How 2021 Became the Year of the Armchair Investor


The world of investing has always been exclusive, but not anymore. With the advent of the internet and mobile devices, regular Americans have gotten themselves involved in investment opportunities that would have otherwise never even crossed their minds. This article discusses the various ways in which everyday Americans have gotten themselves involved in investment opportunities in 2021.

Robin Hood

Investors interested in companies that they believe have value but do not want to act as “accredited investors” under the law can now invest via an app called Robin Hood. The company allows for small investments which go towards buying up massive quantities of stock shares. This way, when a specific price is reached by shareholders selling their stocks, everyone gets paid back with interest.

Penny Stocks

Another popular investment opportunity among average Americans has been penny stocks – traditionally viewed as extremely risky and unreliable options. However, brokerage firms allow for individual accounts so long as you meet their minimum deposit amount. With this type of account, regular folks can purchase any number of cheap-priced yet promising stocks.

Crowdfunding startups

Since the economic downturn of 2020, more and more people have started to invest in startups. It’s riskier than any other kind of funding, but it also has a lot of potential for significant returns if you do your research on startup founders, their teams, etc. Notably, the popularity of equity crowdfunding options offers investors the chance to diversify in ways previously unavailable to ordinary people. You can crowdfund by investing small amounts of money to support a startup.

You can keep track of their progress, see how much you’ve invested and the returns on your investment are pretty substantial compared to any other kind of investing. Startups can include anything from new social media apps to blockchain businesses or even real estate developments.

Real estate

People are buying old buildings renovating them, and renting them out for a profit. The majority of the work is done by machines, and plenty of investors need reliable places to put their money.


People still like gold, especially in 2021 when many other investments went down the drain. Gold always has value and can be sold off or converted into cash should you ever need it. Just make sure that you don’t buy fake bars or coins – they’re all over these days.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

These two cryptocurrencies have been extremely volatile but also profitable so far in 2021. They’ve seen significant fluctuations in price since 2018, with Ethereum going from $500-$1500 around December 2019 while Bitcoin jumped from about $20,000 per coin back in late 2017 to around $8000-10000 in 2019.


In 2021 it has been legalized on the federal level, and people have started to invest in this industry. It’s a risky business, but there are bound to be some big winners in this space; at least, that is what many investors believe. Having a dispensary is a great side business as well.


Non-Fungible Tokens are a new kind of cryptocurrency introduced in 2021. They were extremely popular back in 2019 and 2020 because they could be used to tokenize anything from personal data, pieces of art, or even the deed on someone’s house. There have been some major security issues with NFTs so far; however, people continue buying them up for substantial returns over time.


Interest rates are still pretty high, so everyone is looking at ways to make money with their money rather than just putting it into savings accounts or certificates of deposit that pay virtually nothing these days.

Since 2021 interest rates on mortgages are not as low as they once were – around 12% actually – there are plenty of investors out there who want to take advantage. This means that home loans have become extremely popular investment vehicles since 2019, thus being one of the best options available to investors.

With all these options available for investment opportunities, regular Americans can now get involved with investments previously only accessible by accredited investors or well-established institutions. The world of investing has become more democratic than ever before, despite its risks. The market conditions still make it difficult for small-time investors, but they create great opportunities when the economy goes right – as we saw from 2020 onwards.

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