Funded Trading Plus Review: Is it Still Worth it for Traders?

Funded Trading Plus Review

The right platform in the trading arena can be the linchpin of your financial aspirations.

You may have come across Funded Trading Plus, a newcomer gaining traction. Are you curious if it merits your capital and attention?

In this Funded Trading Plus review, we’ll probe into its advantages and disadvantages, functionalities, and user interface to aid you in arriving at a well-rounded judgment.

What is Funded Trading Plus?

Funded Trading Plus was conceived by the collective insights of Simon M., James F., and Michael C. This platform aims to empower traders, particularly those who may be financially restricted, to flourish in the market.

Simon M., who serves as the Managing Director, once worked in emergency services before redirecting his skills toward trading, facilitating the provision of ample capital for traders. James F., the Director of Operations, utilizes his technical understanding to maintain a reliable system.

Meanwhile, Michael C., Director of Strategic Overview, has transformed his financial setbacks into useful trading tactics integrated into Funded Trading Plus.

This endeavor originated from Trade Room Plus, a live trading room. The founding team identified the persistent issue of limited capital facing retail traders. In crafting their solution, they sought counsel from market veterans in Wall Street and the City of London. The result is a high-caliber platform geared toward trader empowerment and shared success.

How Does Funded Trading Plus Work?

When you first engage with Funded Trading Plus, you’ll discover that the initial steps are rather straightforward. You have the agency to select from various evaluation accounts, each tailored to your preferred account size.

Your progression in this platform will be punctuated by two key phases: the evaluation period and the stage where you operate a funded account.

You aim to hit a pre-defined profit target while adhering to set limits on daily and overall drawdowns.

Don’t worry because Funded Trading Plus extends the courtesy of time, setting it apart from other forex prop trading firms. You aren’t pressed to make hasty decisions.

Once you have successfully navigated the evaluation, your status is elevated. Now, you trade with actual capital in a funded account. It doesn’t stop there. This comes with a substantial share in the profits under terms consistent with those during your evaluation phase.

As for keeping tabs on your performance, the dashboard is an efficient tool, offering you real-time analytics concerning your trading growth.

Features of Funded Trading Plus

1. Absence of Time Pressures

Let’s talk about time for a second. You might know about a challenge set by FTMO to make a 10% profit in just one month. If you’ve been trading for a bit, you know that’s tough. Even the best prop trading firms don’t usually expect you to make that much that fast. It imposes no time restrictions, allowing you to trade at your tempo. This is a boon for traders who require additional time to hit their targets.

2. Option for a 1-Phase Challenge

Another standout aspect of Funded Trading Plus is the range of account options available. Notably, the ‘Experienced Trader’ option permits you to forgo one of the phases, needing just a single successful phase to qualify for a funded account. This could be a game-changer, particularly if you wish to avoid the pitfalls of beginning anew with a second account.

3. You can use EAs, Algo’s, Trading Bots, and Trade Copiers

Funded Trading Plus is amicable toward technological aids. It accommodates using EAs, Algorithmic Trading, Trading Bots, and Trade Copiers. This is especially handy for those who might not have the time to constantly monitor high-probability setups. However, the ultimate trading decisions still rest with you.

4. Trading View Integration

Many platforms continue to cling to the MT4/MT5 platforms. While functional, they do appear a bit old-fashioned. Trading View is rising as a modern alternative with an excellent user experience and practical features. Funded Trading Plus is currently in discussions to incorporate this promising platform into their offering soon.

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Who Stands to Benefit from Funded Trading Plus?

Whether you’re an experienced or a day trader, Funded Trading Plus has offerings tailored to your needs. This platform accommodates many strategies, even if you value a flexible trading approach.

Is this proprietary trading firm legit? Based on its features and structured approach, it shows promise in being a credible option for various kinds of traders.


  • Suitable evaluation process for both beginners and experienced traders
  • Generous profit-sharing arrangements
  • Lack of tight time constraints for evaluations
  • Openness to multiple trading strategies
  • Strong customer support


  • Some traders may struggle with the maximum drawdown limits
  • Overnight trading is not permitted


So, what’s the final word? Funded Trading Plus was created by people who know what they’re doing. They give you the money and tools you need to trade well.

It’s a place where you can trade seriously, just like the big names on Wall Street. You can get started with an unfair advantage using our Funded Trading Plus coupon.

If you’re ready to take the next step in trading, Funded Trading Plus could be your next stop. Want to get started? Click here to sign up for Funded Trading Plus right now.

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