Asian Mail Order Bride Cost: What’s Included In Average Asian Wife Price In Details?

Average Asian Wife

Mail order brides are popular among Western guys, and finding a foreign bride is possible with just a few clicks. But what are the prices of the Asian mail order brides? The first thing to do before getting involved in calculating asian mail order bride prices, you need to know that the mail order brides price will depend on the nationality you pick.

International dating platforms with top Asian girls

Where to find the best profiles of Asian women? Here are the best dating sites where you can meet single ladies from Asian countries:

  1. 🔥TheLuckyDate: with hundreds of Asian ladies, you can meet your future Asian mail order bride just after you register.
  2. EasternHoneys: one of the best places to meet Asian women, and it’s quite affordable when compared to other platforms offering similar dating service options.
  3. AsianMelodies: a great platform offering a positive international dating experience with a chance to meet women from over 20 Asian countries.
  4. Amourmeet: with hundreds of Asian ladies, you can meet your future Asian girlfriend just after you register.
  5. PhiliTalks: one of the best Asian girlfriends and soulmates can be a lady from Philippines, and this dating site offers a wide range of Thai women.
  6. OrchidRomance: Asian girlfriends from China, Japan Or Thailand are ideal candidates for dating, and with this site, you can simply access the myriads of single Asian women.

price of asian mail order bride

Asian brides are among the most popular women for marriage like Ukrainian women. If you’re not sure about whom to order, why not look at the Asian mail order bride cost and understand whether an Asian girl can be ideal for you. Follow this article to know how much you need to order bride right now!

Why choose Asian mail order brides?

When you’re interested in a serious relationship, you might wonder about finding a foreign woman. For some people, brides from Eastern Europe can be the best option, while others are interested in women from Latin America. However, there’s increasing popularity of brides from such countries as South Korea, China, the Philippines, Thailand, and so on.

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What makes Asian women perfect for marriage? Mainly, there are 3 features that make them stand out among other brides. The first one is their exotic beauty that you can see in ladies like Liu Wen, Tao Okamoto, and Fei Fei Sun. Secondly, it’s about the local culture that makes them perfect wives. Finally, it’s about their inner world responsible for being devoted, committed, and caring life partners.caring life partners

Beneficial traits of character of Asian mail order wives

Why exactly choose Asian mail order brides? That’s about their psychology.

  1. Discipline. Women in Asia are composed and well-disciplined, they’re punctual, highly accurate, and meticulous.
  1. Morality. It’s hard to find more compassionate, thoughtful, and caring females than Asians.
  2. Femininity. Asian females mastered perfectly the knowledge of stay feminine no matter what. They’re incredibly tender as well.
  1. Intelligence. Jokes about Asians and exceptional learning skills are not jokes. Asian females, even being housewives, are well-educated and never give up on self-development.

Where to meet Asian brides?

Mail order brides cost depends on how you choose to meet your future wife from Asia. Perhaps, there are many ways of meeting ladies, but for those planning to find women for marriage, there are mainly 2 ways of meeting them.

Romance tours to Asian countries

What about meeting your mail order bride in person? With romance tours for singles looking for Asian brides, it can be the best option. There are so many great touristic dating agencies that offer every service inclusively. Thus, mail order bride pricing can vary from the online alternative. The average cost of such tours might start from $4K and go up to $8K–10K.

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Online mail order bride options

On dating sites like TheLuckyDate, mail order bride prices are more humble when compared to romance tours.  Romance tours might start with $4K, which is just an initial price, and your total expenditures might reach $15K, which is the price of only tours that won’t include marriage, bringing your wife to your country, arranging a K1 visa, and so on.

3 out of 10 people in the US appeal to online dating services, among which are mail order bride services that are more affordable when thinking of a mail order Asian bride price. Besides low mail order brides cost, there are other benefits of dating sites:

  • Online communication with Asian mail order brides makes Western men bolder and more open
  • With dating sites, you get access to limitless Asian profiles
  • Dating agencies offering mail order wives online are more convenient and efficient

About Asian mail order bride platforms

It’s clear that Asian mail order brides pricing starts with online dating sites. If you want to order bride online, you need to come up with a proper platform offering a wide range of Asian bride profiles. It’s time to reveal some aspects of choosing a good site that’ll add up to total mail order wife cost.

