Fun Things to Do During the Holiday Months

Fun Things to Do During the Holiday

While the holidays are always highly anticipated, they are also associated with high amounts of worry and anxiety. Before and during all the madness, there are several activities you can participate in that will help ease your stress. Be proactive in managing your own healthy self-maintenance by participating in leisure activities you love, whether it’s solo or with friends or family. 

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Cross Country Skiing

If you aren’t accustomed to skiing, gear up with cross country skis and all of the accessories so you can feel comfortable out in the cold. Different from downhill skiing, cross country requires skiers to rely on their own movement to propel across the terrain (as opposed to gravity). It makes for a great work out and is a peaceful way to enjoy nature.


Sledding can be great fun if you prepare yourself for several uphill climbs and possibly a few bumps and bruises. Avoid sledding in areas where there are rocky hills, light poles, fences or trees, and do your best to keep a healthy distance from other sledders. Consider putting helmets on young children and always go down a hill feet first.

Bake Cookies

Holiday time is traditionally when people set aside hours to bake dozens of different types of cookies for themselves and their friends. Why not get a jump start on this activity and bake the cookies now – you can always freeze the dough! Or eat them all and bake more later.

Visit the Water

Regardless of the weather, sitting beside a body of water creates a harmony and peace that all enjoy at Thanksgiving. Whether it’s a small creek, a lake, river or even an ocean, take an hour or so out of your day to pack a lunch and enjoy the views, even if it means wearing a scarf and hat!

Rent a Mountain Cabin

Fall is the most beautiful time of the year to visit the mountains. Trees are alight with color and even if you get away for a weekend, you’ll appreciate the time to breathe and relax before all of the holiday gatherings and deadlines begin.

Visit Your Local Zoo

City zoos are open all year round, though the majority of people visit them in the warmer weather. Bundle up and take an afternoon trip to say hi to the animals, and you will enjoy infinitely smaller crowds, and a blissful and fun reminder of nature residing so close.

Join a Turkey Trot

Colder weather creates a sense of hibernation. Break out of the sluggishness by signing up for a turkey trot. A turkey trot is a 5K, half marathon or marathon in your local area. Find one that doubles as a fundraiser and you’ll be halfway to setting your own spirit of gratitude.

Start Holiday Shopping

Before the malls and the stores get too crowded, venture out to start your holiday shopping. You may be lucky enough to find some pre-holiday deals, and you’ll enjoy relative peace and quiet compared to traditional holiday shopping that starts in December!

Find Your Holiday Decorations

Unless you are super organized (which granted, some of us are), you will likely need to do a little bit of basement, attic or garage hunting to locate your holiday decorations. If you’ve lived in your home for several years, decorations may be scattered about in different locations. Take some time in November to find what you’ll want to put out over the next several weeks.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a great activity that blends education, fun, and exercise. Download one of the many geocaching apps and be on your way! With more than three million active geocaches around the world, you’re sure to find several nearby of various intensity levels.

Build a Bonfire

There’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire, and this is also true when the temperature dips. If it isn’t windy, have fun with friends and children roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa. A perfect time to practice your holiday song harmonizing!

Although it might seem like the world has buttoned up and there isn’t much left to do during November, December and January, there are still plenty of fun activities to engage in before and during the holidays.

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