Csgo Callouts Dust 2 Guide

csgo callouts dust 2 guide

Dust 2 is believed to be the first map that many players come into contact with in csgo. The characteristics of this map are its simple structure and relatively long distance to guns. The dust2 map has many large locations, so players need to remember more labels. Dust 2 The various annotations can help you communicate better with you and your teammates. The following guide introduces callouts dust 2 in detail. For more information about csgo callouts dust 2, please visit gametopn.com.

A Site

In csgo dust 2, when you want to go from T spawn to A Site , you need to go through a wooden door connecting A Long and Outside Long first . The tunnel on the far right of the map is Long Doors . If you are too eager Offensive, the CT camp will push you back here, so it may be necessary to rotate to the mid lane. The Blue is a large blue container near A Long Doors, here to help you dodge some potential attacks. There is a Pit next to it, which is a side pit close to the Long Door , and a platform Pit Plat next to it allows you to see more angles on A Long , which is a clear path leading directly to the CT spawn .

Procrastination on Long Corner is both beneficial and dangerous , A Car can help you dodge the sight of snipers on CT spawn , but not on A Plat . A Cross is the exposed area between A Long and A Site, a hotspot between the two camps . A Ramp can take you to the Barrels and A Default Plant at the closest end of the A Plat. Behind Barrels , you can stand on Goose ‘s graffiti position to watch the situation of A Long and A Short , then you can return to Mid , when you approach A Platform from CT spawn and want to avoid being exposed on A ramp , you can go with you teammates choose Elevator to directly enter the factory area , or choose Short Boost to shorten the distance to Mid. ninja is a deadly spot on A Plat where you manage to get through short stairs without getting killed by CT.

B Site

coming out of T Spawn , first you have to go through a spacious T Plat , from T Ramp to the outer tunnels , then to B Tunnels, which is the way to B The only way to the Site , you can go to Lower B Tunnels to shorten the time to Mid , leave the tunnel to go to the place with the Close graffiti , you can quickly turn right to B Closet , or hide behind B Car , B Plat is in B Next to the plant , it is also a hiding place for you to encounter danger. The Big Box is located in the center of the field , which can provide you with protection in the fierce gun battle .

The B Default Plant is located directly under the B Window , next to the B Doors wall leading to the upper middle of the map. The B Window is the hole in the wall above the default plant . You can enter from Scaffolding next to CT Spawn . Sometimes you need to hide B Back Site , behind a stack of crates , B Boxes provide protection for you to hit shots when passing through B doors .


coming down from CT Spawn is CT Mid, Mid Doors provide access to the main Mid Mid as well as transparent access to T Spawn, T Spawn sometimes becomes a shootout point , Close Mid Doors is a space on the wall next to Mid Doors, Provides some leverage if you engage in close combat.

Xbox is a big box in the middle , it ‘s your shortcut to the bottom of A Short , the Palm is where there’s a telephone pole , the location used to be a palm tree, the Right Side Mid closed door helps you dodge fire from the Mid , Top Mid is the end of the middle ramp, which branches off to Suicide and Outside Long , and Catwal is a walkway next to Palm that leads directly to A Short.

Palm that leads directly to A Short

The above is the csgo dust 2 map callout guide. If you want to know more about csgo dust 2, click gametopn.com to visit, they will continue to bring you various csgo information and skill articles.

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