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Free vs paid dating sites

Mail order bride services can be found on different types of websites. Some of these platforms are called to be free, which might not be a fact once you register there. The main difference from paid platforms is that you have a higher chance of being scammed on free dating websites when you intend to buy Asian wife. Here are some problems with free dating platforms:

  • They might seem free at first, but they can charge you once you register
  • Free dating platforms don’t verify all accounts properly, leading to a problem of fake or empty profiles
  • The constantly disturbing ads might be a problem when dating online

problem when dating online

Choosing the best dating platforms

Your mail order bride pricing can be within the normal range if you can find a reliable and decent dating site, for example TheLuckyDate. A well-chosen platform can save money for you. But how can you find a good site? When considering a site to find an Asian mail order bride, you need to consider the following:

  • Profile quality: since online dating is an alternative to traditional dating, the quality of profiles should be good enough. This ensures that you’ll communicate with real people behind Asian profiles. Only top dating platforms offer top-notch profiles.
  • Customer care: what makes dating agencies more preferable is professional support online. If the problem happens, you can be sure that you’ll get assistance in no time. Before you visit the site, check more about the support team online available 24/7.
  • User-friendly interface: dating website should be easy to navigate. Thanks to a simpler interface, users can feel convenience and ease. When selecting a platform, be sure that you can easily navigate it.
  • Variety of features: a good website is one offering a wide range of tools making online dating more advantageous, interesting, and practical. Such features should also facilitate online communication and finding a better match.

Note that you can learn about these factors through reading reviews of Asian dating agencies. Just read before you pick a website.

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Cheaper or expensive Asian dating sites?

Does the highest price guarantee your success with Asian brides? Absolutely not, and you shouldn’t think you must go with the most expensive site to find Asian wives. You can save money by choosing cheaper sites with a less extensive selection of features. A lot depends on your communication style. For example, you may not be a fan of video chatting, so why pay more for credit packages on a site that makes video calls its main feature?

While registering on free sites isn’t a good idea because of prevalent scammers, there’s nothing wrong with mid-range dating sites. Just think about what you’d like to do when looking for a girl, and select a website with corresponding features. Be smart about this!

What’s the Asian mail order bride cost?

Asian women are among the well-educated ladies making them ideal mothers for your future kids. Besides, Asian mail order brides are cute and sexy ladies. The average cost of an Asian mail order wife might start with $15K, but the cost of mail order bride depends on several factors like:

  • Where your mail order wife lives
  • How ready you’re to spend on your future wife
  • How good your mail order bride site is
  • The character of your Asian bride
  • A desire of Asian bride to marry and move to your country

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How to buy an Asian bride online?

Your journey to getting a wife online will start with a dating agency you need to choose carefully. Once you find a good place, you’ll have to register and create a good profile to find your future wife. You can benefit from searching tools that can make it easy for you to find your best match among Asian mail order brides.Asian mail order brides.

Buying a wife online is about 3 main steps you need to know about:

  • Looking through possible matches: the best perk of online dating is that you can be as picky as you want, and thanks to great tools, you can narrow down your options.
  • Communication with Asian brides: you need to spend money on your future wife and this starts with the online communication feature and continues with sending gifts.
  • Shifting to offline dating: once your choice is made, it’s time to meet in real life and plan a more serious relationship with your best Asian match.

Calculating Asian mail order bride price

Planning to buy an Asian wife? Then, it’s time to consider all types of costs you might need to take into account where the initial prices might range from $4K to $30K on average. Here’s how you need to calculate Asian mail order wife cost:

  • Dating services: mail order bride cost is affected by the site you pick for dating. Site services might start from $10 a month and go higher up to $150. Your expenditure depends on how much you plan to spend on Asian brides for sale.
  • Travel expenses: arranging a trip to Asian countries might start from $800 and go up to $2K, but there are some extra expenses when arranging a visa and accommodation that might vary substantially from one region to another, not to mention the flight tickets.
  • Trips inside the country: when you want to buy an Asian bride, you might be expected to travel to meet her in person, and note that not every Asian lady will be from the capital city, so in-country travel might be inevitable. Flight tickets might start from $800.
  • Translation and other services: with the best international dating sites, you can arrange translation services and other guides that can help you orient while dating mail order brides from Asian countries. This might affect the cost of mail order wives substantially depending on how long you plan to stay with your Asian woman. For example, the services of interpreters might be about $25 an hour.
  • Offline dating expenses: Oriental mail order brides prices will increase with real-life dating expenses that will include going to a restaurant, buying gifts for your Asian lady, and other romantic activities. The prices here might start from $50. Total expenses under this category might reach $4K.

