7 Herbal Remedies for Managing High Blood Pressure

Whenever a doctor says that the blood pressure is high, you might feel anxious about its medication. Various medicines are there in modern science, and their prolonged use might have some side effects. That is why opting for herbal remedies is wise, as they do not have any side effects.

In recent times, you can see a sharp increase in the demand for herbal therapies worldwide for many different types of diseases. Many developing countries have seen their population use herbal medicine for their excellent health care because it has better acceptability with the human body and has fewer side effects. Many herbal therapies have successfully reduced high blood pressure with a simple diet, regular exercise and stress management knowledge, and supplements.

On that note, here are some herbs that can help you control your blood pressure.

1.   Allium Sativum, Common Name Garlic

It is a very well-known herb that has many different medical properties to itself. Allicin, its main compound, can reduce and control high blood pressure. Garlic helps you prevent angiotensin II production; it is a substance that is responsible for increasing blood pressure by tightening the blood vessels to constrict.

2.   Kratom

Kratom is a tree whose leaves help make recreational drugs and medicines. As it also works as a medicinal drug, the leaves can be chewed or consumed as a tea to make your mood lighter and brighter. It can also help you enhance physical endurance. You can use kratom for many medical conditions like anxiety, cough, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, pain, and even to lessen symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

In many other places, you will find people taking the help of Kratom to control their blood pressure. You can also buy Kratom Canada in bulk for a much lower price.

3.   Celery

With aromatic flavor, celery is a popular conventional herb coming from the Mediterranean. According to some research, it has some antihypertensive properties as it tends to act directly on the liver. One type of hypertension has a connection to liver dysfunction. Researchers have noticed that celery seed extract helps control and lower blood pressure because of its natural calcium channel blocker attributes.

Celery seeds also contain a rich percentage of fiber which is very helpful in lowering high blood pressure. Fresh celery juice with little vinegar can help you relieve some dizziness, shoulder pain, and headache that can accompany you with high blood pressure. It is also helpful to reduce high blood pressure that comes with pregnancy and other climacterics of nature.

4.   Basil

It is a very flavorful herb available in many forms in the market. Basil is considered the most popular alternative for other herbs as it has some potent compounds. It has a high percentage of plant antioxidants called eugenol. Eugenol helps you to lower blood pressure by taking direct action as a natural calcium channel blocker.

5.   Carom Seed

The next in this list is carom seed, which has thymol plant enzymes that block the calcium channels. As a result, calcium cannot enter the blood vessels present in the heart. This, in turn, reduces the blood pressure by expanding and relaxing the blood vessels. Moreover, ajwain comes with antihypertensive properties, which work excellently to control and monitor high blood pressure. Experts suggest soaking a spoonful of carom seeds in a glass for the whole night and drinking it every morning on an empty stomach to reduce blood pressure.

6.   Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds and their oil have a rich amount of linolenic acid and omega – 3 fatty acids that are super beneficial for heart diseases, inflammatory bowel illness, arthritis, and other health problems. Many studies show that meals rich in omega – 3 and fatty acids have helped people control and lower their high blood pressure.

It may also help you protect yourself from atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases by lowering your cholesterol levels. You should consume at least 15 to 50 g of ground flaxseed every day to better control your total cholesterol and high blood pressure.

7.   Parsley 

It is the most famous herb in American, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Parsley contains various substances like vitamin C, carotenoids, anti-inflammatory properties, and flavonoids that help you control and lower your high blood pressure. You can also fight other medical conditions like anxiety, pain, and heart-related issues by parsley’s regular consumption.

Parsley may also help you keep your kidneys healthy by lowering blood levels in your body. In many places, parsley helps in treating kidney stones. It allows better decreased urinary calcium and protein excretion and increased urinary pH and urination than other medical groups.

Ending Note

High blood pressure is widespread and affects at least one person out of 5. With significant lifestyle changes, excessive workouts and exercises, and stress management, you can take a step to help yourself with your high blood pressure condition. These can contribute hugely to lower your blood pressure if you continue to take your medicines at the proper time. The herbal remedies mentioned above are very useful in treating high blood pressure if you use them correctly. So always eat healthy food and stay healthy by planning your meals properly and avoiding food that may cost you your health.

The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of The World Financial Review.