Axia Trade Review – A Professional Trading Platform


Axia Trade is an incredible platform for experienced traders and investors looking to invest in diverse assets online. 

Top Benefits 

Axia Trade is a relatively lesser-known brokerage service. However, it has recently attracted many traders and investors, many of whom applaud its client-centered practices and policies. Here are the main perks of Axia Trade that give it an edge in the industry. 

Sophisticated trading and research tools 

Axia Trade has two trading platforms; a desktop program and a mobile app. The platforms generally have intuitive and easy-to-use features, even for novices. However, the desktop platform also contains robust and advanced tools for excellent order execution and other sophisticated functions. Although the platform can be a bit complex for beginners, it is also highly customizable. 

Multiple asset classes 

The other benefit of investing with Axia Trade is that clients can access a more comprehensive selection of investment products. The diversity of the product offerings makes the platform ideal for all traders and investors since you can always find the specific assets or investments that meet your needs and goals. 

Reliable customer support 

Axia Trade also boasts round-the-clock customer support that significantly elevates the overall user experience. They have a friendly and experienced staff, readily available to answer questions and assist customers with different issues. Traders and investors can constantly interact with the support team via phone, email, and chats 24/7. 

Axia Trade Pros and Cons 

Although Axia Trade has numerous perks to attract and maintain high customer traffic, they also exhibit some constraints you should know about before using the platform. The following are its main pros and cons. 


  • Advanced trading tools and features 
  • A broader selection of product offerings 
  • Round-the-clock customer support 
  • Low commissions and margin rates 


  • The sophisticated features can easily intimidate beginner traders 
  • Services are not available in some countries 

What Do They Offer?

Axia Trade ‘s portfolio is expansive enough to cater to all types of traders and investors. Unlike most competitors, the broker offers a huge selection of asset classes and investments, with access to over 100 stock markets and exchanges worldwide. The various investment products ensure more convenience for traders and investors trying unique assets. 

Here are the products you can invest in with Axia Trade. 

  • Stocks 
  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • Forex 
  • CFDs 
  • ETFs 
  • Futures 

Axia Trade conducts a regular analysis of the price movements of various asset classes across global markets. That allows them to identify and add products with high growth potential into their portfolio. The broker updates the list consistently to incorporate more investment options for its clients. 

The Trading Experience 

The trading experience is relatively seamless across Axia Trade ‘s desktop program and mobile app. Both platforms have intuitive designs, with all the essential tools and functions, including charting, data streaming, watchlists, alerts and notifications, in-built search, and portfolio reports. They also support multi-leg options, 2FA, and biometric login. 

The mobile app has several user-friendly features, but its desktop counterpart is more sophisticated. For instance, the desktop platform supports advanced order types such as GTC, GTD, LOO, MOO, and IOC, which are unavailable on the mobile app. The desktop program also leverages smart routing technology for excellent order execution. 

Although the desktop platform has various sophisticated tools and features, it also allows customizability. The advanced tools are optional, and traders can still configure the desktop program’s features to their needs and skills without problems. Besides, those intimidated by the advanced tools can switch to the more straightforward mobile app. 

 Fees and Commissions 

Axia Trade exempts traders and investors from paying any commissions on ETFs, options, and stock trades. However, it uses a unique pricing mechanism to calculate its platforms’ fees and commissions for other transactions. The prices and margin rates vary, but the broker’s pricing strategy is more cost-effective than its immediate competitors. That enables traders and investors to keep costs at minimum levels. 

Are There Trading Risks with Axia Trade?

Axia Trade generally has better security provisions, above the industry average. Their trading platforms support two-step verification and biometric authentication. They also conduct consistent improvements to boost security. However, online traders may still be subject to other security issues unrelated to the broker. Apart from observing the standard security protocols on the trading platforms, traders and investors should also learn more about the common risks and how to avoid them. 

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