Chinese Mail Order Brides: Where To Find A Beautiful Chinese Wife

meet a Chinese bride online

Asian women deserve your attention for many reasons, Chinese brides in particular. The majority of them are good-looking, family-oriented, and selfless. Moreover, modern Chinese women are even more attractive to men because they are willing to create partnerships instead of a relationship where one party depends on the other. They are also ambitious and confident.

Finding Chinese mail order wives, successfully developing a relationship with them, and creating the family you’ve always wanted may not be easy when your Chinese bride lives thousands of miles away. Today, we will tell you what beautiful Chinese women are really like, how to succeed in dating, and where to meet women from Asian countries online.

Top 5 dating sites for meeting Chinese brides online

Eastern Honeys

This is one of the best international dating websites designed specifically to help single Western men find Asian brides for an online or offline relationship. Most Chinese brides are using it.


TheLuckyDate Asia is a perfect option for those who strive for close communication with Chinese mail order brides using multiple messaging options. 


AsianMelodies is your best option when you want a safe, modern environment to communicate with Asian women or even find a Chinese mail order wife.


If you are all about building close bonds with hot Chinese brides for sale, you will certainly need to pay attention to OrchidRomance — a first-class website with a rich bundle of communication features.

How to get a Chinese mail order bride

Chinese brides online have lots of advantages, so your interest in them is completely justified. However, meeting a Chinese mail order bride is a little more complicated than finding a local girl to date or marry. Luckily, you are not out of options, and here are the most convenient and effective ways to meet Asian mail order brides no matter where you are.

Find Chinese women offline

China is a huge country with a population of almost 1.4 billion, so you cannot realistically expect to meet your ideal Chinese woman when simply visiting the country as a tourist. Plus, a solo trip to China to find a Chinese bride can be far more time and money-consuming than you expect.

The good news is that there is a great solution on how to get a mail order bride. This solution is known as a Chinese bride tour. It is typically arranged by a trusted dating platform that invites a few dozen single Chinese women and several foreign men. The men and the Chinese women can then communicate in a comfortable environment and decide whether they want to continue the relationship.

Meet Chinese ladies online

If you still want to know how to find a Chinese wife, pay attention to online means of communication. A Chinese mail order bride tour is a pretty good way of meeting your potential Chinese mail order wife and experiencing Chinese culture, but it still requires you to invest money right away with no guarantees of a positive outcome. If you are a person who prefers to take things slow and steady, you should definitely consider internet dating.

Most Chinese women are now active users of the internet, and they are not just using it to find jobs or shop for their favorite things. They also use it to find a new relationship or even marry foreign men they’ve met online. We have prepared a complete guide on how to get mail order brides online that will help you meet your future Chinese bride without trying too hard.

Chinese dating culture: how to achieve success with Chinese brides

find a Chinese mail order bride

Finding a Chinese mail order bride online is only 50% of your success, as you also need to impress your Chinese bride enough to turn her into your Chinese bride online. Chinese dating culture has some important aspects, and while it will take you years spent with Chinese brides to master them all, these 10 tips are a good place to start.

  • Approach her with confidence. It’s not at all common for Chinese ladies to approach men first, so you will need to find a good pickup line that shows your confidence but is not arrogant or cheesy.
  • Don’t just focus on her looks. Chinese brides will be quickly put off by a man who only notices her beauty and doesn’t pay much attention to her personality or background.
  • Find an extraordinary idea for your first date. A typical Chinese bride already imagines a beautiful first date, and your idea of the meeting should live up to her expectations.
  • Get her a nice gift. An easy way to impress your bride is to give her a small but cute gift, such as a teddy bear, a bouquet of flowers, a pendant with her name on it, or tickets to see her favorite band.
  • Don’t ever suggest splitting the bill. Unlike women in Europe and the US, Chinese brides fully expect men to cover the bill on a date. However, they can sometimes treat you to coffee or ice cream.
  • Show an interest in her culture. It goes without saying that both Chinese culture and language are incredibly complex, but genuinely trying to master a foreign language and culture will win you some extra points.
  • Don’t discuss your exes. Your Chinese girl certainly knows that she’s not your first romantic partner, but she doesn’t want to hear either good or bad things about the women who came before.
  • Charm her friends and family members. Social connections are critical to Chinese brides. They want to get along with everyone and they will be beyond happy when their friends and family approve of their new partner.
  • Talk about the serious stuff. Among other things, you should discuss your vision of your future family life, family budget, number of children, country of residence, and other important features of marriage.
  • Introduce her to your family. Nothing will tell your Chinese mail order bride more about your serious intentions than you taking the effort to introduce her to your loved ones.

