7 Steps to Get Your Business Closer to Being Carbon Neutral 


When it comes to carbon emissions and making a sustainable but successful business in the future, we all have a part to play in making these goals a reality. 

Before you set off on a plan to be completely carbon neutral, be sure to follow these 7 steps to keep your business on the right trajectory. 


There are resources and insights available for eco-conscious businesses of all sizes. Check which of them play into your overall goals. If you’re determined to make long-term changes and fully transition into a greener future, look into PPAs and the overall potential value of your portfolio alongside such a deal. 

Look into how your ‘liquid years’ of a long-term Power Purchase Agreement can make use of the stack and roll approach to hedging, and how traders can help manage your risk should you choose to make use of these kinds of agreements. 

Set an action plan 

A carbon reduction plan needs to be set at the very top of your business chain, and it’s vital that everyone sees influential members of staff taking these goals as seriously as possible. 

Keep environmentally friendly practices at the top of your list for a month, and as long as it’s being done at the top of the company, others will begin to follow suit and realise that this is more than just a fad. It’s a long-term business plan. You can align your company towards activities that foster corporate social responsibility.

Communicate it clearly 

Make it part of your team meetings and communicate it across signs, emails, and any other forms of communication. Be clear about what’s expected of every member of staff, why it’s so important, and what you’re hoping to achieve out of doing it. 

Create an open forum approach 

Encourage others to speak up and offer ideas to achieve smaller-scale victories along the way to total carbon neutrality. Give responsibility to people you trust and cultivate a work culture that makes this eco-journey feel like a team effort. 

Ask them to challenge how their everyday tasks can be more green. You’ll be surprised at how many innovative ideas you’ll get. 

Look to external bodies

If you can get the stamp of approval from an accredited body, you’ll be sure of your ability to remain on the right path to achieving the right kinds of standards and gaining momentum towards a carbon-free future. 

Be open about your aims with these external bodies, and welcome thorough audits to get a better idea of just how to make these goals a reality. 

Set realistic targets 

There’s no use in setting ridiculous carbon reduction targets that have no realistic way of being reached. Making smaller realistic goals will lead to those bigger aims over the course of several years, but wild targets are destined to make you feel like a failure. 

Celebrate small achievements to stay on track 

Be loud and proud about these small achievements. They’ve been made as a team, and with regular small updates on your progress comes the feeling of accomplishment that’ll keep you on the right path to a carbon-neutral future.

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