Bluemina: Citizenship-by-Investment Is Virtually a Click Away

Citizenship-by-Investment Is Virtually a Click Away

Bluemina is proud to announce the launch of its Virtual Office.

Bluemina’s Virtual Office is the first of its kind in the citizenship and residency-by-investment industry, allowing individuals, families, and investors seeking dual citizenship to request guidance and submit applications from the comfort of their own homes. It also enables Bluemina to reach clients in locations where it is not possible to be physically present and assist them in the best-possible way, allowing them to enjoy a full virtual experience.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 64-percent increase in the number of enquiries about citizenship and residency by investment in the MENA region. This is an indication that there has been a major shift in priorities for individuals, families, and investors in the region as they consider a more permanent change to secure a better quality of life.


Bluemina’s Managing Partner Mr Bashar Daoud states, “The concept of globalisation is more important now than ever before and acquiring a second citizenship is key… In 2005 a second citizenship was considered a luxury lifestyle product; nowadays it has become a necessity. In the last 5–7 years, the types of Individuals who seek a second citizenship have evolved, and more people are looking for dual citizenship or residency for a variety of reasons, such as better healthcare, high-quality education, business expansion, visa-free travel, or just a “Plan B”. Growing up with a second citizenship myself, I know first-hand the value and benefit of having an alternative citizenship, as it opened up more opportunities for me to succeed in my business and personal life.”

As the world faced the pandemic, governments implemented nationwide lockdowns, driving people to shift their whole lives online. Bluemina saw this transition first-hand in the past year, when 70 percent of their potential clients contacted them via their corporate website for information. Bluemina, as a global leader and innovator, saw this as an opportunity and launched the first virtual office in the industry. This allowed the firm to become more accessible to its clients and potential investors from all around the world by delivering an online solution through their unique virtual office experience. With the support of the company’s legal advisors, consultants, and staff, individuals can personally experience the ease and accessibility of the virtual office as it mirrors the services experienced through a physical office. The applicant can be in immediate touch with an expert advisor through a video call and simply submit their citizenship or residency application online.

Bluemina’s Virtual Office

The virtual office will allow Bluemina to establish a strong foothold in the market, as well as remain connected with its clients in a simplified, reliable, and accelerated way. Bashar Daoud emphasizes that “The fastest way to expansion is how to serve the client. With the current state of unpredictability, our Virtual Office will provide more business options and guide our clients to make the best decision with a click of a button. Our goal is to make this process smoother through transparency, efficiency and availability.” Bluemina will continue to expand its physical branches, but for those individuals who cannot get to a physical branch, the company’s services are easily accessible online.

Bluemina has over two decades of experience in the market; nine branches to date in Amman, Dubai, Doha, Shaikh Zayed, Giza, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Baghdad and Ramallah; a 100-percent satisfaction and success rate amongst over 11,000 customers; and strong governmental ties in over 15 countries, including the USA, Portugal, Malta, Greece, and several Commonwealth Caribbean countries, such as Saint Kitts & Nevis and Dominica. The Caribbean Commonwealth second passport, in particular, has become quite popular in the MENA, due to its quick processing time and the numerous benefits it offers.

Bluemina’s Virtual Office

Bashar Daoud gives the assurance that “Although 2020 was a challenging year for many companies around the world, it was a successful year for Bluemina, and we are grateful to have built such a strong and close-knit culture within the company to be able to achieve that. We were able to grow internally by developing new strategies, increase the number of employees and adapt to working online to accommodate market demands and changes.”

The tremendous surge in citizenship-by-investment enquiries, particularly in emerging nations, has been met with ease by Bluemina, due to its innovation and adaptability. The company continues to grow its global network of offices and evolve internally to better serve its clients by providing the highest standards of service through its physical and virtual offices. “We’ve given our clients and their families a lifetime of security, freedom, and opportunity when they acquire their second passports and citizenships. That is our golden moment.” Bashar Daoud states, “There is no higher form of success than a satisfied client. We are excited to see the impact of our Virtual Office as it provides accessibility to more individuals as they seek to become global members of society.”

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