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How to reduce the Asian bride cost

You can always make the Asian bride cost lesser if you know what you’re paying for. Since you’re aware that Asian mail order bride prices depend on your love tour to the Asian countries as well, try to save on these positions:

  • Give a shot at low-cost flights. Or consider going not in the popular seasons (fall or spring).
  • Suggest staying at hers rather than booking costly apartments.
  • If staying at hers is not possible, ask Asian girl to help you book a hotel (it’s a common thing for Asians to “rip off” foreigners).
  • Prefer going on your own than conducting a love tour (that may significantly reduce the price and save you $3,000 at minimum).
  • Prefer dining in places that are far from attractions: restaurants usually skyrocket prices for just being located nearby famous or picturesque spots.

From which country to get an Asian bride?

It’s hard to come up with an exact price when thinking of Oriental mail order brides prices. There are so many countries where you can find your mail order bride from Asia, but you need to consider some specific places where buying Asian women for marriage can be more affordable and practical, so the exact average Asian bride cost is better calculated depending on the country where your bride lives.

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Chinese brides are among the most popular Asian mail order brides. There are many factors making them ideal for marriage, starting from their inherent beauty to their peculiar culture. But why is it a good idea to buy Chinese brides?

  • Finding Chinese mail order brides online is effortless and cost-effective reaching $150 a month.
  • Visiting China is also cost-effective where you can find flight tickets for less than $1K.
  • Getting a Chinese mail order bride is affordable with an average cost of $10K.


Mail order brides from Thailand have become more popular than ever before. Thanks to their traditional upbringing, Thai single women make great and docile wives. Besides, they’re never feministic but always feminine. Here are some great perks of getting Thai mail order brides:

  • The Thai bride price might be lower than those of other countries, as you can get a wife for less than $5K.
  • Thailand is a good place where lots of ladies speak English and accommodation in the country won’t cost more than $2K.
  • Visits to this country are affordable when compared to other places

The Philippines

The average cost of Asian mail order brides might start from $15K or $20K, and if you’re interested in paying a lower price for better wife candidates, Filipino mail order brides are the best ladies to consider, not to mention they make ideal and reliable life partners.

  • Filipino mail order brides cost is more appealing for Western men, making themthe most popular girls in the US, and you can find flight tickets cheaper than $500.
  • The vast majority of Filipinos speak English, so there’s no need for translators, and dating expenses will range from $1K to $4K.
  • Arranging a visa to this country is fast and cheap ranging from $20 to $60.


If men pay for brides and are ready to spend more than the average cost, then getting mail order brides from Japan can be a good idea. Mail order bride pricing might not be cost-effective when it comes to Japanese women dating, but given how perfect wives these women make, Western men are ready to spend even more.

  • Japanese mail order brides are easier to find online, and online dating costs won’t get higher than $150 a month.
  • These women are well-educated and smart, and a chance to visit them will cost you about $900, which is the cost of a ticket to Japan.
  • They’re very respectful towards their husbands, and the average cost of Japanese mail order brides might range from $10K to $40K.

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Is it legal to buy an Asian mail order wife?

Before you find out how much Asian mail order brides cost, you need to know more about the legality of mail order wives. Is it possible to buy Asian women for marriage with online dating platforms? The concept of getting someone online is sometimes confusing, as the practice of selling or buying people is illegal.

buying people is illegal

But when it comes to getting a mail order bride, it means that you’re expected to buy dating services, use communication tools or chatting apps, send gifts to your lady, and so on. An Asian bride won’t have a price tag. So, when planning to buy a foreign wife, you simply invest in her before you get married. It means there’s no legal problem regarding international brides.

A mail order bride cost also includes the K-1 and a spouse visa. You should count your Asain wife cost considering the legal part—she won’t be able to relocate to your country without non-immigrant documents.

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How to avoid romance scams?

The expected results when you buy an Asian girl depend on how carefully you pick the site. It’s important to approach this more smartly, but before picking any site, you need to know how to avoid romance scams that might lead to disappointment and loss of money. Here is what you need to do:

  • Be careful with the information you share online
  • Don’t rush to be open with random profiles on the web
  • Be careful with every lady online before she deserves your trust
  • Pay attention to the information she shares
  • Always look through her profile
  • Insist on a video call to see that person
  • Never rush to send or receive money

Mail order brides cost: Conclusion

The mail order Asian brides prices depend on several factors, including the origin of Asian mail order brides. But if you’re ready to find the best wife candidates, who can be better than Asian brides? Time to find a good, affordable platform where you can find your future love!

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