Four Reasons Why Radiologists Should Use Career-Specific Job Boards to Find New Positions

Four Reasons Why Radiologists Should Use Career-Specific Job Boards to Find New Positions

If you’re a radiologist, you’re used to hunting for abnormalities to diagnose and treat conditions; you’re familiar with all the newest advancements in medical imaging, from safer X-ray machines to more precise PET scans. However, you may not be familiar with the best tools to find a new radiology position, especially if you’ve been in your current role for a while and have had no need to check out job boards. It’s reasonable, then, that you might believe it’s necessary to hop on a general career website like Monster, Indeed, or LinkedIn to find radiologist openings, but this can be a costly error. Today, we’ll discuss five reasons why you should use career-specific job boards to find the best offers for radiologists across the country.

There’s no need to examine irrelevant job listings on a career-specific site

General job boards are great for more generalist careers, where someone might be able to fit into a variety of niches depending on their education and experience. For example, someone with a broad skill set and no specialized training could look for anything from dog walker to data analyst, with the only real stipulations being how much they’re willing to work for.

This isn’t the case for medical professionals, who have gone through numerous years of grueling training in order to attain a specific job title. Even if you spend several hours refining your filters to remove everything but jobs in the medical profession, you may still find yourself clicking past jobs for neurologists, physician assistants, LPNs, and other healthcare professionals. Even worse, you might search through page after page of jobs in the medical industry, only to find that there are absolutely no radiologist positions available – even though you know that your job is in high demand.

It doesn’t make sense to look through job boards that have everything from barista to barrister – you want a website tailored to your specific industry, which has roles that only a radiologist can fill. With a radiologist career site, you will see only those roles that match your experience and training.

Some of the best listings never make it to more general job boards

You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to waste their time: many healthcare organizations don’t post their best positions onto general job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn because it opens them up to frivolous applications. The smaller and more specialized site that a company uses, the more likely they are to get only those applicants that match most or all of their needs for a position, because it’s unlikely that those outside of the industry will think to create a profile and begin hunting for jobs.

As mentioned, you might find that there are absolutely no radiologists positions listed on a general job board, even though many are available; this is because they’ve all been placed only on these sites to avoid extraneous applications. If you only use general job boards, you may be missing out on excellent opportunities for which you would be perfectly qualified, as employers have only placed their position on a board specialized for the medical industry.

You can compare a variety of different offers to find the one that best suits you

Radiologists are in high demand thanks to a small candidate pool and a growing need for imaging services as the population ages. This means that, depending on your skills and experience, your expertise can demand quite a high price, and you need to look through offers carefully to determine what you’re worth. With career-specific sites, you’ll be able to focus only on those that have exactly what you need, utilizing filters designed for the medical industry. For example, you can search for positions that provide student loan repayment, bonuses, and relocation assistance; you can also quickly filter for nonprofit organizations if you’re working on getting your loans forgiven through the PSLF program.

These sites are easy to use and incredibly helpful, so create your profile today

You might think that because these sites are industry specific, they might have a steep learning curve, but that’s not true. These job sites work almost exactly the same as the more familiar career boards, but they have refined tools that will better suit your needs – as well as the needs of the employers that use the site.

Just as you would elsewhere, you can upload your CV, provide a cover letter, and set your preferences for job alerts, then begin applying. The process is quite easy, especially because you will have to spend less time filtering out irrelevant jobs and can instead compare positions for which you already know you’re qualified.

The job market for radiologists is vibrant, and you can command top dollar for your knowledge. Get the most of your job hunt by using career sites for radiologists – soon enough, you’ll be in the perfect role, helping others with your unique skill set and experience.

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