Best Sites For Medium Readings Online And Accurate Psychic Sessions

Best Sites For Medium Readings Online And Accurate Psychic Sessions

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Medium psychic readings can give you the chance to connect with your deceased loved ones and get an important message. An advisor with a powerful gift is able to become the bridge between you and the reality that’s been hidden from us. But where to look for a professional who will help you with this mysterious journey? Pick the best psychic mediums on the platforms covered below!

Top 6 Services To Get a Medium Reading

So, which sites should you consider to get online psychic readings? Try one of the presented next as these services are the most popular in the industry.

Site Promo bonus
Kasamba Free 3 minutes
AskNebula 100 welcome credits
Keen First 3 minutes free
California Psychics $1 per minute offer for newbies
AskNow 5 free minutes + $1/min introductory offer
Oranum 10,000 complimentary coins

The listed websites deserve your attention as each one has something special to offer to a customer. And these aren’t just empty words because experts tested all services to help you pick the best spot for seeking a psychic medium online. Read short overviews to figure out which platform is right for you.


Kasamba is among the oldest psychic reading services due to its 20th anniversary. During this time, millions of people got help from qualified experts. You can check it on your own on as top advisors have thousands of reviews. Moreover, you may find not only medium readings on this platform but also other categories, including the following ones:

  • Dream interpretation.
  • Fortune tellers.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Love and relationship.
  • Career forecasts.
  • Astrology readings.

Whenever you feel that the person that passed away wants to tell you something important, connect with psychic mediums via online chat or phone at any time of the day. If an advisor is currently away or busy, you’ll be notified when they’re available for a session. Some Kasamba experts provide email sessions for the set fee.

Typically, prices start at $1.99, but each psychic reader picks the cost of services on their own. So, you’ll have an opportunity to communicate with a professional at an optimal sum meeting your budget expectations on Kasamba.


AskNebula is a relatively new psychic medium website. However, only the most talented advisors are gathered on this platform. Many experts have a few psychic specialties and lots of years of experience. By the way, when searching for a reader, you may specify those parameters and find an advisor who uses their gift to help people for at least a decade. Notice that the most popular categories involve:

  • Love.
  • Relationship.
  • Tarot readings.
  • Pet psychics.
  • Career.
  • Business.
  • Finances.
  • Personal development, etc.

Once you’re ready to talk to a medium, start a chat and describe your life situation. Although methods of communication are limited, the AskNebula messenger can easily replace phone calls and email. It’s convenient and contains information about a psychic you’re having a conversation with.

1 minute in chat costs 30 credits that are bought for $19.99 per package with 150 credits. This system really works effectively, and therefore AskNebula may become your #1 place for online medium readings.


If you need a gifted psychic who will be the channel of communication between you and spirits, Keen is what you need. The service started operating 20 years ago, and nowadays it’s one of the most popular websites among those interested in finding a medium. Besides, Keen experts specialize in different fields, such as:

  • Love and relationships.
  • Life questions.
  • Tarot card readings.
  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Career and work.
  • Money and prosperity.

Whether you need a phone psychic reading or prefer to contact an advisor via live chat, you’ll access these options on Keen. You may even send mail and get an exhaustive answer. Moreover, if you can’t choose an expert on your own, use the Keen matching feature to find the best online mediums. While this tool isn’t fee-based, a free psychic reading includes only the first 3 minutes for newcomers. Prices start at $1.99 on average. For your information, the cost is among the lowest on the market, so Keen is a worthy option.

California PsychicsCalifornia Psychics

Those searching for online medium readings should pay attention to California Psychics. Starting from 1995, the service has been providing people with high-quality assistance from the most gifted advisors. To talk to spirits and receive the desired message from another world is easy with one of the 130+ experts in the sphere. Among other psychic reading services are the following:

  • Career advice.
  • Love and relationships.
  • Life path.
  • Money psychics.
  • Past life readings.
  • Missing people.

