How can a DAM platform save a business money?

In business, it’s not just about making money, it’s about putting the right measures in place to save as much as possible. A healthy bottom-line can be pretty difficult to come by, especially when your department or organisation is seemingly blowing its budget every quarter.

Having the right tools in place can help preserve cash flow across any business, and more companies than ever before are turning to DAM platforms to make that happen. Check out for the latest information on Digital Asset Management software.

So, how can a DAM platform save your business money? Read on to find out more.  

Efficient workflows

You know what they say – “you should focus on being productive instead of being busy”. But if your team doesn’t have the right technology in place to help boost their efficiency, then they’re destined to spend more time being busy and less time being genuinely productive. The more productive and efficient your workflows are, the more tasks that get done and the more money the business makes.

Being able to access the right digital assets within seconds is essential to keep things flowing along nicely. Otherwise, your department is only going to waste time trawling through hundreds or even thousands of digital files, or they may even end up using the wrong ones. When this kind of issue occurs, it can delay projects, create interdepartmental contention and hamper the customer experience. All of which costs the business money. By joining thousands of businesses and investing in DAM software, you can benefit from efficient workflows and projects being completed on time.

Saving money on your reputation

In business, reputation is everything and the only thing harder than gaining a good reputation is keeping hold of it. When you have numerous people handling your digital assets with no organisation, management or user permissions in place then it opens the door to all kinds of potential problems. The use of the wrong digital asset could lead to a discrepancy with the company image, leading a potential customer to look elsewhere, or you could have a copyright infringement on your hands, something which is incredibly difficult to bounce back from, both in terms of reputation and financially.

The use of DAM software ensures brand consistency across your business or department. With restricted access to certain folders, collections and media, and intelligent version control, you can save time and money on your reputation by keeping your brand consistent and your digital assets well managed.

And finally, banish duplicates and recreation costs

Without fast and swift access to the right digital files, you’re going to see a bottleneck within all your workflows and processes. These issues can lead to frustration and often the need to repurchase or recreate files that can’t be found quickly enough. Duplicates are expensive, especially if you have to reach out to a third-party creative.

Using smart search technology, metadata, tags and strict taxonomy means that your department can save money and keep digital assets secure and accessible. It doesn’t matter how many digital assets you have; with DAM software you can find what you need within seconds. Whether you’re developing marketing materials, working on a project or reaching out directly to customers.