Are Online Casinos Still Experiencing the Same Growth They Did in 2020?

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Online casinos have become more popular in the last decade due to technological innovations, including higher Internet penetration rates, mobile gaming evolution, enhanced encryption technology, and improved graphics, all these factors making them accessible on every device, from smartphones and tablets to computers. Moreover, in 2020, we saw on a global scale the meteoric rise of the online gambling market.

In fact, its value has surged in 2020 to almost $77 billion on a global level, while in 2021, it had value of around $73 billion. So, this leads us to the question of whether the online casino market is still experiencing the same growth in 2022. In this article, we will answer this question and cover the main reasons why the only gaming market is gaining traction and its future a possibilities

Popularity of Casino Sites in 2020

Many online casino sites experienced a surge in the number of visitors during 2020, where many online users were bound up at home with a lot of free time. But we will argue that this is not only the main reason why online casinos have gained more fame.

Casino sites stayed on top of the latest technological innovations way before 2020, and they continue to integrate new technological advancements, which make them an easily accessible and modern solution for online gambling activities. For example, most reliable online casinos have dedicated high-quality mobile apps, as well as user-friendly websites which are created for mobile gameplay.

If the casino sites had not invested in technological capacities to serve hundreds of different casino players, they wouldn’t have experienced the same growth they did back in 2020. But because they are always open to new technological solutions and they want to improve the gaming experience on their websites, casino players find it easier to register on a reputable online casino with just a couple of taps from their smartphone or computer.

Another reason for the incredible growth of the online casino market was the fact that traditional casinos were not able to operate as they did before 2020. So, this prompted many casino players that haven’t tried online casino games before to register on online casino sites.

Future Growth

After 2020, many traditional casinos started to work, but in a limited capacity, and it goes without saying that a great number of establishments went out of business. In contrast, the online casino market only experienced significant progress during the last two years, which resulted in a huge number of new casino sites as well as casino games. It’s normal to expect the growth to plateau at some point, but it’s safe to say that many casino players now are familiar with online gambling and everything that it has to offer.

In a nutshell, online casinos continue to provide hundreds of different casino games in many variations, while in traditional casinos, it’s not always easy to find a huge selection of games. Also, there are easily accessible promotions, bonuses, as well as digital payment methods that enhance the gaming experience on casino sites. This is one of the main reasons why in our opinion, the online casino market’s popularity won’t stop. It might not be the same growth as it was in 2020, but it will continue in the future.


In conclusion, it’s predicted that the online casino market will continue to grow at the same pace and reach a revenue of around $131.4 billion by 2027. So, the future of online casinos is on solid grounds, especially with the current technological progress and new legislations by many governments around the world that boosts the development of the entire iGaming market.

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