Eight Ideas For Relaxing Weekend Activities To Destress & Recharge

Let’s face it – due to the busy pace of modern life, we spend most of our workweeks in a frantic race for chores, schedules, to-do lists and deadlines. Those much-needed 48 hours should be time to de-stress, unwind and tune into things and activities we enjoy. Here are eight tips on how to use your time off to actually relax and recharge.

Take A Long Soak In Bathtub

During an especially busy week, most people usually don’t have time for pampering themselves with a long soak in a bath. If you are one of them, this is just what you need to relax on your days off.

Get the right temperature, bring some entertainment like the magazine or book you meant to read and keep a glass of ice-cold water to stay hydrated. Also, don’t forget the importance of creating the right atmosphere for ultimate relaxation. In this case, make sure to dim the lights, turn on soothing background music and light some of your favourite candles. You could also spend some time if you happen to have your own Barrel Saunas at home for easy and immediate access to stress relief and physical relaxation. Home Saunas have become increasingly popular to experience all the sauna health benefits in the privacy of your own home.

You can combine your soothing ritual with CBD products to make your experience extra relaxing. Whether you choose to buy CBD vape juice for your vape pen, capsules, tinctures or edibles, using CBD oil for sleep and anxiety can help to diminish stress levels, promote more restful sleep as well as relieve your pain and aches.

Movie Marathon

No matter if you prefer to have a movie date with a loved one, invite your family members, call a group of your close friends or just spend some “me” time – organising a movie marathon is an ideal way to relax, improve your mood and forget about reality for a while.

For the great experience and viewing pleasure, it is essential to agree on what movies or TV show you will all watch during the marathon. Since everyone has different tastes, try to stay away from shows/movies that are too niche or have explicit content, especially if you have kids in your group. It also might be a great idea if each of your friends will bring a movie they want to watch. But if everyone’s tastes are too different, you can choose a particular actor or director and watch several films from their filmography.

Also, make sure to find the perfect seating location, bring enough pillows and blankets and surround yourself with your favourite snacks and beverages to have easy access to food and keep each person comfortable throughout the film.

Cook Something

You can simply prepare something with whatever ingredients you have in your fridge while keeping in mind your preferences in flavours and meals. However, if you want to follow a certain recipe, do so by all means, but don’t forget to enjoy the process itself, not strive for perfection. You can also watch various online lessons from world-class and celebrity chefs to try out something new and unusual and bring your cooking skills and techniques to the whole next level.

Escape From Reality With A Good Book

How many interesting books do you have on your shelves that you haven’t read yet? Many people buy tons of great books with the best intentions to actually consume the useful information that is written in them but then fall behind in getting them to read.

There is nothing more relaxing than being immersed in literature. It helps the mind escape the stresses of daily life as well as sharpens your brain and helps boost your intelligence. You can also have fun, get inspired and actually learn something new. In fact, some of these books can be even read over the weekend. Therefore, consider setting aside some time for reading a good book. Find a quiet spot with great light, bring a cosy blanket, sit in a comfortable chair and dig in.

Plan A Staycation

You don’t need to travel hundreds and thousands of miles for adventure or a relaxing weekend. Visit your local sauna in Sydney for a relaxing time or book a hotel on the water for the weekend. With a getaway in your own city, you can still get that much-needed break, away from the strains and stresses of everyday life. Also, since most people often take for granted the cultural benefits and natural beauty of their own neighbourhood or city they live in, a staycation will you to find undiscovered beauty on your doorstep.

Spend Time Outside

Getting outside to spend some time in the fresh air and get sunbathes will truly change your mood and general well being. You can try different activities such as photography, cycling, canoeing, hiking or camping with your family. Find the one you like and consider spending part of your weekend outside!

Reconnect with Nature

You can plan a bike ride or road trip, go for a picnic or geocaching, take a walk in nature, or just try camping in your backyard. Hiking is also ideal for spending time with your family and friends. By reconnecting with nature, exploring new places and staying with your loved ones, you can take a break from the daily routine, relieve stress levels and allow yourself to experience new thoughts and fresh ideas.

Get Ready For The Week Ahead

The weekend is also a perfect time to spend a few minutes preparing for the upcoming week. Just 30 minutes of planning can dramatically increase productivity and reduce stress levels. The workweek seems a lot more manageable when you go into it with a proper plan, as all you have to concentrate on is getting all things done.

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