Best Online Training for Aspiring Project Managers

Online training

There are no limitations to learning. Although various trends keep on changing, it is significant for the project managers to keep abreast with the current practices. There is an abundance of resources available for this, from productivity apps, to project management books, to the several online project management courses for maximizing efficiency during project execution. This kind of learning was limited to classrooms in the past. However, due to the advent of technology, it is now possible to learn these things online. Things such as virtual learning websites and online course platforms have come to the forefront making it simple to learn from anywhere.

1. Simplilearn

The great thing about Simplilearn is that they use real-life examples that can be used for applying concepts easily. There are experienced project management personnel available and it is possible to learn project management from the best available teachers. One thing that distinguishes Simplilearn from other online courses is that this course is specifically designed to be intensive training for the online PMP certification. It is also one of the better project management courses available out there. You can opt for self-paced learning and have access to top-quality content.

2. 4MPTI

Their PMP Certification Training Boot Camps is a 4-day online instructor-led training that will give you the tools to be successful in your project management career and help you get that online PMP certification. You’ll learn how to organize and plan projects of any size while also understanding what makes up an effective budgeting strategy. Their course teaches everything from risk analysis and communication skills all the way down to dealing with change requests as they arise on projects–all without having left home! So why wait? Sign up for the next session today! Due to these reasons, this is one of the top project management courses available out there.

3. GoSkills

It is another PMP certification-oriented program. It provides a great interface to the users together with a free trial model. Due to the availability of the free trial model the users can try out the course before making a payment. If you can complete the online training course within 7 days it is a terrific steal for you. It doesn’t stop at project management for pros. GoSkills offers great alternatives for project managers including PMP certification and Scrum. 

4. Pace University

Pace gives you an online practical project management certificate where you learn the advantages of effective project management. You are going to learn various project management tools and other methodologies. You will also learn about identifying and managing the project scope and improve your understanding of project management tools and definitions. It is a terrific fundamental project management course that can be used for even day-to-day life and duties.

5. Cybrary

The great thing about the Cybrary course is that it is quite short and precise. Its PMP course only takes 5 and a half hours to finish and it is divided into ten different models. It is one of the more popular online project management courses because it teaches you the fundamentals of project management and helps you in preparing for the PMP certification test. During the training, you will learn about the more important project management principles such as time, cost, and quality.

6. Coursera

Coursera is powered by the Darden School of Business from the University of Virginia. This course is different from other project management courses available online in the sense that you are required to submit the work after each week and this work is graded. In addition to that, you will be assigned content that is in conjunction with the modern trends of project management. There are four phases of the course viz. Introduction, Project development, Risk management, and project execution. It is one of the better project management courses that are available online.

7. EdX

EdX is a project management course powered by the University of Adelaide. The course will explain to you a basic understanding of what a project is and the different factors that can influence the outcome of any project execution. There is a step-by-step approach used. It goes via the core of what is project management. This is a six-week long course requiring 3 hours of involvement every week. Rather than watching videos, you may download the course transcripts. You can study them even when you are on a commute.


There you are. These are some of the top project management courses available online. You must not become too complacent though as certifications are usually not the final goal for project management. You need to keep on refining your skills every day by investing in good quality project management software available online. There are endless online learning opportunities but many people will be looking to learn project management from reliable resources online. You can use these best websites to get started today.

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