A Guide on the Importance of SEO for Small Businesses


Studies show that 68% of internet experiences begin with a search engine. As such, phrases like “Googling” have become commonplace and are even recognized in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The question is, how does this affect you as a small business owner?

If you’ve done any amount of research about marketing, you’ve probably seen the term “search engine optimization” or “SEO” hundreds of times. SEO is the coding that runs search engines like Google. The SEO on your website determines how quickly users find you, which impacts your brand awareness.

Are you beginning to see the importance of SEO?

Jay, the founder of RankoVerse, firmly agrees that SEO plays a role in small and big businesses in order to reach more new customers. This is especially true for markets with tough competitions.

We want to drive the message home. Keep reading for the top benefits of SEO and how they can help your business thrive.

It Pays to Rank High

One of the biggest reasons to perfect your SEO strategy is that most search engine users click on the top-ranking search results. The higher up on the list you are for any particular search, the more link clicks you’ll receive. That’s why it’s so important to have an SEO agency like https://highwayclicks.com/ helping with your SEO, because it really is the best way for businesses to get noticed online.

Obviously, this will result in more website traffic. From here, the quality of your website will determine how many leads you generate and which leads convert into sales.

Additionally, the importance of SEO can be seen in the theory of “social proof.” Consumers will automatically trust your website more if it ranks high on Google. This will make it easier for you to convert website visitors into paying customers.

If you don’t know how to get your website to the top of search results pages, we highly recommend working with a professional SEO agency, like The HOTH. They have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get you there.

Proper SEO Delivers Qualified Traffic

An effective SEO strategy isn’t just about driving as much traffic to your website as possible. It’s about directing quality traffic, or qualified consumers, to your site. These are the website visitors who will actually turn into leads, and eventually, customers.

This is why local SEO is one of the most important types of SEO services. Local SEO focuses on getting search engine users in the local area to your site. This is particularly important for small businesses that offer local marketing services.

SEO Practices Help Business Owners Generate More Leads

Finally, the importance of SEO can be seen in your website’s performance. For example, the clever use of internal links will keep users on your website longer. You can lead them to other articles or directly to product pages, contact pages, and email subscription landing pages.

Additionally, good SEO practices generate more leads because they improve the user’s experience. The easier it is for them to use your website and find what they’re looking for, the more likely you are to make a sale.

An SEO strategy that uses backlinks will also help you increase your brand awareness. Backlinks are links on other websites that lead to specific pages on your website. These put you in front of other audiences that might otherwise be outside of your field of influence.

Do You Understand the Importance of SEO?

As you can see, the importance of SEO is far-reaching. We’ve barely brushed the surface in this article. We’ll leave you with this statement – if you want your business to succeed, you must implement an SEO strategy and stay apprised of SEO trends.

For more small business tips or marketing advice, stick around and read through some of our other articles. Our blog was created to help entrepreneurs like you.