Best Online Games That You Can Play To Earn Real Money


People play online games majorly for entertainment purposes and to ease off the day-to-day hassles life thrusts at them. But what if we told you that there’s more to playing online games than just having fun? Yes, it might surprise you to know that playing online games is one of the many new ways to make real money today. 

Back in the day, spending ample time in front of a computer device was considered lazy, but that’s not necessarily the case today. Gaming has evolved and transcended many aspects of life; entertainment, sports, culture, etc. Nowadays, you can earn money by playing blackjack games, slots or other amazing theme games online.

Are you looking to earn real money full-time or as a side hustle? Do you feel the pressure of paying bills mounting on your head? You don’t have to worry. Playing a few games from the comfort of your home can earn you great monetary rewards. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some interesting games that would have you walking to the bank. Let’s get started:

Classic Rummy

This is a fan favourite and is arguably one of the most interesting games you’ll find on the internet. If you are already a fan of real-life rummy, then the virtual version should catch your fancy.

Classic Rummy is owned and operated by Innopark India Pvt Ltd. You can play the game on the web or download the free application on your phone app store. 

Rummy is a card game with a lot of rule variants. The game aims to meld or get rid of all the cards in your hands at once without putting down or laying off any cards beforehand.

The game is easy to learn. Players stand the chance of winning real money and other prizes when they call “rummy.” Innopark’s Classic Rummy is safe and secure and has an excellent customer support team.


Swagbucks was originally an online program that rewarded members for using its search engine platform. However, a lot has changed since its creation. Swagbucks is now a Get-Paid-to (GPT) site. 

For those who are probably unfamiliar with the term, GPT sites are websites where you can earn money from performing specific activities on the website, and gaming is one of them. At Swagbucks, you can earn money from gaming and several other activities like shopping, referrals, surfing the website, and completing a survey.

Swagbucks offers you a variety of games like Rise of Kingdoms, Jogue My Gym, and many casino-themed games. The site offers you incentives called “Swagbucks” which can be redeemed in the form of Amazon gift cards and free shopping coupons. You can also request to receive a cash transfer via PayPal.


This site is without a doubt one of the biggest online gaming platforms globally. The site was developed in 2003 by Linden Lab, a gaming company based in San Francisco, California. Linden Lab reported over 36 million accounts created, one million monthly visitors, $1.2 million daily transactions, and $3.2 billion total transactions among users as of 2013.

Today, SecondLife boasts over 2 million active users and many have become millionaires by playing games on this website, most notably Anshe Chungthe. SecondLife has also featured popular figures like former Virginia Governor, Mark Warner and author Charles Stross.  

SecondLife involves members, known as “residents,” creating 3D characters or avatars and interacting with other avatars, places, and objects. It centres around creating another world for yourself. You can perform real-life activities, like creating different objects and animations, constructing buildings, attending social gatherings, buying real estate property, and shopping for accessories.

Users can also teleport to other locations and carry out other things that are impossible to do in real life. SecondLife is an age-restricted platform. 


This is one interesting game you’ll love, especially if you have a flair for astronomy. It’s a popular multiplayer game on the internet that is simple to play and has an exciting theme.

The game takes you a thousand years from the present and centres around traveling out of an unsustainable Earth to Mars. The storyline depicts a disastrous event that occurred on the Earth forcing players to escape to Mars. Players are required to find “Mars Dollars” and other treasures from the jump.

The goal is to accumulate as many Mars Dollars as possible as this is where your monetary reward lies in real life. You can find Mars Dollars by combating other gamers, digging in ruins, or mining volcanoes.

Once you reach a sufficient number of Mars Dollars, you can exchange them for real money. The current exchange rate listed on the platform is 300,000 Mars Dollars for 20 bucks and the minimum amount you can cash out per time is $1. Players can request a cashout by mail or by completing a form online.

Ps: the site offers new members free 5,000 Mars Dollars as a welcome bonus.

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