Detailed Guide On How Much Does A Thai Bride Cost

Detailed Guide On How Much Does A Thai Bride Cost

So many western grooms choose Thai women for marriage now. They appreciate ladies from Thailand for their positive mindset and skill to “put out flames” when needed.

And eventually, each of these men faces the question of the Thai brides cost. Can you buy a Thai bride? Where can you find Thai ladies for sale? How much does a Thai bride cost? And what’s included in that price? Everything you ever wanted to know is below, read on.

Top Sites To Meet Thai women

Before jumping to outlining the approximate Thai bride price, let’s pay attention to websites where it’s better to search for them.

  1. EasternHoneys – live streams to watch Thai ladies on cam
  2. OrchidRomance – newsfeed with all the recent activity on the site
  3. CuteAsianWoman – camshare allows to see your girlfriend live
  4. AsianMelodies – meet Thai women for dating and romantic relationship
  5. ThaiBeauties – call services to hear your woman’s voice
  6. DateNiceAsian – meet Thai brides and use video chat to interact

EasternHoneys – live streams to watch Thai ladies on cam


EasternHoneys is a platform for single western men and Asian women who search for friends, partners, and simple online pals.

The pure focus of the website is placed on the interaction between members, that’s why you won’t find lots of extra meaningless services EasternHoneys.

Instead, the platform provides a few helpful communication tools, such as chat and letters. These are two main ways of setting contact with girls. In chat and letters, you can attach your photos to make the interaction even more emotional and colorful.

Among extra tools, the Streams section deserves particular attention. Here, you get to see all the Thai girls live on cam and for absolutely free. They chat with you, sing, etc.—almost anything to keep you entertained except for the sexually explicit content. The only thing you pay for in Streams is the donation stickers. Send the if you want to reward a lady for her time.

To find the woman to talk to, opt for the Search section. Here, you can sort all the girls out with the help of such filters as age, drinking habits, children, marital status, etc.

The unlimited usage of the website will cost you money. The price starts at $2.99 for 20 credits. But all the new members get a Welcome package of 20 credits for free.

OrchidRomance – newsfeed with all the recent activity on the site


This is a dating site where you can easily find yourself a beautiful Thai girlfriend or just a pal. The platform is designed in pleasant colors and also has a minimalist interface, which altogether contributes to your efficient communication.

To initiate contact with a particular lady, opt for extra tools that were created for flirting. You can send an unlimited number of Likes and Winks to all ladies for free. This is a good way to show your interest without making any serious steps.

What’s more, you get to explore all the women in the People section or by scrolling the NewsFeed. In the People section, you’re given random female profile photos. Press “like” if you enjoy what you see, or click “skip” if you don’t desire to get to know that woman. NewsFeed is all about members sharing their photos and thoughts. There, you can monitor what’s happening in girls′ everyday life.

All the real communication takes place in chat and letters. Both services require credits. You can also join the public chat in the live Streams where viewers communicate with broadcasters for free.

Unlimited usage of OrchidRomance will cost you money. You’ll need to buy any package of credits, with the cheapest one being $2.99 for 20 credits.

CuteAsianWoman – camshare allows to see your girlfriend live


CuteAsianWoman is a dating website with the best Thai mail order brides. Moreover, the number of single Thai girls will also surprise you. All the ladies make their profiles descriptive enough so that you could know all the key details about their personalities before initiating contact. They also spice that up with professionally shot photos that catch your attention from first sight.

Chat and letters are still two main ways of communication, but here, you can also chat with women on cam with the help of the CamShare tool. What’s more, there’s a Call Service that enables you to hear your girlfriend’s voice.

Among helpful features that were designed for flirting, you can enjoy the Say Hi feature, Admirers, virtual gifts, and the delivery of real flowers and presents.What’s more, there’s a mobile application both for iOS and Android, so that you could keep in touch with Thai girls no matter the time and location.

The price for unlimited dating starts at $3.99 for 2 credits.

AsianMelodies – meet Thai women for dating and romantic relationship


If you want to find a Thai girlfriend, AsianMelodies is a place to do that. All the Thai women register on the site with a genuine interest in foreigners and a hope to start a friendship or even date them.

