Differentiate Between Bitcoin Baccarat and Regular Baccarat


Baccarat is a popular card game played in casinos. Baccarat can be played in real big casinos, such as in Las Vegas, and online casinos. When playing in an online casino, you can choose between regular baccarat, live baccarat, and Bitcoin baccarat. If you also want to learn how to play and win at baccarat, read on.

How to Play Baccarat and Bitcoin Baccarat?

The essence of the baccarat game is to guess who will score more points when the cards are dealt, the dealer or the player. You can also bet on a tie. When playing online baccarat with Bitcoin, each side (dealer and player) must score a sum of points equal to 9 or close to 9. Points are scored from 2-3 cards. Your task as a player is to guess who will have more points and make a bet.

Before you start playing Bitcoin baccarat, you need to choose a table. If you play in a live casino, you need to wait until the tables are free and start playing. After choosing a table, you can start placing bets. You need to place bets within the minimum and maximum possible bet in the game sector. Baccarat offers three different sectors, namely Player, Banker, and a Tie. If you think you have more points, you need to place a bet in the player sector. If you think the casino has more points, choose the banker section. And if you think there will be a tie, select the Tie sector.

The game starts after the participants place bets. After that, the dealer starts dealing cards to the player and the casino. The first and third cards go to the Player sector, and the second and fourth cards go to the Banker sector. Players can also draw a third card if necessary. The third card is dealt depending on how many points the two cards brought to the player and the banker.

Each card in the deck has its meaning in the game of baccarat. Points are calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Ace – 1 point
  • 10, jack, queen, king – 0 points
  • 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 corresponds to a number, that is, a card with the number two equals 2 points.

After the dealer deals out the cards, the points received by the players are added up. If the sum of points exceeds 9, the following calculations take place, for example, 4+9=13, i.e., =4. All calculations are made by the dealer. If the banker and player have the same amount of points, there is a tie. Players who bet on the Tie field will win at a ratio of 8:1. Previous bets are not lost.

The player must know the rules of dealing cards in the baccarat. Cards in the Player sector are dealt with according to the following rules:

  • If the two cards in total are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, the card is always dealt with.
  • If the two cards in total are 6 or 7, the card is never dealt.
  • If the two cards in total are 8 and 9, the game ends with these numbers

The cards of the dealer are dealt in another way, according to special rules.

The bet on the player’s sector is calculated at 1:1. The bet on the banker’s sector is calculated at 95:100, and the tie rate is 8:1.

How is Regular Baccarat Different from Bitcoin Baccarat?

The rules for playing Bitcoin Baccarat are no different from the rules for playing regular Baccarat. Bitcoin baccarat is a regular baccarat game in which the deposit is made through the BTC. You can play with your usual betting strategies with Bitcoin. In addition, Bitcoin baccarat has several advantages:

  • When a member plays at a Bitcoin casino, they play with anonymity and privacy.
  • If you play in a BTC baccarat casino, you do not need to share personal information and documents.
  • When you make bets in Bitcoin, you will not be charged the high fees that are usually charged when using conventional payment methods.

You can play different varieties of Bitcoin baccarat at the Bitcoin casino. Moreover, players who make Bitcoin bets get more bonuses and more free spins.


You can learn how to play baccarat in minutes. The rules of the game and the game process are not difficult. The rules for playing Bitcoin baccarat are no different from regular baccarat. However, playing bitcoin baccarat will give you benefits such as bigger bonuses, no fees, and more privacy. That is why so many people are interested in Bitcoin baccarat.

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