Are Australian Online Casino Bonuses Bad? A Detailed Analysis

Are Australian online casino bonuses

Let’s start with what are the bonuses in modern online casinos in Australia, as well as all over the world. Despite the fact that they are still called “bonuses”, they have long gone away from their original definition. Now they are not some kind of addition or a nice extra treat. No, in 2022, bonuses are a must-have feature that cannot be absent in casinos and should not be ignored when playing there.

Casinos POV

The establishment is simply obliged to offer its players bonuses and attractive ones. Otherwise, it simply will not be able to survive in the highly competitive market of modern gambling. Of course, casinos need loyal players who spend a lot of money, the so-called high-rollers, but it is much more profitable to attract a large number of regular players who spend a little. So bonuses are not an expression of the house’s generosity, but a necessary marketing strategy.

Players POV

However, the players can’t complain either. Whatever the intention behind this generosity on the part of the casino, they end up with rewards. Actions over intentions.

For the player, bonuses are an opportunity to directly or indirectly increase their bankroll, and with it, raise their chances of winning by extending the playing session. Competently managing bonuses at uptown pokies free chip and choosing only profitable ones, you can really increase your odds.

It would seem to be a win-win situation, but not everything is so straightforward.

The other side of a coin

Of course, everything is not so wonderful with the bonuses. A major disadvantage lies in the wagering conditions. Many gamblers have fallen into the trap of not reading these requirements before taking advantage of the bonuses. And these conditions can be very ravenous.

What is their point? The casino can not just give away money to the left and right, so you can not withdraw the bonus, and quite often the main funds from the account straight away. You have to fulfill the wagering conditions. This may require a certain number of games, the sum of bets made, additional deposits, and more. Only after doing this, the funds in the account will become withdrawable.

And in some cases, the wagering conditions may be so unfavorable for the player that all the benefits from bonuses are not just lost but become negative.

How to deal with it? Read the terms and conditions of bonuses carefully and evaluate their benefits for you personally. If the casino offers unfavorable bonus terms, you can either not use them, or even change the gambling establishment, thankfully the choice in Australia is great.

How to get bonuses and how to deal with them

There are many ways of obtaining bonuses and a lot of different types of rewards. In the article, we are going to describe the most popular ones since all others are so seldom to find that you may never encounter them.

Welcome bonus

The most popular one in the entire world and in Australia too. You start playing at a new casino, sign-up, and make your first deposit there, you get a huge bonus.

  • Welcome bonus includes free spins or free bets, deposit multipliers, temporary cashback, and sometimes some cash amounts.

Most often the welcome bonus is very generous and is not followed by aggressive wagering conditions. However, it is the conditions of bonuses for new players that affect the benefit of signing up for a casino.

  • Those who seek profits from casinos prefer to change casinos frequently. Once they’ve benefited from all the rewards of the welcome bonus, they quit the venue and seek a new one.

Deposit bonus

Aka reload bonus or loyalty program. Playing at the casino and making deposits, you accumulate the total spendings. Reaching certain milestones, your spendings start to benefit you. All your next deposits will give you more money thanks to the constantly increasing deposit multipliers and give some freebies.

  • Casinos have special rewards for their most dedicated players, the so-called big spenders. Those rewards may differ a lot but almost always are worth it.

Deposit bonuses tend to be pretty clear and are not burdened with severe wagering conditions. But in any case, it is worth being vigilant. Besides, the accumulative milestones themselves might be too big for an ordinary gambler.

No-deposit bonus

Interested in trying a new casino, but don’t want to go through the sign-up process and deposit money into your account? No-deposit bonuses will help you. Not only is it convenient and handy, but it also allows you to keep all your winnings.

After completing the sign-up procedure and fulfilling the wagering conditions of these bonuses, you will be able to withdraw your winnings. However, the conditions may not be the most favorable. Moreover, a no-deposit bonus, which often replaces the welcome bonus, is less generous. Is it worth it? It’s up to you.

Bring-a-friend bonus

Referral program at its finest. You invite your friends to the casino via your personal referral link, friends play the casino and make deposits, and both of you get bonuses.

The bonuses themselves are quite modest, but the same goes for the wagering conditions. So if you are willing to stick to a certain casino, it’s not a bad idea to invite your friends or followers there.

invite your friends or followers there


All types of events that you may encounter.

  • Birthdays, both yours or casino’s.
  • New platform/site/game/section in the venue.
  • World championships or local tourneys.
  • Big days, holidays.
  • Promo ads.
  • etc

Promotions organized by establishments most often give players very generous rewards you should not pass by.


As you can see, bonuses in Australian online casinos as well as all over the world sure have a dark side. However, if you are careful and attentive when reading the terms, and most importantly, are able to properly evaluate your potential benefits, you can not only avoid getting into trouble, but also earn from bonuses. So go ahead then, it’s all in your hands!

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