You can choose one of the most comfortable ways to contact reputable mediums, including live chat or phone calls. Schedule an appointment by using a calendar on an advisor’s page. The cost of online psychic readings varies depending on an expert’s experience and skills. A newcomer is offered to choose from convenient $1-$4 packages, which is pretty attractive. Indeed, convenience and pricing make California psychics an excellent choice to get medium readings.


Accurate medium sessions are provided by professional psychics on AskNow. Their profiles are detailed enough to make the right decision. Some of them even have 20 years of experience, which is impressive. One of them can help you receive the last message from the deceased loved person. Other specialties of the AskNow advisors include the following ones:

  • Money and finance.
  • Love and relationship.
  • Career and goals.
  • Past lives.
  • Online tarot readings.
  • Spiritual guides.
  • Astrology readings.

AskNow offers users to get in touch with the best psychic mediums via phone or online chat. If you’re a newbie, you’ll be allowed to ask a free question upon buying one of the introductory packages. It’s up to you which one to choose as both a $20 and $30 offer is a good option to begin with. By the way, a free daily horoscope is available for everyone. Thus, AskNow is a wonderful solution to get psychic reading services.


Medium sessions provided by Oranum advisors are an unforgettable experience for customers. Psychics on the website are really gifted and have different abilities that are described in their profiles in detail. Moreover, their stories and videos will tell you even more than you can find out in their bios. Among the most demanded specializations on Oranum are:

  • Clairvoyance.
  • Love.
  • Astrology.
  • Dream interpretation.
  • Spiritual guides.
  • Dream Interpretation.
  • Spiritual Guides.
  • Family.
  • Numerology.
  • Tarot card readers.

Oranum is equipped with different interesting tools like no other platform. A customer can have live chat, email, video, or medium phone readings. Moreover, you may join streams and ask questions. Prices start at $9.99 per package. Once you top up your balance, you’ll access all the perks Oranum prepared for you.

What is a psychic medium?

In short, professional mediums are people who can connect with spirits and deliver their messages. Whether you feel that a deceased loved one wants to tell you something important or you need this contact to finally let them go, psychic advisors can help. A person with such a gift will become the channel through which information from the other world will come. Interaction with souls is made in different ways but the purpose is always the same–to reach the reality that is unreachable for an ordinary man or woman.

What can mediums do?

Interestingly, each medium psychic is unique and has specific abilities that distinguish them. Moreover, every reader has their style or tools that help them set a smooth connection with souls and energies. For example, some advisors hear dead ones, while others allow spirits to control their voices to deliver their messages. There are also cases of telekinetic activity, which is an unforgettable experience during a psychic reading session.

Let’s explore the main types of mediums so that you figure out what kind of expert you need:

  • Mental mediumship. Psychic readers use the five senses at a deeper level that is more connected with their consciousness. They can hear, see, or feel things that are unreachable or hidden from people without their abilities. During medium spiritual readings, telepathy takes place as an advisor receives messages from the spirits and souls of those who have passed away. It may be a warning, advice, or confession.
  • In other words, it’s clear seeing, which means that clairvoyant mediums actually see objects invisible to anyone else. Many spiritual advisors didn’t even have to train to develop this ability as it was strong since their childhood. But there are those who need to strengthen their gift through meditation. The way they see souls and energies differs too. Some psychic mediums can recognize spirits present among people, while others insist that their contact is more like watching a movie in their heads. They view pictures uncovering the necessary information.
  • Clairaudience. Psychic readers with this gift have the ability to hear what anyone else doesn’t hear. In some cases, the spirit’s voice is recognized just as if a person is sitting next to an advisor. But there are also experts who insist that messages come to their heads.
  • Clairsentience. It’s one of the most common experiences for most psychics. When they have medium readings, those people feel the presence of a spirit. They may sense a slight touch, breeze, smell, or temperature change.

During channeling, levitation, automatic writing, and even materialization may be involved. When seeking the best online psychics, you’ll have to find out more about their skills to know what to expect at a session.

know what to expect at a session.

How does a medium work?

