Best Brazilian Dating Sites & Apps in 2022: Best Places to Meet Brazilian Women Online

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Interested in Brazilian women dating? Here, you’ll find literally everything you need to know about these women. From the best Brazilian dating sites and short dating site reviews to guides on online dating and useful tips on meeting Brazilian women — everything you need is already here.

5 best Brazilian dating sites to meet potential match in 2022

  1. La-Date — one of the best Brazilian dating websites, with a simple interface, fast registration, and thousands of Brazilian singles.
  2. ColombiaLady — a top-notch Brazilian dating website with the most advanced communication tools like video chat. 
  3. LoveFort — fast registration, free advanced search, very high quality of women dating profiles.
  4. TheLuckyDate — a simple online dating site for those interested in meeting a Brazilian woman.
  5. LatinFeels — literally one of the best Brazilian dating sites with lots of features available even to free members.

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1. La-Date – The Best Brazilian Dating Site Overall ladate

La-Date is a very popular dating site that has more than 360,000 unique visitors every single month. It’s one of the best dating sites to meet single Brazilian ladies — it has a lot of free services (search tools, profile browsing), it offers a nice welcome bonus (20 credits for all new users), and it has a perfect mobile version for those who prefer mobile online dating. Most women on this site are from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and some other countries of the region. What we like most about La-Date is the quality of profiles — almost all Brazilian singles on this site have a lot of photos and detailed profile descriptions. Free membership covers all the most important features except for messaging, so you’ll need to buy credits to use the online chat/email tool.

Results of using La-Date

This review isn’t based on nothing, of course. To understand if it is worth registering on this dating site, we analyzed dozens of Brazilian dating sites reviews and tested the site ourselves — we signed up on La-Date, got some free credits, and started chatting with them. Soon, we realized 20 credits weren’t enough and bought some more.

  • 45 messages sent
  • 62 messages received
  • 44 replies
  • 4 dates lined up 

Now, let’s talk about the most prominent features of this Brazilian flirting dating site.

Features we liked

  • Very high quality of profiles
  • Free search tools (even the most advanced ones)
  • Very fast registration
  • Nice mobile version of the site (no app, however)
  • Perfect for those searching for a casual and for a serious relationship
  • Convenient live chat
  • Thousands of women from all over South America

Creating a dating profile is 100% free on La-Date. What’s more, if you sign up right now, you’ll get 20 credits after the registration — this will be enough to test all the premium features of the site!

2. ColombiaLady – Good for Dating Latin Womencolombia lady

The number of free features is quite high here, but ColombiaLady isn’t a free Brazilian dating site. “Standard” users can create a profile, upload profile photos, use all the search tools, browse profiles and view photos without any credits. Those who want not just to find matches but to chat with women need to buy credits first — this dating site has a credit system, too (such a system allows users to control their spendings and save money if they want to). The number of communication tools is very high here — you don’t just send messages here, you can also have a video chat with almost any soulmate on the site or call the ladies to hear their voice. These premium features aren’t that cheap, just so you know. The quality of profiles is very high on ColombiaLady, but quality of profiles and number of messaging tools aren’t all the benefits of this site — it also has a great Android app for those preferring mobile dating.

Now, let’s continue.

Result of using

How did we test this popular dating app? We created a profile here, obviously. After that, we bought some credits to test all the services of ColombiaLady, but it turned out to be really fun, so we spent a little more time here than expected. Here’s a short statistics on our usage of this Brazilian flirting dating site.

  • 23 messages sent
  • 49 messages received
  • 23 replies
  • 4 dates lined up 

What we liked most while testing this site is that the number of fake profiles on ColombiaLady is pretty low. We didn’t meet any of them, actually!

Now, let’s conclude it and talk about the features we liked about ColombiaLady.

Features we liked

  • Nice Android app that works smoothly and without bugs
  • A very wide assortment of messaging tools — from live chat to video calls
  • Very high quality of profiles — almost any Brazilian woman here has more than 5 photos!
  • The profiles look real (we met no fake accounts during our test)
  • You can send winks for free!

It’s not only about sending winks, as you see. ColombiaLady is one of the most advanced dating sites right now, so you just can’t miss it if you’re interested in dating a Brazilian woman. What’s more, you’ll get 5 free First Mails and 20 free minutes of live chat if you sign up right now and buy even the cheapest credit package (only $3).

3. LoveFort – Brazilian Dating Site with Welcome Bonus


LoveFort is the #3 Brazil dating website in our list. It’s not that popular (around 100,000 monthly visitors) — but this can easily be explained by the fact it’s a niche dating service, which means it just can’t compete with services like Tinder in terms of its audience. However, it can (and it does!) compete with other dating sites in terms of quality of profiles. LoveFort is one of the best online dating sites we’ve ever seen regarding this indicator because almost all Brazilian women on this platform have around 10 photos. The search filters are great here, but you can also read the profile descriptions to understand if that person is really a good match for you. It’s not about basic information only — most women write something about their hobbies, relationship goals, and interests in life.

