform and buying ETH on these platforms.

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