Betta Fish is Lonely: Tell if Your Aquatic Pet Needs a Playmate

Betta Fish

If you are the proud owner of a betta fish, then you know that these pets can be quite entertaining to watch. They have a lot of personalities and will often interact with their owners in very interesting ways. But did you know that your pet may not be so happy if it is living all alone? There are signs to look for if your betta fish is lonely or needs a friend.

Do Betta Fish Prefer Being Alone?

One of the first things to check betta fish for sale is if your betta fish appears to be enjoying being alone. If it seems like it is always hiding at the bottom of its tank and not moving around very much, then you may need to consider getting another one as a friend for it. These pets can be friendly and will often play together. However, that doesn’t mean they should live alone either because they also really enjoy time by themselves. So make sure your pet is happily living all on its own before adding a new companion.

Can a single betta fish be happy?

If you want to know if your pet betta fish can be happy living all by itself, it is important to watch how it interacts with its surroundings. If the fish seems somewhat active and curious about what is going on around it, then it will probably do okay as a single pet for now. On the other hand, if your fish doesn’t seem interested in anything that’s happening or always has an angry look on its face (even when fed), then adding another one may help bring back some of the happiness.

What Are Some Signs That My Betta Fish Is Lonely?

A lonely betta fish will often swim at the top of his tank instead of staying near the bottom where he normally hangs out. This happens because these pets like to be in the middle of things and don’t want to miss any action. So when your betta fish doesn’t have anyone else around, it may swim closer towards what is entertaining instead of just staying at the bottom by itself.

Do Female Betta Fish Get Lonely?

you have a female betta fish, she will often feel lonely if there isn’t another one nearby. Females like to be with other females and don’t always do well living by themselves either; they can become stressed out without anyone else around them. Males also prefer having at least one female as a companion because it helps cut down on the fighting between two males when each is trying to win her over.

How Can I Tell if My Betta Fish Is Lonely?

If your pet betta fish appears agitated or wants more attention than usual (for example, follows your finger across the tank), it may need someone new for the company. You should immediately look into getting an aquarium buddy for your friend so they can start enjoying life again.


The only way to make a betta fish happy is with the company. They don’t need much else, but they enjoy swimming around their tank and having someone to talk to. I’m not sure if a Betta Fish can live in a bowl alone because of how sensitive they are, but you can buy them from pet stores that have tanks or at least give them more space than just an empty bowl!.

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