How did we test this website and did we meet people on LoveFort? Continue reading to find out!

Result of using

So, here’s how it works: we always sign up on the dating sites we’re reviewing, then we buy a paid subscription or purchase some credits, and after that, we start making new friends or chatting with women. But it’s not only about chat, obviously: we test literally everything, from customer support to the interface of a mobile version of the site or mobile app (in case it’s available). Here’s how many messages we sent and received to/from Brazilian women on LoveFort.

  • 35 messages sent
  • 42 messages received
  • 32 replies
  • 2 dates lined up 

As you see, the response rate is extremely high on this dating site. We got even more messages from women than we sent – the ladies are so active on LoveFort they often text men first!

Let’s continue. Now, we’re going to talk about the features and services we liked most about Lovefort.

Features we liked

  • Nice mobile version of the site — there is no app, but you can still chat with women on your phone.
  • The interface of the site is just perfectly simple.
  • It’s easy to find your perfect match thanks to numerous search tools.
  • The quality of profiles is extremely high here.

This site is not free, as we’ve said — it has a credit system, so you’ll need to purchase credits to chat with the women. The registration is free, however — and if you click the link and create a profile right now, you’ll get 20 free credits. No email or ID verification is needed right away: you just sign up and spend free credits, it’s as simple as that!

4. TheLuckyDate – Top Brazilian Dating Website with Simple Interfaceluckydate

If you’re searching for a Brazilian woman, TheLuckyDate might be a good option to consider. It’s a very user-friendly dating website because of one reason: it’s very simple. The point is, you won’t get confused with all those messaging tools and search options here because there is only one messaging tool available. The same with search options — you can choose age and country, that’s all. This dating platform isn’t that popular, too (it has around 76,000 monthly visitors) but this can be explained by its niche. The good news is that almost any Brazilian woman on this site looks real — we didn’t check all the profiles, of course, but from what we’ve seen so far, the number of fake accounts is very low here.

Here’s how we tested this particular dating platform.

Result of using

We checked everything about it, and it’s not just words. We contacted the customer support and asked them some questions, we chatted with more than 30 women, we used all the free credits and purchased more, and of course, we tested every other feature, service, and tool on TheLuckyDate. The live chat is just great here, by the way — it’s very convenient, so if you are into online chatting, you’ll love it. Here’s how many messages we sent and received on this site.

  • 48 messages sent
  • 51 messages received
  • 46 replies
  • 3 dates lined up 

The response rate is just very high here, as you can see. But it’s not the only benefit of TheLuckyDate.

Features we liked

  • 2,000 free credits for all new users
  • Free membership covers a lot of features and tools (like profile browsing)
  • A very user-friendly interface of the site
  • Nice mobile version of the platform
  • Lots of high-quality profiles with lots of photos

TheLuckyDate is not the most popular social networking site on this list, but it’s certainly worth trying. It has a free registration, and it offers 2,000 free credits to all the new users — so if you click the link and create a profile right now, you’ll be able to test all its premium features for free!

5. LatinFeels – One of the Most Reliable Brazilian Dating Sitelatin feels

LatinFeels is another great dating app for those interested in finding a soul mate from Brazil. It’s the #1 website on our list for a good reason (for several good reasons, to be precise). More than 600,000 unique monthly visitors, all the countries of the region covered, very high quality of profiles, high response rate, convenient live chat — LatinFeels has everything one needs from a high-quality international dating platform.

LatinFeels has a credit system, too, so no unlimited messages here, unfortunately. The good news is that you’ll be able to control your spending here — if you want to save money, you just limit your communication, it’s simple. There are lots of other great features here — we’ll talk about them right now.

But first, let’s talk about our experience with LatinFeels. Did it work well for our experts?

Result of using

In short, it did. LatinFeels is the best Brazilian dating site according to our experience because it’s just perfect when it comes to communication. Yes, there could be more messaging tools (we would love it if there was a video chat here), but when it comes to quality, not quantity, everything is just great. Here’s our statistics (we used this site for 2 weeks)

  • 90 messages sent
  • 128 messages received
  • 89 replies
  • 16 dates lined up 

That’s why we called LatinFeels the #1 website when it comes to dating in Brazil. It’s all about its response rate and about women who text you first — but it’s also about the quality of profiles. By quality, we mean their “realness”: all the women here looked real, and we met no fake accounts on LatinFeels. However, we admit there might be some because unfortunately, there are no online dating sites without them.

What about other features we liked here?