All the new members on the site get 20 credits for free right after registration. This is a welcome package for you so that you can test all the site’s paid tools before purchasing them.

To initiate contact with Thai girls, start with free services: Winks or Likes. You’re not limited to the number of Likes and Winks to send. If you’re ready to start the communication, opt for a chat or letter.

If you don’t know how to make your message stand out among others, try the Let’s Talk tool. These are basically creative templates of icebreakers to send in chat. You can also create your own messages and add them to the collection to use later.

To unlock the 100% prime experience, you’ll need to buy credits. The cheapest package is $2.99 for 20 credits.

ThaiBeauties – call services to hear your woman’s voice


If you dream to buy a bride from Thailand, ThaiBeauties might be one of the best platforms for that. This is a dating site, where single Thai girls search for foreign men to start an online friendship, dating, or even serious relationships.

Every lady makes her profile descriptive enough and adds beautiful photos to attract potential grooms. What’s more, the majority of women share their video clips so that you can observe their body language. Watching such video is paid, just like the majority of communication tools on the site.

To chat, send letters, or talk via CamShare (video chat), you’ll need credits. They’re sold in packages, and you can choose any based on your financial ability. The cheapest offer is $3.99 for 2 credits.

Among extra tools, use the Say Hi, Admirers, virtual gifts, etc. To make your girlfriend a pleasant surprise, send her real flowers or presents.

The greatest feature of ThaiBeauties is Call service, as this is the only chance to hear your woman’s voice.

DateNiceAsian – meet Thai brides and use video chat to interact


DateNiceAsian is among the top dating platforms due to the huge members base and various communication services it provides. If you’re planning to buy a Thailand woman, this is the place.

To become a fully-fledged member of the platform, you’ll need to purchase credits as all the communication tools are paid. All new members get a discount—2 credits for $3.99. With credits, you can chat, correspond, send real presents and flowers, etc.

One of the most outstanding features of DateNiceAsian is the CamShare tool. It enables you to see your girlfriend on cam live while chatting. Still, there’s no audio for you to hear each other. For that, opt for the Call services.

If you’re not ready to start a serious communication, get is of the Say Hi feature or Admirers, Both functions are created mainly for flirting.

Can you still buy a Thai bride?

It all depends on how you understand the term Thai women for sale.

Naturally, you can’t buy a Thai bride because you just can’t buy a person, it’s illegal and impossible. But you still can find lots of Thai brides for sale. How come?

The notion of buying a Thai woman includes a few aspects. First, it’s a price you pay for the communication tools on the dating website. Second, this is about expenses you spend on marrying your Thailand mail order bride and arranging your life together. More about that further.

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How much is a Thai Bride?

Now, let’s outline what the Thailand girls for sale price consists of and try to bring approximate numbers. These are the main aspects you’re going to spend money on in case you plan a serious relationship with a Thai bride that might lead to a family.

  • Dating site’s services. It includes chat, correspondence, video chat, and other features that are focused on interaction. The total price for them will greatly depend on the frequency of communication you choose.
  • Extra tools for dating. If you want your online dating to have more real-life feelings, opting for such services as presents delivery will be a great idea. Such features were created to add colors to your online communication and let your girlfriend feel your true emotions despite the distance.
  • Trip to Thailand for the first date. Eventually, if you’re serious about your online relationship, you’ll both want to switch to offline. As a rule, it’s a man who travels to his woman, so expect to pay for the plane tickets, hotel, taxis, dining out, extra gifts for your bride, etc.
  • Wedding. To make your relationship really serious, you’ll both start thinking about the wedding. Depending on the country you want to marry in and the luxury of your celebration, the total price will differ.
  • Moving in together. This aspect mainly implies legal arrangements, such as a K-1 visa, to bring your Thai bride to your country according to the law.

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These are the approximate and average sums for each aspect that will make up the total Thai bride price.

📲 Dating site’s services From a few hundred to a few thousand
💐 Extra tools for dating Starting from $500 (depends on the frequency of your surprises and duration of online dating)
✈ Trip to Thailand for the first date $3,000-$7,000
👰 Wedding $20,000 for the average wedding in the USA
$10,000 for the average wedding in Thailand
🏠 Moving in together Up to $2,000

Thus, how much does a Thai woman cost in total? It can reach about $40,000.

