A Simple Guide to Increasing Brand Exposure


Did you know that 50% of new brands fail within five years?

One of the secrets to getting a new business off the ground is brand exposure. If people don’t know who you are, how are they going to buy from you or use your services?

However, brand exposure is easier said than done. Small business brands often struggle to get their foot in the door, failing to raise enough brand awareness to spur growth. 

The good news is that building brand awareness fast is possible if you know what methods to use. 

Getting the attention of your target audience is now easier than ever, thanks to the growing number of individuals using social media for brand research and analysis. Using a social media scheduler to arrange your postings across all social media platforms will also be a major move for you.

Keep reading for some of the best branding tips you can implement to foster brand awareness.

Leverage Social Media

One of the best ways for small business brands to build awareness is through social media. Social media is free, and it’s also a perfect way to engage with target customers and show them the human side of your business.

Social media is also one of the few places you can fast-track brand exposure. If you hit it lucky, you might be able to capitalize on a trend and create a viral post that catapults you into a social media algorithm’s favor.

For instance, you can hop on a TikTok trend and by simply picking a trending sound you could garner yourself thousands of views. 

This type of exposure won’t necessarily net you instant sales. However, it is very effective for building brand awareness and getting your name out there. 

Someone who saw your trending TikTok video might recognize you somewhere else on the web and think “Hey that’s that brand that did that hilarious TikTok video.”

If you have a marketing budget to work with you can also invest in influencer marketing to build brand exposure.

Create and Distribute Company Swag

Company swag is and will always be one of the ultimate ways to foster brand awareness. 

However, creating swag can be costly. Company swag tends to have a good ROI but you need to manage your campaigns effectively. If you produce and distribute swag randomly, you’ll get a random return on your marketing investment.

The best way to avoid this is by monitoring your campaign and tracking your metrics through something like AXOMO software.

Consider Launching a Referral Program

Another great way to build brand exposure is through a referral program. Referral programs incentivize customers to refer your products or services to other people.

This is a great form of word-of-mouth marketing that allows you to capitalize on the trust that your referral program participants have with their network. 

Invest in Paid Ads

Last but not least create a paid ads campaign. Paid search ads can take time to perfect but once you have fine-tuned your ad strategy they can be a valuable source of brand exposure.

Besides getting your name out there and creating brand awareness paid ads can also trigger sales directly. 

Build Brand Exposure for Your Business With These Tips

One of the most challenging parts of building a new business is getting your name out there. Do you feel like you’re marketing into the void? Start generating brand exposure through these top tips.

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