Now that you know about different types of psychic mediums, it’s time to find out what they do to set the contact and help you get the desired guidance. In fact, those advisors are intermediaries between the two worlds of the living and dead. It’s hard to describe the whole process because each expert has their style, but stages of common preparation and the process of mediums readings are explained next:

  • Boosting channeling abilities. Contacting spirits requires an advisor to be open spiritually, which means that they need conscious transformation. For the purpose of shifting their minds and cleansing mental space to communicate with spirits, psychic mediums usually meditate.
  • Getting more information about a client’s situation. Whether you want to calm down your grief caused by the death of a close person or need to find out something important, it’s necessary to tell everything during online psychic readings.
  • Focusing on the request. To receive the information and connect with the right spirit, an advisor has to concentrate on your obstacles and the person who has passed away. You should tell all the valuable details for a satisfying session.
  • Contacting spirits. Of course, the best psychic mediums have different styles of work, but the result will be the same–they become the bridge between two worlds. While some experts go into a trance, others provide messages through a tarot card reading. In fact, the most gifted psychics specialize in interpreting the meaning of spreads, so chances are such kind of a session will be the most enjoyable for you.
  • Delivering information. Whether it’s clairvoyance or past life readings, a psychic medium will repeat what your deceased loved one wants to tell you. They’ll say the words of love or a spirit’s advice, depending on your request. Anyhow, you’ll definitely touch the reality of the other side, which is hidden behind the curtains.

In some cases, medium readers begin to tell interesting details about the person who already died. An online psychic describes pictures appearing in their mind’s eye. You may start asking questions, and an advisor will interpret messages received from the spirit. Such communication will help you feel a real connection with your ancestor if you haven’t even met them in real life.

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Most of us are pretty sure that psychics and mediums are the same. But it’s a mistake because both types of advisors have different skills and methods of work. So, if you need accurate readings or spiritual advice, it’s necessary to find out which abilities are used by experts. An explanation of their capabilities is presented below.


Master psychics have a strong intuition and ability to take an in-depth look at someone’s past, present, and future. Many of them are fortune tellers who predict things and give advice on how to act in certain situations to avoid undesired outcomes. Their extrasensory perception allows them to provide meaningful insights concerning your life. For instance, experts found on online psychic reading sites can help you with your romantic relationship, career, finances, etc. They often offer tarot reading, work with a crystal ball, or use runes to get the necessary information.


A reading with a medium is a more paranormal experience than a session with a psychic. They receive messages from souls and spirits in the afterlife. An advisor has to channel the world of the dead to connect with those on the other side. Unlike psychics, these experts can’t predict the future or read your aura to prepare you for upcoming events. However, mediums sometimes take a more complicated journey to interact with deceased ones or provide you with angel readings.

How to find a real medium?

Numerous online services offer advisors’ help, and therefore searching for the best psychic may turn into a difficult mission. Of course, you can trust your intuition and pick the one who has kind eyes or lots of years of experience. However, it’s also necessary to think of the practical side of the question and research the niche to avoid scams. Take the steps described next to find the best online medium:

  1. Choose reliable psychic reading sites. You can either pick one of those presented above as they were carefully tested or check a couple of sites on your own. Compare testimonials, prices, and extra options to figure out which one would be the right choice for you.
  2. Look for free psychic reading online. Many reputable platforms, including some of the mentioned in the list, offer newcomers to enjoy a couple of non-paid minutes when selecting an advisor. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted and communicate with an expert a little to find out whether they’re a good option.
  3. Read customer reviews. Usually, qualified psychics have thousands of testimonials found in their profiles. Pick an expert with a brilliant reputation and high rating to get accurate medium readings.
  4. Check other sources. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find information about a person you’re interested in online, especially when it comes to people who are famous in certain circles and those providing services virtually. In case you need to know more about a reader, seek their social media pages, personal websites, and blogs. You may also visit different forums where psychic reading websites are being discussed.
  5. Contact a reader. Once you find an advisor meeting your requirements, connect with them via chat, video, email, or phone. Ask them a couple of questions to see how they will answer. If a psychic medium gives accurate, detailed replies and is pleasant to communicate with, continue your conversation.

