Are Modern Online Video Games Considered Works of Art?

Online Video Games

The first decades of the twenty-first century were marked by the rapid development of digital technology. A special place in this technological breakthrough is occupied by the invention of the worldwide communication system, the Internet. All spheres of human activity, in one way or another, are gradually moving into the virtual world. The entertainment sector, which includes gambling, is no exception. Recently, virtually all gambling establishments have their own resources in the online world. All the more so, casinos not under GamStop, with no critical restrictions, have found their place in the virtual reality in a timely manner. And this is wonderful, because these online sites bring people who are tired of the cataclysms of the last time, joy and pleasure. And if they give humanity these feelings, can they be considered works of art? To properly answer this tricky question, we should take a closer look at all the nuances of video games and the stages of their formation, given the global changes in the life of modern man.

Modern videos online as works of art, the stages of development

When video games took their first tentative steps towards worldwide popularity, many people didn’t even pay attention to them. And who could believe then, that such institutions as casinos can offer, to their adherents, round-the-clock access to their gaming resources. The man in the street, just would not have believed, ten years ago, that in order to enjoy the game, the same roulette, will not have to run anywhere or go, and you can, lounging lazily on your favorite couch, enjoy the gameplay and moreover to the music, which he would choose. Fantastic, indeed. However, time has confirmed the reality of the most fantastic dreams on the subject. Everyone knows, since childhood, that art is called upon to serve the people, bringing joy and pleasure to all, both from contemplation and from participation. And what we see when we take a closer look at video games is precisely what we see. After all, a person playing relaxes, rests both mind and body, he gets pleasure from the process and enjoyment from contemplation of the course of the gameplay.

We all know that the beauty is perceived visually and there virtual games can give way to all the real ones. The creators of these, do not be afraid to call them that, works of art tried their best, invested in their creation, not only, their knowledge and skills, and his soul. This is not a simple, sometimes even primitive games with game consoles from the early years of the century, there is clearly working presence effect, the reality of game events is striking. It is these features can boast online resources MGA casinos not on GamStop. Music, also, has its own advantages, it is not alone, the resource can offer a whole list of music tracks of different directions. The player himself, by virtue of their musical preferences, chooses the soundtrack. Here’s the clue, music – a hundred percent product of art, and hence the online game, too. Virtual games didn’t take off instantly, it took time and a boost from the worldwide pandemic, as paradoxical as that may sound.

Game art and the global pandemic, a paradox of facilitation

With the arrival of the global pandemic, the real-world gaming business, due to quarantine restrictions, has effectively ceased to be active. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and it was this disaster that gave rise to the rapid development of online video gaming. If you can’t go to the land-based gambling houses, the eyes of all the adepts and fans of this type of entertainment rushed to the Internet sites. And here they realized that they had discovered a new kind of art, let’s call it – the art of the virtual game world. Any work of art is subject to definition by one of the human senses, for example, music is perceived by the ear, and only game art is defined by three factors, these:

  • Visualization – there is nowhere else such beautiful graphics, games are astonishing in the mastery of their graphical composition;
  • Sound – even music lovers would agree that virtual casinos have a decent selection of soundtracks;
  • Presence effect – the reality of the gameplay will amaze even the die-hard 3D video enthusiast.

Here’s where you cannot argue, the facts speak for themselves, if the game is admired for the three parameters, they can safely be considered not the usual creation of information technology, a true work of art, they put the soul, and that says a lot.


With a new kind of artwork, we’ve got a bit of a handle on and, immediately, a question came up, as many believe – are video games addictive, or are they not? And here we can answer without even thinking – no! Online games can excite only a taste for the beautiful, and this is not an addiction, but reverence. Therefore, we can safely advise everyone to play for fun, enjoying the beautiful creation of human genius, win for material pleasure and, of course, do not be afraid to become an addict, beautiful does not enslave, it – alleviate!

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