A Peep into Perps: Perpetual Futures Explained


In fast paced world of financial markets and digital revolution, new and innovative financial instruments are constantly emerging. One such instrument that has gained immense popularity is perpetual futures commonly known as “perps.” These financial instruments are derivatives that have become a cornerstone of crypto trading, offering a unique set of features that distinguish them from traditional futures contracts. This article will focus on the advantages, and dynamics, of financial market use cases in terms of perpetual contracts or perpetual futures.

What Are Perpetual Futures?

Perpetual Futures are a type of financial derivative that shares some of the similarities in traditional futures contracts but operates with distinct features. Contrary to the traditional futures that have a fixed expiration date, perpetual futures do not carry a predetermined period. Hence perpetual futures eliminate the need for contract rollovers and provides a seamless trading experience for investors. 

A defining feature of perpetual futures is its funding mechanism that is used to maintain the contract’s price as close to the spot market. This funding is exchanged between long and short positions periodically to prevent significant deviations from the underlying asset’s market price. This funding rate is calculated based on the difference between the contract price and its spot price, hence ensuring that the contract price stays in cohesion with the spot price of the asset. In case of making a comparison with the perpetual futures vs spot, there are couple of special benefits associated with this realm as spot takes the rightful ownership of the assets while perpetual futures are mere contracts deriving their value from the digital spot assets.

Advantages of Perpetual Futures

No Expiration Date

Perpetual Futures are perpetual in nature, and therefore offer a significant advantage for many traders. Traditional futures contracts have a determined or fixed expiry date that requires traders to end or close the deal at a certain date and then take physical delivery of goods. Perpetual contracts eliminate the hassle, providing continuous exposure to underlying assets, without the need for frequent adjustments. 


Perpetual futures allow traders to use leverage to maximize their earning potential. This feature allows for a profit amplification tool. But it works as a double-edged sword. Just as it maximizes the chances of return, it also amplifies the chance of liquidation and losses. Moreover, with the help of leverage traders can enter and exit positions whenever they want to.


Perpetual futures often demonstrate high levels of liquidity, that makes it an attractive choice for both retailers and institutional investors. This continuous trading with absence of expiration dates contributes to more liquidity, thus allowing traders to enter and exit positions whenever they want to. 

Market Efficiency

This funding rate mechanism in perpetual futures ensures that the contract price is closely tracked to the spot market price. This alignment promotes market efficiency, thus reducing the chance of significant deviations between the two prices. Traders can have confidence that the perpetual futures market accurately reflects the broader market emotion.

Challenges and Risks

As perpetual futures offer various advantages, it is important to know that there are some risks and challenges associated with trading these instruments.

Funding Rate Risk

Funding rate is designed to keep the perpetual contract’s price in line with the spot market and introduces risk for traders. This depends on the trader’s position in relation to the capital they have invested as margin. Also, funding rate keeps on changing after a certain interval of time.

Leverage Risk

While leverage provides the potential for higher returns it also magnifies the impact of losses. Traders using high leverage without proper risk management may find it easier to have significant financial setbacks. It is therefore important to approach leverage with much precaution. 

Market Volatility

Perpetual futures, particularly cryptocurrencies, are associated with prominent levels of volatility. Rapid and unpredictable price movements can lead to substantial losses within a shorter time frame. Traders can be prepared for market volatility and have risk management strategies in place. 

Regulatory Uncertainty

The regulatory uncertainty surrounding the perpetual futures is still evolving. Traders and exchanges may face uncertainties and legal aspects related to perpetual futures. Hence staying informed about regulatory developments is a crucial step for market participants.

Impact on Financial Market

The introduction and widespread adoption of perpetual futures have profoundly impacted financial market players. Some of the key effects are:

Increased Trading Activity

Perpetual trading is contributing to the overall increase in trading activity for cryptocurrency markets. The perpetual nature of such contracts with presence of leverage contributes to the diverse array of positions and investments. Due to this many institutional investors are now showing interest in perpetual trading as well.

Market Maturity

The presence of perpetual futures adds a layer of sophistication for cryptocurrencies markets. This indicates towards a maturation of asset class. Institutional investors that were previously hesitant to be a part of perpetual trading are now showing much interest. And hence are more interested in trading activities.

Global Market Access

Perpetual trading allows traders to provide a seamless and standardized way to attain exposure to various assets. This global accessibility contributes to the integration of crypto market with traditional financial markets bolstering interconnectivity. 


Perpetual futures have emerged as a dynamic and innovative solution in shaping the financial instrumental landscape. With their perpetual nature, leverage opportunities and efficient market dynamics such contracts offer a versatile tool to seek more exposure in multiple assets. Therefore, it is important for market participants to seek a thorough combination of associated risks and cater challenges. As the financial industry flourishes perpetual futures remain a key player in shaping the future of derivative markets. 


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