7 Office Design Ideas that Exude Power and Authority

Office Design

As more and more people return to the office following the coronavirus pandemic, it’s more important than ever to have creative workplaces that radiate control and ability – in a good way. This article is going to show you seven ways to do just that, so keep reading if you want to find out how.

1. Open office areas

These traditional types of seating arrangements are especially useful for collaboration and connection within a workplace. Each employee has their own space but is also able to communicate with those around them effectively, conveying high levels of skill and capability.

2. Private areas

 Having small, dedicated areas where employees are able to take confidential calls, discreet meetings or just get some deep concentration is important in any work space but especially one that is trying to exude power and authority.

Offices that recognise noise as a distraction and take steps to remove that distraction are showing initiative and asserting themselves as leaders in the industry.

3. Biophilic designs

These green workspaces have been shown to boost performance and wellness among office workers because of the stress relieving benefits they produce. Commonly natural light, nature views and plants make up this design and bring a whole host of advantages.

4. Home-style designs

Crafting offices that feel like a home from home is a new and very popular design idea over the past couple of years. Things like comfortable sofas and lounge areas go a long way towards making the office environment less stressful. The idea is that by creating areas where employees can take breaks and recharge, they’re better able to work.

These spaces are also commonly used as collaborative workspaces too because of the inclusivity and positive community that they provide.

5. Industrial designs

Industrial office design has always been trendy and especially so now. The beauty of this design is that it is purposely unrefined and creates a rustic atmosphere for those who work there.

Recently, companies have been replacing regular table legs with box section table legs and pairing it with overhanging light fixtures with exposed bulbs.

This design is a great way to show authority and power because it’s so far removed from the traditional luxurious and corporate designs that offices so often have.

6. All things ergonomic

To address the fact that so many office workers suffer from being seated for so many hours of the day, ergonomic work spaces have been cropping up. Ergonomic office chairs, height adjustable desks and standing desks exude the message that this company cares for their employees – something that’s certain to draw attention to you as a powerful and authoritative business.

7. Glass walls and doors

Although this design has been popular for a while, it’s still certain to boast a sense of strength and control from within the business. Both the increase of natural light and the transparency that is created give a sense of community within the office. As well as this, glass walls are usually less expensive than traditional walls and bring many benefits that brick walls don’t, namely brightness.

With these 7 office design ideas under your belt, you will be able to design a space that exudes power and authority, as well as fuel productivity.

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