Why should you consider Chinese women for marriage?

If you came here to find out about Chinese mail order brides, then you probably know a thing or two about them that attracts you to meet and marry Chinese women in the first place. However, a Chinese mail order bride is far more complex than you can imagine, and her appeal consists of multiple factors. Here are just five reasons to choose a Chinese woman as your partner and wife.

Many Chinese women know how to always look good

At first glance, most Chinese girls share a lot of features with other Asian ladies. They have ivory skin, shiny black hair, and delicate facial features with almond-shaped, dark eyes and a gorgeous smile. However, most women in China also take good care of themselves and know how to look even more stunning. They will wear stylish clothes that highlight their feminine figures and put on just the right amount of makeup to make their features stronger without going overboard.

Chinese ladies are educated and wise

The vast majority of families in China now understand the importance of a good education, especially for women. Chinese people invest a lot of resources into educating Chinese girls starting from early childhood. A typical Chinese girl is hungry for knowledge, so her education isn’t limited by her school or university degree. Moreover, Chinese women are naturally wise and always know the right thing to say in any situation.

A Chinese lady is a loyal and supportive partner

There are some qualities of a mail order bride from China that you will only fully realize after being together for a long time, but this is the one quality you will notice long before the wedding date. Chinese mail order brides are genuinely interested in the well-being of their spouses, which is why your woman will always try to make you feel loved, supported, and overall comfort. Women in China also have strong family values and will never be distracted by anything on their way to a happy marriage.

Chinese wives make fantastic mothers

For obvious reasons, Chinese families don’t have a lot of children, but Chinese girls still grow up with a desire for a tight-knit family with at least two kids. Chinese wives treat motherhood as the most important aspect of family life. They will not hesitate to put their career ambitions on the back burner to be there for their children when the little ones need them the most. A Chinese wife is the best person to finally turn your dream of a happy family into reality.

Chinese girls for marriage do their share of housework

Women in Western countries are more and more trying to distance themselves from house chores. They will hire help, buy the latest cleaning gadgets, make their men share half of the chores, or go for takeaway food instead of cooking homemade meals. And while there is nothing wrong with sharing the chores, some men want a partner who will do it all without complaining or putting blame on anyone. This is exactly where Chinese wives shine.

Do Chinese women make good wives?

Once you visit China, you will see that Chinese brides drastically differ from Western women. Nevertheless, if you have the intention to create close bonds with mail order Chinese brides, you might wonder whether they are good wives. Indeed, these girls are one of the best partners, especially when it comes to international marriages. First off, they aren’t picky with men and don’t have high expectations. Your marriage will be built on mutual understanding rather than on high demands and whims. 

Chinese society has been developing to make modern women hard-working and independent financially. Most likely, your spouse won’t rely on you financially and will be able to earn money on her own. Moreover, you can safely delegate the task of organizing your family budget to your significant other. Chinese brides for marriage support and respect their men, so your family life will be certainly infused with an additional dose of care and understanding. 

How much does it cost to find a Chinese woman online?

Chinese bride for marriage

If you want to find a Chinese wife, you are probably already imagining the Chinese wedding ceremony between you and your beloved bride, but things don’t happen that quickly in real life. Foreign men need to follow certain steps and invest time and money into their experience on the best Chinese dating sites to make it successful. So how much does it cost to meet Chinese brides?

The important thing to understand here is that there is no fixed price because there is no dating agency you can pay to connect you with Chinese brides online. You will do your own search and communication, while the dating platform of your choice will supply you with the necessary features, which are often paid. If things go well and you develop a relationship with a Chinese girl, you will also need to meet her in person. Here is how much all of those things are going to cost you.

Dating site expenses

You will spend at least a few months on a dating platform before you buy a Chinese wife. Popular dating services typically have paid membership options for Western men, as well as offer additional paid features to make your experience more effective. The membership usually costs between $10 and $50 per month, but it doesn’t always include all the features you need.

This is why the best international dating sites also have a system of credits. You buy several credits for your account and then spend them on things like chat, video chat, and virtual gifts. On average, guys spend around $100 per month on credits for additional features.

