Ask a Divorce Attorney: 6 Things to Avoid During a Divorce


Divorce can be a legal minefield, especially if there are children involved or you have many contested assets. It’s easy to make a mistake that could cost you thousands or prevent you from getting the best outcome possible. However, your Houston, TX divorce attorney can help you avoid a lengthy legal battle and keep your cool, even when things get difficult. Let’s have a closer look at how you can avoid problems. 

Ask a Houston, TX Divorce Attorney: 6 Things to Avoid During a Divorce

1. A Legal Battle 

The cost of a divorce in Texas varies wildly, depending on how much legal help you need and how many assets you have. On average, the total amounts to $15,600, and this rises to $23,500 if children are involved. Although this might sound high, you’re likely to spend much more during an extended legal battle, so it’s best to settle the matter as amicably as possible. 

Your lawyer will help you go through all the assets and liabilities, then determine which ones are important to you. That way, you can choose what to fight for and where to compromise with your former spouse. If both sides are able to remain fair and avoid making unreasonable demands, your divorce can be resolved quickly and without incurring high fees. What’s more, it will be less stressful for everyone involved.

2. Rash Actions 

While some people are able to remain completely amicable during the whole divorce process, this isn’t always the case. Incompatibility is the leading reason why people get divorced, so tension is almost inevitable. It can be extremely challenging to keep your cool, especially if the person you loved most betrayed you. Many people make rash decisions due to their frustration, anger, and heartbreak, but they often regret their actions later on. 

A violent outbreak, whether physical or verbal, can be used against you during your divorce proceedings, so it should be avoided at all costs. If necessary, hire a counselor who can help you work through this difficult time in your life. They will work with you to channel your energy into more positive actions and support you during the healing process.

3. Hiding Assets or Destroying Evidence 

In an effort to preserve the assets you’ve worked hard for, you might be tempted to hide them, for example by moving some of your money offshore. Some people getting ready for a divorce might also destroy some of their spouse’s possessions or important documents that could serve as evidence in court. 

Although this can be tempting, it should be avoided. If the judge finds out that you have tampered with the evidence or hidden something from your spouse, you might get an inferior outcome. 

4. Incur Unusual Debt 

Before splitting up the assets, some spouses decide to treat themselves using the joint money. They might buy an expensive vacation or more clothes than they normally would and charge them to a credit card. However, this is frowned upon, and it may cause you problems during the divorce process. In many cases, the judge will determine that this debt is not joint, so you will have to pay it off on your own. 

5. Belittle Your Spouse

If your former spouse treated you badly, it can be exceptionally difficult to remain neutral. You might be tempted to speak ill of them in front of friends, family members, and even in the courtroom. This is often a bad idea because it portrays you in a negative light. Remember that the people close to you might have to testify, and they could disclose anything you have said to them about your spouse. 

It’s especially important to avoid speaking negatively in front of your children since this can cause them long-lasting trauma. The judge is aware of how damaging such behavior is for children, so they are unlikely to grant you custody if you regularly belittle your partner.

6. Fail to Hire a Divorce Lawyer 

Most divorces are challenging and mentally exhausting, and you should get all the help you can. Although fewer people are deciding to dissolve their marriage than in the past, divorce attorneys are still very much in demand. Hiring a top divorce lawyer in Houston is crucial because they will navigate the various rules and regulations for you. What’s more, they have been through the process many times and can therefore help you avoid common mistakes. It’s important to point out divorce laws vary throughout states, Texas divorce laws will be different from Arizona divorce laws so it’s important to get a lawyer from your respective state as soon as possible.

Speaking to your former spouse with a lawyer present is always preferable. You will be less tempted to act rashly and say something you’ll regret later. That way, you’re likely to preserve more of your assets and get a better overall outcome. 

Although the number of divorces has decreased in Texas over the last few years, it is still a common issue. The best way to handle the process is to hire a highly competent Houston, TX divorce attorney, who will help you fight for your rights. They can prevent you from making common mistakes, such as hiding assets or acting rashly, and they will advise you well every step of the way.