How much does a Thai bride cost in the UK?

If you’re a citizen of the UK and also seek a Thai wife for sale, the categories for your possible expenses will be the same. But the total Asian mail order wife cost might be slightly different. So, how much is a Thai bride for a UK groom?

The spending for the dating site’s services is also from a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on your appetite for communication.

Price for the flowers and presents delivery depends solely on you, but expect to spend £500 at least if you plan serious relationships.

The flight tickets from, let’s say, London to Bangkok will cost you around £500, add here the expenses for the hotel, taxis, and restaurants, and you’ll get about £2,000.

The thing that will greatly influence how much does a Thai girl cost is marriage. A classic wedding ceremony in the UK is around £15,000. To legally bring your Thai girlfriend for sale to your country, you’ll need a spouse visa that costs around £1,000.

In total, UK citizens who consider Thai ladies for marriage should expect to spend about £18,000-20,000.

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Are Thai brides legal?

Yes, your desire to marry a woman from another country (Thailand) is completely legal. You’ll only need to take care of a few documents so that your life together will be in accordance with the law.

Moreover, all the Thai mail order brides that register on dating websites provide IDs to prove their identities and age, so you should have no doubts that they’re genuine.

How to get a Thai mail order bride?

Now that you know how much for a Thai wife you should pay, let’s move to concrete steps to make to get yourself such a wonderful woman.

  1. Choose the dating platform. Considering the fact that there are too many dating websites on the web right now, rely on the experts′ opinion. They have already reviewed and tested all the sites and recommend those that deserve your time and attention. The selection from this article is proof of that.
  2. Create an account and make it attractive. Without registration, you won’t be able to reach the Thai brides’ catalog. And with a blank profile, you will hardly attract their attention. Sign up, add nice photos, and fill in all the needed details.
  3. Test the site’s features. You can first surf the platform as a free user to understand how comfortable it’s for you. Then, purchase the cheapest credits package to test the communication tools. If you enjoy the experience you get, go for a bigger pack of credits.
  4. Be active. Don’t limit yourself to only one woman in the beginning. On the flirting stage, you’re an explorer. Talk to many ladies to find the one faster.
  5. Treat online dating as the offline one. After you’ve found a girlfriend, show you’re interested in her by regular communication. Keep in touch via chat, ask about her day, send letters and photos, etc.
  6. Start planning a real meeting. After a certain period of online dating, start moving to the offline stage. Make sure you’re both ready for that before requesting a date on the site.
  7. Move to the more serious stage if you’re ready. Eventually, your serious relationship might come to the stage of the mutual desire to create a family.

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Benefits of marrying a Thai woman

There’s definitely a reason why Thai mail order brides are so desired by western grooms, and an average cost of mail order bride doesn’t scare them. This is what you get when marrying a Thai girl:

  • Devoted wife. A Thai woman makes the best wife because family and husband are her top life priorities. And she will also enjoy being a housewife if you won’t want her working.
  • Supporting friend. No matter what happens in your life, a Thai wife will always be there for you through all the hurdles.
  • Positive mindset. There’s almost nothing that can make a Thai girl really upset. They believe there’s something good in everything and try to find the positive side even in the most difficult situations.
  • Kind and respectful attitude to people. Thai people are the best example of what real friendliness is. They always smile and treat all people with respect.


So, how much does it cost to marry a Thai woman? Including all the aspects of your potential spending, expect to pay around $40,000 if you’re a US citizen and £18,000-20,000 if you’re from the UK.

Don’t hesitate to take a step towards your destiny and try searching for a nice Thai girlfriend on the sites recommended above.


Does Thailand have mail order brides?

Yes, Thailand is one of the top destinations for western grooms who search for love abroad. There are hundreds of Thai girls who choose to become mail order brides and register on specialized dating websites.

Do Thai women make good wives?

Yes, thanks to the easygoing nature and positive mindset, Thai mail order brides make the best wives a man could ever desire.

Can you legally marry in Thailand?

Yes, you don’t need to have a special wedding ceremony to marry in Thailand. Just head to the Embassy of your country in Thailand, provide the pack of documents they require, and follow their further instruction.

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