Of course, it may take some time to meet an advisor who will provide you with decent mediumship readings through psychic sites, but the overall experience is worth it.

When should you get medium advice?

People seek online psychic readers for different reasons, but sometimes you don’t even understand how much a medium might help you. Here are a few cases when you should consider contacting a professional advisor:

  • You suffer from the grief caused by the loss of a person you love. No doubt that it’s a tough emotional trauma and some of us find it hard to get through such complicated times. So, if you feel that you can’t let go without hearing from your close one again, a medium reading will help you start the healing process and recover.
  • You think that someone who passed away has unresolved issues. Many people believe that their relatives can’t rest in peace until they resolve questions in this world. During a session with the best psychic having mediumship abilities, you’ll receive a message that will clarify the entire picture and give a hint on how to help the deceased loved person finish what they’ve started.
  • You want to make sure that your loved one is safe. Such a desire may be connected with sudden death or suffering before passing away. Moreover, we all want to know that our sweethearts are Ok and feel good, and it doesn’t matter in which world they currently are. After getting a psychic reading online, you’ll feel relief from worries.
  • You need advice on some serious problem. Chances are you’re facing issues you can’t resolve on your own, and that’s where a session with a psychic medium will help you. You just need to describe your situation and ask a question. Spiritual advisors have the power to connect with angels and souls to get accurate answers.
  • You look for information no one knows. If you realize that something important remains unavailable for you, finding a reliable medium on a psychic reading site is the best solution. Don’t even doubt that you’ll receive insights that can’t be reached by another person.

These are the most common reasons to get medium psychic readings, but your purpose may differ from the list. You should listen to your inner voice and ask for help from a qualified advisor when you need it.

How much do medium readings cost?

Usually, psychic mediums set their own prices and discounts. However, you may count on promos and special offers from online reading services they’re working through. For instance, newcomers can get free first minutes on a session with an advisor and start their mediumship journey just at around $1.99. Regular costs may depend on the reader’s experience, skills, tools, and other factors, so the sum may be up to $10 per minute.

However, the best psychic reading sites often offer non-paid features to make a customer’s path even more pleasant. Some of the options include the following ones:

  • Getting daily horoscopes.
  • Using an online psychic matching tool.
  • Scheduling an appointment with a medium.
  • Viewing a reader’s profile.

In some cases, the final price may be rather high, but it will be cheaper than in person readings. Online conversations are less expensive and more convenient.

A session with a medium psychic will differ from a reading you’d receive from a reader who doesn’t have the ability to interact with spirits. You’ll feel a real connection with the mysterious afterworld and receive an essential message. Nowadays, you can find the best advisor on the Internet and enjoy virtual communication without the necessity to visit them in person. So, what are you waiting for? Touch the paranormal and get spiritual advice from the comfort of your home by picking one of the trusted online services!


Is mediumship real?

Even though this sphere is surrounded by skepticism, medium psychics exist and they really have abilities allowing them to connect with spirits. They become intermediaries between the living people and those who passed away. You only need to find a reliable medium who will prove that it’s possible to communicate with souls and angels.

What do mediums do to communicate with the dead?

Depending on their abilities, mediums follow different processes to channel with spirits. Some of them just need to focus on a particular situation and person, and they’ll hear voices or see pictures in their mind’s eye. Others go into trance to connect with the other side.

Are there any true mediums?

Of course! You’ll meet them among online psychics offering their services on specialized sites. Visit one of the platforms presented above, and you’ll see dozens of experts working in this niche. They’re true advisors as their abilities were tested before being accepted.

Where can I find a medium near me?

The most convenient way to look for a psychic medium is online. It’s an excellent opportunity to communicate with the best advisors from different countries because they provide readings worldwide. Moreover, it’s much cheaper than visiting an expert in person.

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