Most dating services also provide men with an opportunity to send gifts and bouquets of flowers to the woman they like. The delivery fee is typically between $50 and $100, depending on the site and the woman’s location, and the gifts themselves range from boxes of chocolates to jewelry and iPhones, so it’s safe to say that sky’s the limit here. Read a particular Chinese dating sites review to find out the exact price of your dating journey.

Here you can find more mail order brides sites to choose from.

Travel expenses

After you’ve dreamed about the beautiful women of China for years and have finally found such a woman on a dating platform, you naturally want to take your relationship to the next level as soon as possible. This is why another big part of your expenses is the first date in real life. Chinese women don’t leave their own country too often, which is why you will be the one who takes that life-changing trip.

China is not the cheapest Asian country for Western people and it’s definitely more expensive than Thailand, Vietnam, and other popular destinations among foreign men who want to meet a Chinese bride. This is what the typical budget for visiting China for 2 weeks looks like:

Plane tickets

Unsurprisingly, the cost of a trip from the US to China depends on your home and destination cities. For example, roundabout tickets from Los Angeles to Shanghai will cost you over $6,000, while a trip to Beijing and back from Boston can cost you under $5,000.


Not all Chinese women are ready to host their foreign boyfriend at home the first time they meet him, which is why you will need to look for other options. Renting a single room in a budget-friendly hotel typically costs around $300 for 14 days, while a more comfortable hotel room or a spacious Airbnb can cost you $500 for the same period of time or more.


If you’re a fan of all the tasty dishes China is famous for, you can easily survive on street food for less than $250 for the duration of your trip. However, you will probably want to take your Chinese bride to a nice restaurant dinner or a tea ceremony, which is why you should expect to spend $500 or more on food.


The cost of transportation depends on how many trips you are going to take around the city or country and which mode of transportation you prefer. Public transportation is well-developed in China, but you will likely take taxi rides every day with your bride as well. Men typically spend around $300 on transportation for a 14-day stay in the country. Top tip: If you want to find a Chinese wife, consider large cities in order not to have problems with transportation


There are plenty of things you can do in China for free. Still, since you will probably want to impress your Chinese mail bride with fascinating and memorable dates and experience the Chinese culture in full, you will need to set aside an entertainment budget. $200 should be enough for the two of you for a 2-week trip.

The legal aspect of Chinese mail order brides

Many Western guys who want to get a China mail order bride often wonder: what is the legal side of these marriages? We are happy to tell you that marriages between Westerners and foreign women are fully legal, but some aspects are obviously worth considering before finding a wife in China.


Like Chinese men, US guys are in luck: international marriages are so popular here that you have two options for marrying a lady from abroad. You can either marry your bride in China and then bring her home as your lawful wife through a consulate processing procedure, or apply for a K-1 visa, have her arrive in the US, and marry her within 90 days to get her a green card.


The procedure for marrying a foreign lady — in this case, Chinese mail order wives — is even easier than the same process in the US. As a Canadian resident, you will need to supply a few documents: a marriage license application, government IDs, proof that your future spouse isn’t already married, and a sponsorship application for your bride to then become an official resident of Canada.


In order for a Chinese lady to marry you, an Australian citizen, and get Australian residency, she must first get something called a partner visa. It’s possible to apply for this type of visa both inside and outside of Canada, but the place where you do it will determine the duration of the visa. After two years since applying for the partner visa, your bride will be able to get permanent residency in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

Are Chinese mail order brides real?

They surely are! Mail order brides from China are not just some mythical creatures who magically have all the features you want to see in your future wife. They are simply women who want to get a better life by marrying Westerners.

Are Chinese women for marriage legal?

Are mail order spouse illegal? This question bothers numerous aspiring daters. Yes, there is nothing illegal about a man seeking a foreign woman to marry, as long as no one forces the woman to marry that man. You can refer to our earlier chapter on how to find Chinese girls for marriage for more legal details.

How to avoid online dating scam while looking for Chinese wife?

The best thing you can do to avoid dating site scam is to carefully choose the site for your internet dating journey and use reliable online dating services. That way, even when you share personal information or actively communicate with Asian women, you will not have any safety issues.

How much does it cost to find Chinese wives online?

We broke down the detailed cost of meeting single Chinese ladies online earlier in our article, but the short version of the answer looks like this: for most Western guys, the total cost of meeting an Asian woman online is somewhere between $4,000 and $15,000.

How long does it take to get a Chinese wife?

The answer to this question depends on numerous factors, including how actively you utilize different dating services and how much dating experience you have. In most cases, it takes Western people between 6 and 18 months to finally find a beautiful woman to marry.

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