Advantages of Playing Free Spins at an Online Casino

Free Spins at an Online Casino

Free Spins are among the most popular and widespread bonuses in online casino gambling globally; many players seek them and many casino sites offer them. The reasons for such demand and popularity are quite obvious; Free Spins are easy to understand, easy to use, and hard to fail at.  

Free Spins are generally beneficial almost in any situation, but this is especially true for Free Spins for $1 or as a No Deposit bonus to the online casino players. Today, casinos try to invent all kinds of bonuses, promotions, and attractions, for both newly registered and already depositing customers, to stand out from the crowd of competitors, attract new gamblers, and keep the already existing ones engaged and entertained. Therefore, there are various combinations of such exclusive offers like free spins for $1 in Canada. Beginner-level players may feel a bit lost and puzzled by all this abundance, and this is why it is important to know the real advantages and the real pitfalls of Free Spins.

The Beneficial Concept of Free Spins

Free Spins are really easy to understand. When this promo is offered, the player is allowed to make several real money bets on a specific slot game, chosen by the casino. But the benefit is that the cost of the bets when the reels are spinning in the indicated slot is paid for by the casino site, while all the winnings belong to the player. The size of the bet is also decided upon by the casino that offers this bonus, and it cannot be changed by the player.  

Free Spins can be offered as a No Deposit bonus or as part of the deposit-based bonus to the newly registered customers, as a separate bonus to the already depositing customers that play other games on a regular basis, or as an in-game bonus (this option only depends on the software provider that made the game, and cannot be influenced).  

However, there are some important rules that should be considered, and some potential pitfalls that should be kept in mind.

Potential Pitfalls

Free Spins are not offered just like that; there are some rules that are always added on top, and the very first rule is that it is the casino that decides what games can be played by the customer. Free Spins are only given for slots, and usually, only one slot is available for wagering the Free Spins. The pitfall here is that the casinos tend to allow very poor games for Free Spins – for example, games with low RTP rates, games with few bonus features, or games with high volatility levels. If the game is poorly chosen, the Free Spins make very little sense for the player.

Considering that the bets in the Free Spins are paid for by the casino site, the bet is limited, cannot be changed, and it is not very high. So, the player cannot make a higher bet and potentially win a higher sum.

The next potential pitfall is high wagering requirements; at the time of writing this post, average wagering requirements across the niche are around x35 – x45 the size of the bet. The higher the wagering requirements, the smaller the player’s chance of getting their winnings after they manage to wager through all the Free Spins. Some casinos allow no wager bonuses, including Free Spins, but very few casinos can afford this. So, it makes sense checking out the wagering requirements for the Free Spins before taking them. 

And eventually, an important potential pitfall is that the majority of casino sites limit the maximum possible win on Free Spins bonuses. This doesn’t work for the in-game Free Spins that are won during the game, but if the Free Spins are granted as a bonus by the casino, the maximum possible win is usually limited up to $20 – $100. Anything on top is forfeited by the casino.  

However, if the rules of the Free Spins are adequate, this type of bonus is really beneficial.

Best Practices for Playing Free Spins

To play Free Spins successfully and have higher odds of winning, several simple practices should be followed. Firstly, low deposit sites should be preferred. Secondly, slot games with a high RTP rate should be chosen for wagering Free Spins. And thirdly, low wagering requirements should be chosen.

If those simple rules are followed, Free Spins can be really entertaining, and potentially bring some impressive wins.

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