Features we liked

  • Free and very detailed filtering system that allows to customize search results and find an ideal partner
  • A great option for both short- and long-term relationships
  • Even standard members can browse all the profiles
  • Getting potential matches right after the registration
  • More women than on other sites from this list
  • Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and all the other countries are covered

LatinFeels is the Number One Website according to our experts. It’s popular, it’s reputable, it’s convenient, and it’s full of real women who want to meet a Western man. If you want to try it, don’t waste your time — the registration is free and right now, all the new members get 20 free credits!

What are Brazilian women like?

brazilian women likeHas a girl from Rio de Janeiro shown interest in you? Or have you just signed up on a dating website without any knowledge about dating in Brazil? Don’t worry, here, we’ll tell you some useful and interesting facts about women from this country.

  • Brazilian women are emotional (even too emotional, sometimes). That’s probably the most important thing you need to understand before you start dating Latinas — South American countries dominate the top of all the lists of the most emotional countries! Brazil women tend to express their emotions openly, they don’t hide their feelings, and they are not afraid to speak their mind.
  • They are really hot. Nothing to add here: women from Brazil are among the most attractive ladies in the world, according to various studies (and to our experience).
  • Women from this country are more physically affectionate than, say, American ladies. They see nothing wrong with public hand-holding, hugging, and even kissing. They also don’t have any taboos related to “allowable” touches on the first date — of course, you shouldn’t expect to get laid right away, but there’s nothing wrong with hugging and kissing even if it’s your first date. That’s how it works in this country.
  • They are pretty traditional when it comes to family and relationships. There are thousands of women on international dating sites who want to build a family with a foreigner, not to have a one-night stand.
  • They are confident, and that’s what they love about men.

Where to meet Brazilian women?

Now, when we answer the question “what are Brazilian women like”, let’s move to the second most popular question American men have when it comes to Brazil dating. Where to meet these women?

Well, there are two ways you can go — you can do it offline, or you can do it online. Offline dating is more old-fashioned and traditional, but these are the only advantages, actually. It’s not that safe — you just can’t feel safe in a random Brazilian city, that’s not the best country for romantic offline tourism. It’s not that cheap — you’ll need to spend at least a few weeks in Brazil without any guarantee that you’ll have even 1 date. And it’s also not that fast because as we’ve said, you’ll need at least 2 weeks to meet at least a few women there.

Online dating is a much better option because of lots of factors. It’s cheaper because most websites cost around $100-$150 per month. It’s faster because you only need to spend 2 minutes to create a profile. It’s more convenient because thanks to search tools, you can find an ideal match with similar interests or with a desired body type. It’s also safer because if you follow some basic online safety rules, you won’t get scammed.

And you don’t even need to waste your time searching for a trusted website with Brazil women — you just choose any website from the list above and voila, that’s where your success story begins.

How to get Brazilian women online?

Everything is quite simple when it comes to online dating in Brazil. Here’s a short guide:

  1. Choose a website from the list above or do your own research (just don’t use free Brazilian dating sites, they are not safe at all)
  2. Sign up, answer the questions during the registration, upload photos, and write a profile bio
  3. Buy some credits or get a welcome bonus (most sites offer free credits or free membership to new users)
  4. Start chatting with women
  5. Be creative, confident, and respectful
  6. Ask them on a date
  7. Go to Brazil and meet the ladies you chatted with in person!

Tips for successful dating Brazilian women

sucessful dating

Now, you know how to meet Brazilian women. But what about how to date Brazilian women? Everything begins when you find matches, but that’s not the end of the story — there’s a lot more to be done. Here are some tips that will help you date Brazil women successfully:

  • Be confident and never be shy. It doesn’t need you need to be “macho”, however
  • These women are tired of Brazilian men trying to be “macho”, to be fair. You don’t need to be too assertive or dominating with them — treat them with respect, and you’ll love the result
  • Always look your best. These women look perfect 24/7, you need to be as close to perfect as possible.
  • Pay the bill. Just do it, that’s how it works in Brazil.
  • Be ready for more PDA than you are used to in the US. Hugs and kisses are totally ok on the first date!

Our Editor`s Conclusion

Rank Brazilian Dating Site Rating
1 La-Date 4.9/5
2 ColombiaLady 4.7/5
3 LoveFort 4.5/5
4 TheLuckyDate 4.4/5
5 LatinFeels 4.3/5

“There are dozens of Brazilian dating services, but I can’t say all of them are worth the time and money. It’s more like 10% are worth registration, to be fair. I personally checked and tested around 20 sites, but there are two top websites I can recommend to you. The first one is La-Date — it’s convenient, popular, trusted, and it has lots of features. The second one is ColombiaLady — it has A LOT of women from South America, lots of messaging tools including video chat, and 24/7 customer support service.” – Latin Countries Expert, Oliver Duncan 


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